Tennessee State at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

INDIANA 84, TENN ST 68 (1:31)

  • Couple of dunks by White and White (Mike went first).
  • Tenn St counters with a dunk of its own and then a time out.

INDIANA 76, TENN ST 62 (4:04)

  • Bassett hits a 3-pointer after Reiley Ervin hits one for the Tigers.
  • Stemler just fouled out, bring DeAndre Thomas into the game.

INDIANA 71, TENN STAT 58 (5:46)

  • Ivy hits a 3 for the Tigers.
  • Stemler comes back with a 3 for Indiana.
  • Stemler hits another 3, as the Hoosiers are kicking the ball out for open shots.

INDIANA 65, TENN STATE 55 (7:36)

  • Now Indiana manages to break the press and Mike White is left open. He’s fouled, and hits both.
  • So this is what this team looks like without Eric Gordon.

INDIANA 62, TENN STATE 53 (9:30)

  • The Hoosiers aren’t playing with much poise now, and are forcing too much.

INDIANA 58, TENN ST 48 (12:07)

  • Tennessee State is giving Indiana a little bit of trouble now, using a full-court press.
  • Ellis tries to break the press with a long pass there, and it sort of works as the Tigers tip the ball out.
  • Hoosiers now working the half-court offense. White gets an open shot from deep and misses.
  • At the other end, White gets a rebounds and is fouled.
  • Stemler goes hard and rim and draws a blocking foul. He makes one free throw.

INDIANA 53, TENN ST 42 (16:30)

  • Gordon apparently has what’s being called a “bruised backside.” It certainly looked like he was holding his lower back, as opposed to his tail bone, as he struggled off the court.
  • Meanwhile, this game lumbers on.
  • Lance Stemler knocks down a 3 pointer.
  • White works to get a shot from in close and hits.
  • Price hits another 3!


Eric Gordon has no rejoined the team. Brandon McGee will start the second half in his place.

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  1. Lance Armstrong knocks down a 3 pointer? Is that like when Nelson Mandela got in at linebacker?

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