Sampson at the mic

Sampson just said he does not anticipate anymore suspensions and that he is not staggering them, as some have suggested.

“If it had all happened at the same time, they would have happened at the same time,” he said.


“I think you have to have more chemistry on defense than you do on offense,” Sampson said.

As for the offense, Sampson described it this way: “We spread ’em and drive ’em.”


Sampson hopes to be able to work on his team over the next three weeks.

No surprise, Jordan Crawford has had a little bit of swagger this week.

Gordon got winded during practice yesterday after not working out hard for a week.


Armon won’t play Saturday.

A.J. will play if all of his grades are in and figured out.


Sampson’s here.

He opens by saying that the stat he’s proudest of is the number of free throws his team is taking. That’s been an emphasis all year.

Four guys have 7 p.m. finals tonight. Other guys were in writing papers early this morning.

The Eric Gordon update: “Eric’s been good in practice this week. Fully expect him to play.”

Indiana hasn’t worked on Western Carolina at all. That will start today.

Eli did hurt his wrist. It is not broken. There may be ligament damage, but Sampson isn’t sure. Holman hurt himself yesterday toward the end of practice. Sampson didn’t see the play. But apparently Holman fell.

No talk of a medical redshirt yet, as Sampson is waiting to find out more.


Kelvin Sampson will meet with the media a bit earlier than usual today. He’ll be here at 1:15, and the team will begin practice at 2 p.m., which is 90 minutes earlier than it usually did when classes were in session.


  1. Great stuff for sure, its nice to have a coach who GETS IT, both on the court and OFF. I think he has matured as a coach over the years, especially the last 2 here at IU………

  2. 1. I think the suspensions tell me that Sampson runs a tight ship and it’s good that he is straightening them out now rather than let things slip by and have the players become undisciplined.

    2. Can’t wait to see AJ worked into the rotation. We should be a DEEP team come Big Ten season.

    3. The anti-spam thing is getting pretty difficult and I don’t like it. I nearly had to pull out a pen and paper and write it out to get the sum of the two numbers just now. Jesus.

    4. Happy Holidays to Doug, Chris, and all the Hoosier faithful. Nice work on the blog all year.

  3. what’s wrong with trying to find the sum of four hundred sixty-two point seven three and twelve point two four six?

  4. Bob…..the anti-spam is a free way to keep our minds sharp. I see the ads on TV where they want to sell you a game to stay on focus. Keep that calculator close and join in. Are you new to log in? Sampson says…..we spread em and drive em? Certainly sounds like an intricate offensive plan. What happens when the opponent defense figures that out. Hopefully, this is only more of his tell them nothing style and he has more to offer the team.

  5. Quick, somone ask Roger Clemens to send Eli a batch of his HGH. That should cure the wrist. We might need him during the Big Ten season.

  6. No, I’m not new to log in. It used to be “please enter the sum of 2 and five” instead of 16 and forty-seven. Really not a big deal, but I think it’s pretty funny anyway. Good old elementary math…brings back memories.

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