White, no stripes

Just so all of you know, it’s a whiteout planned for Saturday’s game against Kentucky and not a stripe-out like many thought earlier in the week.

I wrote a story on this for Saturday’s paper, and the general gist of it is that the head of Take Back Assembly Hall, IU Junior Brian Bulgatz, met with IU Assistant Athletic Director Frank Cuervo Wednesday and the two came to a compromise: Saturday’s game would be a whiteout, and a stripe-out would be planned for a highly-anticipated Big Ten matchup later in the season.

I think the stripe-out idea is very creative. Essentially, it would consist of each section alternating in color. For example, section M would be red, N would be white, and so on. In effect, Assembly Hall would be dressed in stripes. I think it would look very cool and am anxious to see how it goes.

What do all of you think? Which is cooler, white or stripes? Any other cool ideas for Assembly Hall attire during games?

For more info on TBAH, visit their website at TakeBackAH.com.


  1. A stripe-out is cool, but I think the only way to truly make it work would be to link up with a sponsor to provide white and red shirts for each section and drape them over each chair before the game. They did this once during a white=out, where they provided certain seats in the student section with red shirts in such a way that when the occupants put the shirts on, they would form a red IU pitchfork in the sea of white. It would be really tough to get everyone to remember what color shirt to wear, or to go to the trouble of looking it up on a seating chart.

  2. You’re probably right Cat. The game they did that was the ACC/Big Ten challenge matchup against Duke in 2005. It would be difficult though.

  3. I like the idea of a stripe out. Especially because of the candy stripe tradition of Indiana basetball. In fact, the first time I heard “stripe out” I thought it meant everyone should wear those candy stripe shirts that are so popular. But the section-by-section would be easier and look neater.

    Tennessee does somthing similar on occasion with an orange-white checker pattern. http://www.allcoachnetwork.com/pearl/images/thompson-arena.jpg

  4. The game they did it for was the UConn game, not the Duke game. I know because I received one of the shirts.

  5. I think both are cool, but as mentioned above a “white-out” is much easier to accomplish. I wouldnt be against trying the other though.

    It seems to me, however, that TakeBackAH should just worry about being loud for the team. I’m one who thinks the rift between students and alums is stupid. But, it also seems that kids like these are more worried about themselves or getting a student section name-drop on Sportscenter and free t-shirts than they are the team.

    I agree a more centralized section would be better, but probably not possible until we have a new arena. That said, they get more tickets than anyone in the league and most in the country. AND, most importantly, the Hoosiers are 431-67 in AH. Seems like the way we’ve been doing things have worked pretty well. I love their energy and I’m open to change, but we dont need to be like Duke or anyone else. AH has always been one of the toughest places to play in the country and will continue to be. I guess the “Take Back” title throws me off. I guess I dont know who theyre taking it back from. I do think we should do all we can to lower the prices for them if we can. That said, I always thought: what’s another couple hundred on the bursar bill?

    The biggest thing I think they should push for is a priority points system for students similar to what the Varsity club uses. I think kids like the ones who run this website should get the best seats over a group of freshman girls from NYC who show up 10 minutes late and really dont seem to give a damn.

    Anyway, we’re all on the same team….Beat UK!

  6. I’m still trying to figure out what “Take back Assembly Hall” means.

    Take it back from who?

    We have a pretty good home record.

  7. I lost my tickets for this one to family. Whatever you do, and if you attend, make some noise and have fun. Go Hoosiers and stay healthy

  8. Take Back Assembly Hall is a joke. Why is our athletic dept taking this “organization” into consideration for any promotion?

  9. What I think would look really great would be to wear red if your seat number is odd, white if your seat number is even. Real stripes.

  10. Had to use the calculator to anti-spam this one. 13+28? wow! I posted this on a previous but how about shirts and skins instead of red and white? Kenny G……..I think it is great that the students are brought into it. Not sure about the Take back the Hall title but it is all good. Get the students involved and with a positive spin.

  11. Student group names like Izzone and Orange Crush are supportive while Take back the Hall is confrontational to another segment of your own fan base. Our athletic department should get input by working with IU’s student government instead of these nitwits. Maybe we should name our student section something more appropriate and effective like “get to the game on time” or “stop the lewd chants.”

  12. Take Back the Hall is a stupid name. As Jim pointed out IU is 431-69 in the Hall in the 35 year history wihtout the students EVER being a major factor in the crowd. It was never theirs, so they can’t take it back!

  13. First, although I am a student, I agree Take Back Assembly Hall is a dumb name. And I should also say that I and many students do show up on time (I get to AH 30 minutes before tip off…every game).

    With that said, Mike, I’m not sure you can say the students have never been a factor in the crowd. Students have almost 8000 seats in Assembly Hall. Both alumni and students make Assembly Hall a tough place to play.

  14. Take Back Assembly Hall is named that way because they feel there should be a self-governed student section (i.e. the students taking back control).

    I also agree with you Jimmy that students need to start showing up earlier. It disgusts me as I sit on press row and peer over at a half-filled student section ten minutes before tip-off. They’re probably too busy getting drunk before the game, which is too bad.

    At least they’re great at attending football games in the fall. Oh wait…

  15. Zak Zak……They’re probably too busy getting drunk…. Kind of an assumption for an impartial reporter eh? They need to dump TAKE BACK THE HALL and try a more positive name. I like the previous ones. Swampy suggested a spin on the phone issue… (K)Cellvins Connection. Maybe a bit rogue but funny.

  16. Mike P-

    I think the student presence IS an important part.

    I just cited the record because I think it shows there’s no need for drastic change. It’s not like AH has ever been an easy envrionment for visitors. It seems they just want to do crap like Duke and whoever else and get noticed for it. Not that those things are bad, just unnecessary in my opinion. It really is more about them, not the team. I’m not even opposed to it, just think it’s rather irrelevant. I want them to be there on time and loud. I dont care if they have matching t-shirts or the most clever chants. Besides, if they want to be cool, get 50-100 of them to do something and start a trend, everyone will follow.

    If they really wanted to start do some good, it’d be getting up early enough on Saturday to get hammered AND go to the game. Now that we’re competitive, there’s no excuse. Not rolling over to the field at noon and getting a score update every now and then. I know thats not all of them–we had decent turnouts and a great one for Purdue– but thats a place where IU needs some student leaders and improvement. Think we’re doing just fine in hoops.

  17. WW,

    Can I really be an impartial reporter as an IU student who sees people stumbling into games ten minutes after tip-off? I try, I try. But it irritates me.

  18. IU Jimmy – while most of the time I agree with you, on this I don’t. I am pulling of 30 years of personal AH game experience. I can remember when the students were not hardly visible from court side.

    Jim – if you want to call out anyone for the football games, it is not the students. They did their job this year, the student section was almost always full and loud.

  19. Much better? Yes.
    Almost always? Not so sure.

    I’m just saying if they want to focus on an area where IU athletics needs help…..

  20. I saw a really cool pair of canvas sneakers last week that were candy striped with Indiana on them in block letters. They were called Moxsters. Does anyone who where I can buy a pair of these?

  21. Guess you were wrong about it being a white out. Messed us up. We were in white in a red section. Thanks!

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