One final analysis


As the pre-game festivities conclude — Jane Hoeppner and others are down at midfield as the Marching Hundred waits its turn — I thought I’d offer one last quick look at what we think we’re about to see.

1. Lots of scoring. Both teams are noted for their offenses. Oklahoma State’s got a more established running game but Indiana has the more veteran quarterback in Kellen Lewis.

2. Defensively, Indiana certainly seems to have an edge. With two senior corners, the Hoosiers might be able to be more aggressive with blitzes and switching up coverages. They need to stop the run right away, though.

3. The early moments of any bowl game tell you a lot. Neither team has played an actual minute of football in a month, and the last week has been a celebration, not so much a routine week of preparation.


  1. Well, now that the game’s over maybe it’s fair to say that Indiana didn’t have the edge defensively, but two out of three ain’t bad!

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