1. headed for the airport in 2 hours. 16 family members and iu grads from ft wayne and phoenix will be sitting together at the game. looking forward to the whole experience of game day and new years eve blast on mill ave. headed back home on wednesday. thank you coach hep for the start of something great and God bless.

  2. My wife and I are leaving tomorrow (Sunday) morning from Louisville. There will be 10 of us total. We are going to the IUAA event at Dos Gringos Sunday night, Then to the pep rally/walk/tailgate at the park on gameday….can’t wait to get there.

  3. I go to school down here in Tucson, but I’m from Bloomington and a die-hard Hoosier fan(The Big Ten Network has been great for me), so I’ve been hanging out here since school got out and I’m making the 100 mile drive to the game on Monday, then stickign around the block party for new years eve.

  4. leaving indy tomorrow at 2pm and getting to phoenix at 8pm. Staying at the fiesta conf. resort. Will be going to the pregame party. Go IU!

  5. Leaving tomorrow at 9am, getting in around 1:30. Will be there til the 3rd. Going to be there with 8 other students, meeting up with other groups of students going so about 20-some of us altogether. Gonna tailgate B-town style and bring some Kirkwood to Tempe!!!

  6. Speaking for the non-travelling (and working) crowd, I’ll be working that day and going to a friends that night to watch the game. I’ll be at work in full game day fashion though (complete with the “HEP” button).

  7. We’re leaving this evening for getting in around 11:30. My 70 year old father and 11 year old son in addition to a 18 year old soon to be IU freshman, so looking forward to a trip of a lifetime.

  8. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning at 7:40, arriving at about 8. After a few hours of work, I should get to Tempe right before kickoff via our local Fox affiliate.

    Work sucks.

  9. Arrived in Phoenix last night, two of my college roomates and myself drove from Indianapolis. We stopped by the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and spent Friday night in Las Vegas. Now we’re ready for a Hoosier Victory!

    Where is everyone meeting up tonight? Is there anything planned?


  10. Dave – I saw you stumbling out of Dos Gringos last night.. how was the rest of the night?

    Where is the big tailgate today?

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