Senderoff at SportsPlex

As the team he helped assemble and once coached prepared for its biggest game of the year so far, Rob Senderoff was teaching 9-year-olds how to dribble the ball between their legs.

He was in his element.

Senderoff, the Indiana assistant who took the fall for the recruiting violations and was forced to resign in October, held a clinic at the Bloomington SportsPlex. About 20 boys showed up for the session, which was scheduled to last two and a half hours. He began the camp with basic ball skills and progressed to shooting form before I had to leave. Lots of basics, lots of fundamentals and attention to detail.

For Senderoff, this is a sort of self atonement. Privately, he has admitted to making some mistakes that led to the impermissible phone calls. But no assistant has ever been punished as harshly for secondary violations as Senderoff was, which pretty much every national basketball columnist in the country wrote at the time.

Anyway, Senderoff wants to leave Bloomington on good terms. He, his wife and his daughter are moving back to the New York area. Senderoff will begin working for the Hoop Group, which runs camps and tournaments on the East Coast. The Sederoffs are expecting another child in March.

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  1. It was incredibly unfortunate that Mr. Senderoff was forced to pull an Col. Oliver North and fall directly on the sword. As with Oliver North, I have great respect and admiration for Rob Senderoff. From what I have read about him in the past, I believe he will be alright after this. He is a great man, and a great family man as well. Even though it is difficult to live these sort of things down, especially in your own mind and heart. Go Hoosiers

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