Sneak preview: The Insight Bowl Souvenir Edition

James Hardy, Bill Lynch, Josiah Sears

We’re busy putting together our special Insight Bowl section, which will run in the Dec. 26th edition of The Herald-Times. What you see above is the picture we’ll be using on the cover.

Inside the section, you’ll find a review of the season written by H-T sports editor and IU football beat writer Doug Wilson and illustrated with Chris Howell’s photography. We’ll also have a scouting report on Oklahoma state and story about their season and coach Mike Gundy, who famously launched a post-game tirade against a local columnist.

Also, there will be a brief history of the Insight Bowl (which Indiana has played in when it was called something different), an outline of the Hoosiers’ bowl history and an analysis of what it means for them to finally be back playing a post-season game with comments from past and present players and coaches.


  1. There’s also photography by David Snodgress, graphics by Stewart Moon and writing by me and Jeremy Price. After getting snubbed, you may or may not see this edition. We designers are fickle.

  2. Not very flattering for the coach, but the helmet looks great. And it is not even smiling. Agree John White……the pants need pressing. I look forward to the issue and will pack into my carry-on bag. Go Hoosiers, lasso the Cowboys!

  3. I have to aslo concur and say that the coach won’t be modeling any JC Penny catalogs in the near future with that pic under the resume but I (like everyone else) really don’t care. I REALLY like the new helmet with a combination of the old school with the stripes and the more recent IU symbol. I was on the board the other day thinking of who will be playing where next year and I realized, wait we still have another game to go play. Good times at IU!

  4. Sorry Vince, Just agreeing with Juan on the pants, but no big deal. I am also not a photo editor, but the angle is not beneficial to Coach. But…….it is Christmas and all is good. Go some temper in Tempe! BTW….do you ever see George Halas any more?

  5. Agreed, those pants are not the image we should be projecting for IU. I’m not sure which is worse, Lynch’s lack of clothes discipline or the Herald’s lack of photoshop skills. Shocking.

  6. No problem Brian, I’m good too and in the holiday spirit.

    Coach Halas and I get together every Wednesday to go over old game film…

  7. Not Brian………….I am WW. Hee Hee on the game film. You were one hell of a coach dude. Say hi to my mom and dad.

  8. WW – I am ashamed of you for not calling “Vince Lombardie” out on the obvious mistake.

    Hey Vince, if you’re going to try and pretend to be the greatest football coach to ever live, it would be nice if you could at least spell the name the right way!!! Little hint, there is no “e” in the last name!

  9. That picture looks like it was taken at 5 am. They all look like they just rolled out of bed and are barely awake yet. That would explain the pants too. Lynch just picked them up off the floor.

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