Send the Hoosiers off to Tempe

Buses will leave the Memorial Stadium parking lot tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. You can catch up with the football team there if you want to wish the players and coaches well on their bowl journey. The Indiana travel party is flying out of the Monroe County Airport.

The team will arrive in Tempe at 11:30 Mountain Standard Time, and will practice at 3:45.

Coach Bill Lynch will put his team through a walk-through today and the staff will spend part of the night watching film and finishing up the plan for the week ahead while the players make final preparations for the trip.


  1. First, best wishes to the football team. I think it’s great to watch my school play on New Year’s Eve in a bowl game.

    Secondly, as an almnus of IU, I hope “A REAL FAN” is a senior citizen (the all caps is a tip-off) and not a senior student at IU. I, for one, do have time to worry about football, so there is an answer to his/her question. The sentence structure of line two is horrible (double negative, no punctuation, bad grammer), perhaps a shot of Kool-aid is in order for this person to help curb the diabetic rage this person is experiencing. I’m also curious what he/she is a real fan of as he/she isn’t curageous enough to identify what he/she roots for.

    To the Blogmaster: Please make the math problems more difficult, maybe add fractions into the mix so bloggers like “A REAL FAN” won’t be capable of posting comments. The fact that he/she is upset by simple arithmatic sheds light into the pea-sized shell of a brain this person is working with. I’m not sure who has been discriminated against, maybe spammers an Purdue graduates, which shouldn’t upset any of us as far as I’m concerned. Maybe an anger management blog would be ideal for this raging IU football and basketball hater.


  2. I think “A REAL FAN” is trying to be humorous and/or make a point with a parody of a senior citizen, but that attempt has crossed over into just being obnoxious, in my opinion. I’ve deleted the last couple of comments from “A REAL FAN”

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