The rest of Saturday

If you’re near a radio you can catch a special edition of the Indiana IU football with Bill Lynch radio show. It should be on 105.1 FM in Bloomington.

After Lynch does the show — a few seniors will also stop by — the team has a dinner at their hotel tonight.  The main event of the night should be the team talent show.  Lynch refuse to say who the favorite was, but did share the advice he gave his team.

“I told ‘em it’s a family deal so lets keep it appropriate,” he said.

While current members of the program gather to remember the past season and look ahead to Monday night, the Varsity Club will be hosting an event for donors at the same hotel. Several former players are expected to attend, and Doug Wilson will be there reporting for the Herald-Times.

I’m headed to a place called Jilly’s American Grill here in Scottsdale to join a IU basketball game watch party being thrown by the Alumni Association.

Check back later and we’ll provide updates from all the festivities here in Arizona.