Wednesday roundup

The Bud Mackey saga continues. According to a Lexington television station, the principal of the Georgia high school he said he was transferring to has never heard of him.

And a source with knowledge of the situation told me that Kelvin Sampson did not, in fact, tell Mackey that if he attended junior college the Hoosiers would subsequently re-recruit him, which is what Mackey told the Georgetown News-Graphic.

Obviously, this whole thing is pretty chaotic. As we’ve reported before, Mackey hasn’t had the most stable home life. The fact that he spent time living in at least three different households the past year and a half contributed to former Indiana assistant coach Rob Senderoff making impermissible calls. Senderoff often had to call multiple houses and speak to several of Mackey’s family members before reaching him — if he ever did. And Senderoff was trying to help Mackey keeps his grades high and stay out of trouble.

My attempts to reach Mackey have been unsuccessful.

In other news, talented Seattle Times columnist Jerry Brewer — you may remember him from his days at The Louisville Courier-Journal — interviewed Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson about Tony Harris, the former Washington State player who was found dead in Brazil on Nov. 18. Authorities there say suicide is the most likely cause of death; Harris’ family says he would not have done that.

As if you haven’t had enough of players missing games for injury or suspension, the marquee player in Indiana’s class of 2008, wing Devin Ebanks, has not been playing with his St. Thomas More (Conn.) team recently . A call I put into St. Thomas More coach Jere Quinn was not returned, so I’ll continue to try to figure out what Ebanks’ status is.

Finally, we’ll have a story in Thursday’s Herald-Times on the status of the NCAA’s deliberations related to Indiana’s recent recruiting violations. Here’s a sneak preview: no announcement is expected anytime soon.

What’s going on in your world?


  1. The Mackey saga adds to the silliness of the limitations of the call rule. If you have a player like Mackey who is hard to reach, you get penalized because it takes more calls to reach the player.

  2. Interesting that the Lexington paper is so on top of any hint of wrong doing in Bloomington but oblivious to the hanky panky at Kentucky, the most scandal plagued basketball program in the country.

  3. If Mackey were a UK recruit the whole deal would be written off as a simple misunderstanding and his record would be wiped clean.

  4. Big A,

    Why the Jerry Brewer hate? I never knew there was anyone out there who didn’t like Brewer. Did he wrong the Indiana fan?


  5. Say what? Kenny G. you too hip for me. Does that mean good? I hesitate to ask what DOPE is? and I think i know PHAT. My wife says I am PHAT. ??

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