1. Greg,

    I talked with both Crawford parents afterwards and they seemed to enjoy the game. Both were also very basketball-savvy and interesting to talk to. As I wrote for Sunday’s paper, an elderly man walked by Sylvia Crawford and told her three or four times that “Jordan was better.” Clearly this upset her a little, but she calmly replied to him that “both of my sons are good ballplayers.”


  2. Are the two analysts IU students? They are very polished and quite good. I think they have a bright future in sports broadcasting ahead of them.

  3. Hey guys,

    Is there any truth to the rumors that the NCAA met up this past weekend (12/7-12/9) and that the news may not be good for IU. I am not trying to start anything, but there have been rumbles popping up everywhere. Usually I would be skeptical, but the past couple of times this has happened, it turned out to be true.



  4. Greg, every week there is some rumor that the NCAA is going to come out with some decision. We’re not going to know anything until the NCAA officially makes an announcement, and usually their investigations take a LONG time.

  5. Greg,

    Yes, the NCAA committee on infractions met this weekend.

    We don’t know whether or not they discussed Indiana because they don’t disclose that sort of information.

    As we have said all along, we think this process will take some time. But obviously we’re trying to monitor it the best we can.

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