1. Not gonna lie guys, I miss the photo.

    Otherwise, looks great. Keep up the always-good work.

    P.S. “Anti-spam: Please enter the sum of four thirteen”

    Am I really expected to answer that? I was a journalism major, mind you.

  2. E,

    Thanks man. We may have to bring the picture back, but only if you come to the game Saturday and agree to be photographed along with us.

    Also, you must wear your Earl Calloway 2006-07 throwback jersey. I know you have one.

    By the way, I’m enjoying the podcast on Inside the Hall, including your superb use of industry talk such as segue.


  3. I’ll be at the game Saturday, with my Earl jersey on, ready for my photo close-up.

    As for the podcast, I really hoped “segue” wasn’t above the audience’s head. I didn’t want to get too “insidery.” (Insidery = also an industry word.)

    First podcast got the actual recording and publishing thing down; next go round, we’re looking to speak intelligibly. Baby steps.

  4. Not bad. I like where the recent posts heading is. Nevertheless, I’d rather add single digits than 17 and 28 for my anti-spam certification.

    And if you want to give a few regular posters their own topics that would be nice. Mike P did a fine job with his football previews.

  5. Swampy,

    I tell you this in strictest confidence: it has been muttered within the hallowed halls of the Herald-Times office that Swampy would be a good hire as our Bloomington blogger. I just don’t know if we’d be able to handle all the libel lawsuits.


    Ryan sounded pretty intelligent.


    Give me your Kentucky preview. I’ll make it a separate topic. E-mail it: ckorman@heraldt.com



    (Actually, yes. I’m just trying to keep up my public persona of being hard-scrabbled and dour.)

    — Chris

  6. I enjoy this site very much, especially reading the comments and seeing what some fellow Hoosiers think about some of the issues and happenings.

  7. One critique:

    I’d ditch having the link for comments both above and below the post body — it’s a bit redundant.

    And yes: where oh where has the picture gone? *tear*

  8. Looks good, but I must agree with E, it’s just not the same without your pictures on the banner.

    Is there any reason you guys don’t have a blogroll? Will the H-T now allow one?

  9. I like the new look guys.

    Jeff – Thanks. I enjoyed doing them, but between work, coaching, and the 50 other football games I attended this year it became to much. I am working on one for my personal blog that I will submit to Doug to see if he wants to post it here when I am done. I have about 8 hours of research done already, it should be a very in depth write up.

  10. I just noticed something. On the home page, the search, polls, catagories, etc. all move to the bottom of the left side instead of being down the right hand side.

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