Where are the Hoosiers?

They’re not in Tempe. We know that much.

Mechanical problems delayed the team’s 9 a.m. flight. The team waited a few hours for the plane, which was supposed to leave from Monroe County Airport, before heading back to the stadium to eat lunch. At about 1 p.m., the university decided to put the team on buses headed to the Indianapolis Airport to try to catch a flight from there.

According to team spokesman Jeff Keag, the team has finally boarded a plane and was set to leave any minute. It is expected to arrive at 6 p.m. local time (8 p.m. in Bloomington) and apparently there will in fact be a welcoming press conference at the airport. We’ll cover that, of course, and will give you any other updates as they come.

It’s never easy for Indiana football, is it?


  1. sorry to hear that about the team…now the university knows how we alum feel in traveling to the game when the university didnt make available charter flights like the rose bowl arrangement for all of us…and we didnt know we were going to the rose bowl until that final purdue win.

  2. dont get me wrong – im thrilled to be headed to tempe to see IU. but the university looks out for no one but themselves and the $. the lack of charter flights and the amount of BS and lies i was given when asking about seat location for the game explains it all well. needless to say, im not thrilled with my seat location. i could have easily gotten the PROMISED seat location by going through the Fiesta/Insight Bowl offices. instead, i went through the IU ticket office in order to help with the ticket sales they needed to reach. my seats are horrible and not in the sections i was told they would be in.

  3. Glad to hear they finally made it and SAFE. I hope this is not indicative of our offense for Monday…(mechanical problems and huge delays).

    brasKO: I agree. IU’s admin. dealing with fan support, regarding travel and seating is less than average. Someone should have been on top of this issue since the Ball State win. Making tentative arrangements for multi-optional packages would not have been that difficult. Simply employ competing travel agencies to develop packages, depending on bowl locations. I would guess several agencies would have jumped all over the opportunity to serve. Instead we get Anthony Travel with no flight/room package. And the room prices were out of sight. I saved more than half doing it on my own. A definite C- on travel plans for fans.

  4. They could have done better for travel arrangements, but come on, how many of the people calling the shots in the Athletics Department worked there the last time IU went to a Bowl game? They are all new to this, if Coach Lynch can make this a habit, they will get better at travel plans.

  5. OK Mike……it is the holiday season and all is forgiven. My boss would have offered that it was my job to be prepared and no excuses. Just throwing that out. I am hoping that the IU experience in Tempe makes up for the poor travel arrangements. Go Hoosiers.

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