Tennessee State at Indiana, in-game analysis

D.J. White goes for a rebound.


  • White gets loose on a break and dunks. That’s his 20th point.
  • Mike White gets up and gets the rebound, then quickly puts it back at the rim.
  • Price hits a buzzer 3 to get his 20th point of the game.

INDIANA 44, TENN ST. 28 (1:03)

  • White swoops in from the right side, gets up high and knocks down a shot. He’s got 18 points.
  • But Price comes back with another 3-pointer. He’s got 15 points
  • Brandon McGee hits a 3-pointer of his own.

INDIANA 36, TENN ST 22 (4:13)

  • White just got hammered on a foul after a nice drive and dish from Gordon. One of the officials then called all the players together and said something to the huddle.
  • White hits two free throws.
  • Gordon is wincing up the court. Now he’s coming out. Looks like he hurt his lower back.
  • Bruce Price caps Tigers rally with a 3-pointer.

INDIANA 34, TENN ST 15 (6:40)

  • Evans gets free and gets a rare uncontested shot off, which falls and pulls the Tigers within 15.
  • White up and . . . his shot hits the front of the rim and rolls in.
  • Fans are giving Stemler a standing ovation after a couple of hustle plays.

INDIANA 30, TENN ST 13 (7:50)

  • Bassett streaks through the lane but can’t finish. White can’t dunk the rebound, but is fouled. He hits two.
  • White with a block on the other end.
  • Gordon almost with a spectacular dunk, but can’t quite get the air under him.
  • Now Gordon cuts back door and reminds everyone that he can in fact dunk.

INDIANA 26, TENN ST 11 (9:00)

  • Big Dre is blocked on his original dunk attempt but stays with it and scores.
  • Elllis throws one of the most epic brick shots ever thrown in this arena, and the rebound bounces right to him. He drives the lane and scores.
  • Bassett to the line. Hits two.
  • The Hoosiers seem to be rushing shots, as both Gordon and McGee have let go of 3s early in the shotclock.
  • Ellis banks one off the glass. And one, which he hits.

INDIANA 17, TENN ST 4 (12:10)

  • Gordon picks up his second foul and heads to the bench.
  • Mike White getting into the action in transition, taking the pass from Bassett and getting fouled. He’s not a very good free throw shooter, though, and hits one of two.
  • Bassett with a pass to McGee in transition, McGee gets a tough bucket to fall.

INDIANA 14, TENN STATE 4 (13:29)

  • Gordon knocks down both from the line.
  • Great defense by the Hoosiers — highlighted by effective switching — leads to a shot-clock violation.
  • White hits. He’s on tonight.
  • What a pass by Ellis. He makes the steal, then brings the ball up the floor. Then he throws a pass right over White’s shoulder, putting him in a spot to score and draw the foul.
  • Mike White and Brandon McGee — he’s been sick — are the first subs off the bench, replacing Stemler and Bassett.

INDIANA 8, TENN ST 4 (15:53)

  • Cox gets an easy rebound and bucket. Why does it take the Hoosiers seven minutes to start rebounding?
  • White hits from about as deep as he’s going to hit.
  • Gordon makes a steal and goes the other way. He’ll shoot two after the T.V. timeout.

INDIANA 4, TENN ST. 2 (17:15)

  • A feed into D.J. White for a dunk. Nice dime from Ellis. The rout is on. OK. Maybe that’s being a little over-zealous. But only a little.
  • Gordon picks up an early foul. Nevermind that thing about the rout.
  • White picks up a rebound and hits from the baseline.
  • Gordon drives — after some pushing from Sampson on the sideline — and draws a foul. He hits two free throws.


Stemler in the starting lineup again, along with the four regulars.


A few minutes from tip here. More to come after the national anthem.


  1. I’m guessing small; just a hunch. It looked like he fell pretty hard on it, but I think they’re just holding him out to be cautious. More to come.

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