Next two UK-IU games will stay on campus

Yesterday, Kelvin Sampson said he thought it was only fair that Indiana host Kentucky at Assembly Hall this year after traveling to Rupp Arena last year.

As for the future of the game and where it would be played — on campus or in Louisville and Indianapolis, like it has been for the past decade and a half — he said he’d let the administration handle that.

It did. The athletic department confirmed today that the series will continue and be played at campus sites the next two seasons.


  1. I don’t like it. I’d rather see the neutral site for the sole reason that you can get many more people in the hall.

  2. Students will love it as it brings a guarenteed big time game to AH every other year.

    Alumni will hate it because it is hard to get tickets to games in AH.

  3. Keep it in Bloomington. Indy has enough sports to keep it fun. IU hoops in Indy waters down the college hoop feel. Unless it is for the post season.

  4. If you think that it is a better atmosphere when it is in Bloomington and Lexington, as opposed to Indy and Louisville, I would have to seriously question whether you have attended the neutral site IU-UK games. They are an absolute blast. Nothing beats walking into an arena and seeing it filled to capacity with half red and half blue, each side cheering wildly for their team. It provides a very unique atmosphere that I enjoyed every year. I’ve been to the game at the Dome many times and I’ve been to Freedom Hall probably 3 times for the IU-UK game. I don’t mind it being a home and home this year and last year, but I wish it would go back to normal. It was a different feel, but it certainly didn’t take away from the college atmosphere in my opinion.

    Either way, IU-UK will always be a fun game that means a lot to each fan base. But I prefer the neutral site for this game only.

  5. i havent seen any games in freedom hall, but i saw my share at the dome. the bottom line is that domes are horrible places for basketball. if the game is held at conseco, considering the dome is in its final months, thats different. but im glad the game wont be in the dome ever again. and lets hope they dont take it to lucas oil stadium either.

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