Saturday practice report

Indiana’s coaching staff evaluates future recruits.

As you see in the picture above, Indiana’s coaching staff held a short clinic after practice today for a few local players and coaches. After cycling through drill stations, the kids had a chance to meet Indiana players and get autographs.

Indiana coach Bill Lynch said that by the end of practice today he could tell his team was ready to get off the field. His players were tired of mimicking what might happen Monday night. They’re ready, a month and a half after their last game, to play football again.

“I felt at the end of practice today that it was time to call it off,” he said. “Sometimes you can, you know, over-prepare. They’ve just done it so many times they’re ready to play the game. That’s where I think we are right now.”

The bulk of Saturday’s practice was spent with the defense running against the scout offense and the offense running against the scout defense. In other words, practicing against what they’ll see Monday night. The first-team offense did eventually run against the first-team defense in the spirited final moments of practice. Both sides looked to be a step slow, which is to be expected.

As with all bowl games, whichever team can accelerate to game speed quickest has an early advantage. The Hoosiers haven’t played since Nov. 17, and Lynch knows there’s bound to be some rust, even on the coaching staff.

“We’re like anybody else, we haven’t done it for 47 days either,” he said. “We certainly don’t want to have a substitution penalty or we don’t want to have a delay of game penalty just because we’re out of practice. “