See you at Jilly’s.

The scene at Jilly’s in Scottsdale.

A new banner greeted the patrons of Jilly’s, a cozy sports bar tucked back near the Scottsdale Airport, on Saturday night.

It was nothing elaborate but it was everything to the Indiana fans gathered inside.

All it showed was a picture of the scoreboard at Memorial Stadium, no time on the clock and this score: Indiana 27, Purdue 24.

On the patio outside, away from the noisy din of people enjoying the Hoosiers’ basketball game on television, sat Barry Gellers. Gellers, the president of the New York city chapter of the IU Alumni Association, remembers, as most Indiana fans do, the Purdue game fondly. He was watching from a Manhattan bar, and on one first down during the final drive jumped out of his chair with enough force to send his cell phone flying out of his shirt pocket.

By the time Austin Starr lined up to kick, Gellers had tucked the phone safely away.

As the ball sailed through the uprights, Gellers was already planning his second trip to see the Hoosiers play in a bowl.
“I was there the last time in 1993, the Poulan/Weed-Eater Independence Bowl,” he said with a laugh. “I didn’t think it would take 14 years to get back, but now that we’re here it was worth it.”