Western Carolina at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

Jordan Crawford soars through Assembly Hall.


Jordan Crawford? Yeah, he can sky.

INDIANA 94, WCU46 (3:15)

If you’re a walk on for the Hoosiers, your palms are sweating. It’s go time. You’re about to have your moment.

INDIANA 92, WCU 41 (6:49)

OK. Looks like Gordon will come back in. Guess it’s more important to get him back in shape rather than keep him on the bench.

INDIANA 80, WCU 38 (9:46)

Kyle Taber comes in at the 11:40 mark. Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star — the veteran on this beat — says this is the earliest Taber has ever played.

Interestingly, Gordon is the only guard on the floor right now. He’s joined by Taber, Stemler, Thomas and McGee.

Taber to the line for one plus the bonus. He misses the first shot.

Crawford takes it end to end and shows off that finger roll.

Gordon comes out of the game with 10:20 left. No need to risk him.

Stemler finishes that nice tic-tac-toe in transition.

INDIANA 75, WCU 35 (12:15)

Gordon hits his sixth 3-pointers.

Porinni showing heart, getting his shots and hitting.

Gordong misses a 3, but corrals a loose ball and goes up for a dunk.

D.J. with a rebound . . . and he’s fouled trying for the put back. Hits the first, not the second.

INDIANA 69, WCU 30 (14:30)

White’s fouled and hits two free throws. He’s got 18 points and 7 rebounds.

Now he has eight, as he grabs one on defense.

Now he has nine. Grabs another defensive board.

Gordon fouled again. His the first, not the second. But D.J. White flies in for a rebound and dunk. Double-double.

Porinni hits for WCU.

INDIANA 64, WCU 28 (15:49)

Gordon gets a couple of points and is at 20 now.

Gordon just knocked that dude over. He’s powerful.


The Catamounts stay tough on the first possession, working for chances until Eric Wilson gets inside and hits.

But then, there’s this: Crawford hits an athletic lay in. That’s what the Hoosiers have, in abundance, over the ‘Mounts.

Mike White out of the game after picking up three fouls in the first 50 seconds of the half.

Ellis drills a 3.

Gordon loses the ball while trying to drive. He hasn’t attempted a two-point shot yet. He’s trying to regain that part of his game.

But here’s what makes Gordon so good: he drives this time and dishes to White for a WIDE open jumper.


  1. so did Armon play or not because on ESPN it shows that he took a shot in the game? It was only one and could be a mistake but I was just curious. Anyone know?

  2. It’s a trend in both basketball and football to have a soft preconference schedule. I think coaches believe it will help them to make it into the postseason and to keep their jobs.

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