What are your plans for Tempe?

We had this comment show up on HoosiersHQ.com today, and I thought it was a heckuva suggestion:

“Chris and Doug, Any chance you guys can encourage the online faithful to publish their specific Tempe plans? It would be great to know where the IU fans are going to hover. It looks like you guys are going two days before me so I look forward to your reports. Tell us where the IU action is. Thanks!

So, let’s run with it.

When are you arriving?

Where are you staying?

What will you be doing besides watching football while in the greater Phoenix area?

And, feel free to add any other details you may find relevant to the discussion.


  1. I am arriving around 6pm on the 30th, staying at the double tree in phoenix, and leaving around 12 noon on the 1st. Other than football, I plan on not being cold, swimming, not being cold, and attending this “block party” thing the Insight people are throwing. Oh, and did I mention not being cold?

  2. I am arriving on the 30th at noon, heading directly up to the Arizona Cardinals/St. Louis Cardinals game. I’m staying at the Comfort Inn in Tempe and heading out on the 1st at 1:00 pm. I also plan on attending the Block Party. I have two tickets reserved thru IU for the game. Based on my priority points I should have seats that would make me jealous of Bob Ueucker (sp).

  3. Arriving on December 29th … departing January 2nd.

    Staying at the Hyatt Place. (Very sweet looking hotel).

    Will be watching lots of football in lots of different places!
    Will be winning money at the local casinos!
    Will be celebrating a 38-31 Hoosiers win in the Insight Bowl!
    Will be singing IU fight song at the block party!
    Will be making plans to attend next years bowl game on New Years day!

  4. 4 of us are leaving from Charlotte NC. on the 30th and leaving the 2nd. Will be staying at the Westin Kierland in Scotsdale. Will be partying at the Hotel when we are not at the game. We are looking for tailgate parties prior to the game. Hope someone will be set up.
    We all want a win. See you all somewhere.

  5. Well, I will drive into Phoenix on the 24th from IU. I will stay at home and hang out with my family and high school friends. Eventually on the 31st I will make the 11 mile drive down to ASU and go to the game and then afterwards attend the Fiesta Bowl Block Party (worth it).

  6. Our group of 17 will be headed out on the 27, 28 & 29 to stay at the Embassy Suites – Biltmore (a block or so away from the Ritz-Carlton, which is apparently IU headquarters). Football, football, and more football. We intend to take every opportunity to make sure our players know they have fans there supporting them. Tailgating wherever IU taigating is spotted. Go HOOSIERS!!! Head back to the cold weather of Bloomington and South Bend on the second.

  7. I’m arriving in Tempe on the 30th after flying into LA the day before. Staying at the Sleep Inn Airport in Phoenix, about 5 miles from the Stadium. Leaving town I believe the 3rd. As for events, that remains to be seen.

    Can anyone explain the Indiana University Ticket Priority Policy? The athletic website does not explain it. Being a student, I have no points and I passed on the free student ticket since I have family going also and wanted to have seats with them. Are my seats really going to suck?

  8. Thanks Chris and all. I am up in Scottsdale and hope to run into some impromptu tailgates. Hopefully our pool area will be sunny, as well as Cream & Crimson.

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