Some Love for the Hoosiers

Receiver Charles Love has given Indiana its third football verbal commitment of the past two days.

Love is a 6-foot-3, 190-pound senior who was part of the group of players who visited Bloomington last weekend. He appears to be an under the radar type of player in terms of the national recruiting rankings. One reason for that, perhaps, is that he played on a Trezevant High School team that finished 4-7 this season.

An obvious attribute Love will bring is some additional height to a receiving corps that will likely lose 6-7 James Hardy after this season.

We’ll provide more information on Love as it becomes available.


  1. Is it definite that Hardy is leaving after this season? Has he made a formal announcement or is that just concensus?

  2. wow, four straight football posts. kinda nice to see the program in the headlines at this point in the year.

  3. I know that this is a football post, congrats to coach Lynch on his recruits, but I have heard rumors on our local radio stations that sanctions are to be announced today regarding the basketball program. Does anybody know anything official?

  4. Just rumors. It seems one person started them last week on a message board and they’ve taken off exponentially.

  5. I did hear that the NCAA Rules and Regulations committe meet with Indiana officals Sunday in Indianapolis. I wouldn’t think anything would come down until the end of this season, as everyone knows the NCAA is slower than Christmas…

  6. I heard a rumor that Big Daddy is spreading rumors because he hates IU.

    Rules and Regulations Committee (lol)!

  7. Funny Rumor Man…couldn’t be further from the truth…that’s why I asked, I couldn’t find anything on boards anywhere

  8. Big Daddy, we keep hearing rumors that the NCAA is going to announce its decision on this day or that day, and it keeps turning out to be untrue. I don’t see anything coming today.

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