Western Carolina at Indiana, in-game analysis

Eric Gordon works against Western Carolina.


Catamounts called for shot-clock violation.

White is fouled before shooting, so he’ll shoot one plus the bonus. Hits the first and . . . . hits the second.

Gordon is guarding Porrini now, so he’s slowed down. The Catamounts are trying to get shots now for Camden Miller, a lanky forward with range. He hits a 3 after getting away from D.J. White.

Now Gordon to the line: hits two, has 17 on the day.

Crawford a steal, a lay in, a foul drawn. Plus one.

INDIANA 44, WCU 21 (2:44)

D.J. White goes up for a dunk and is fouled. He misses both but McGee rebounds. He’s fouled while shooting.

White, by the way, has 12 points and four rebounds. He’s had five straight double-doubles.

Now a delay as the officials decide who the foul was on. The original call was Porrini, his second. The Catamounts don’t want that. McGee hits the first, no the second.

Turnover, Catamounts. McGee hits in transition.

Crawford with a fancy spinning lay up.

INDIANA 35, WCU 18 (4:30)

The Catamounts are coming back, getting a few good looks inside to cut the lead to 10.

Check that. D.J. White gets open for a convincing dunk, then Stemler hits a 3. The lead is back up to 15.

McGee’s in the right spot for that rebound and put back.


Now, Gordon needs four more to tie. He hits that one with no one nearby. Good feed by Mike White after grabbing a rebound.

Ellis feed Thomas inside for a dunk.

Gordon finally misses a 3.

Gore comes back and hits a hook shot at the other end.


You Indiana basketball buffs will recall that Rod Wilmont set the record for most 3s in a game last year when he hit 9 against Northwestern on Feb. 28. Gordon needs five more to tie, and he’s got 30 minutes left. Credit to the APs Mike Marot for point this out to me.



Gordon. Again. From 3.

Porinni scores in transition. He’s a handful.

But Gordon comes back and hits another 3. He has 12. So do the Catamounts.


D.J. White gets up to rebound that Ellis shot — thrown up with a second left on the shot clock — and is able to score it.

Crawford has an open look but can finesse the shot. He’s follows up and gets his rebound and is fouled. Misses the first free throw, hits the next.

Indiana’s got three forward (White, Thomas and Stemler) in the game now but is still playing man-to-man defense.

Western Carolina works the ball around and hits its second 3-pointer in as many tries.

Gordon’s feed gives White a chance for an easy score. He misses one but follows it and scores.


Yes, Eric Gordon is back. He pulled up and hit his first 3-pointer. Then, he launched one from deep and hit it.


D.J. White gets Indiana the first points of the game, taking a pass from Crawford and hitting a lay-in. He’s fouled and hits his free throw.

The show is on already. Ellis passes behind his back to White, who hits a shot while falling. He’s fouled and hits his free throw.

Meanwhile, Western Carolina is having trouble getting into its offense.

Porrini shows why he’s a highly thought of freshman is his corner of the basketball world, scooping that one off the glass.

No Porrini goes to the line and hits two.


It’s very quiet in here as the game begins. Probably about 13,500 fans here, and maybe 200 of ’em are students.


Starting for Indiana: Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, Jordan Crawford, Mike White and D.J. White.


D.J. White will be presented with a commemorative game ball that honors his 1,000th point.

Next week: Eric Gordon.

OK. Just kidding.


As we reported below, Eli Holman did some work on the court but won’t play.

We’ve found A.J. Ratliff, and he is wearing a suit again instead of his uniform. So the Hoosiers won’t have him or Armon Bassett, who’s still suspended.

Eric Gordon was out with the team taking full part in warm-ups.


  1. Doesn’t look like it took Gordon very long to get back to 100 percent. 17 points in the first half? It looks to me like his back is feeling pretty good.

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