1. Zak,

    Just talked to some more sources who say that there’s hasn’t been a final diagnosis done.

    Besides, if everything were fine wouldn’t IU probably want the good news to get out there quickly?

    Good news. Those were the days.

  2. I trust Peegs. Knowing what I know about him, he will not release something like that until he is absolutely sure.

    Most likely, we are going to try and milk the “I am not sure about DJ” line until tipoff on Tuesday.

    He is gonna play.

  3. I find it very funny that Bob Knight could choke people, throw chairs, and curse like a sailor and the University would go to bat for him like no other, because he won games. And by the way, Bob Knight lied too and didn’t get fired. But Kelvin Sampson gets accused of lying and just makes phone calls and suddenly he needs to be fired to save Indiana’s reputation, please give me a break. The man is just accused and everyone immediately believes he did something wrong, what happen to due process? Plus, this man has put Indiana back into the hunt of National prominience, give him a break, I think he deserves better and so does his family. After all, Bob Knight chokes players and Dick Vitale still wants to name Assembly Hall after him. I find it very funny that these sports announcers, who lie everyday about something, are passing judgement. Do these allegations really rise to the level of someone being fired, when choking someone doesn’t? Come on!

  4. Scott,

    Agreed. It used to be that injury stories were the ones they tried to distract us from, now they’re using it to distract.

  5. As contrary as Knight was/is, if the NCAA could ever have stuck anything on him they clearly would have. He didn’t lie.

    Honestly people, we don’t want Bobby back. Thanks Bob for all the positive things you did, and there were many, but you can’t come back to IU and we all know it.

    Why do people that dislike Knight intensely because of his bad behavior use his bad behavior to excuse someone else’s bad behavior?

    Either you want a clean, honest, honorable, winning coach or you don’t.

  6. And I certainly hope for DJ’s sake that he is ok. These situations always remind me of Alan Henderson years ago. He was a fine player after rehab, but he certainly would have been a tremendous player had he not had his setback.

    Go Hoosiers

  7. Paul Spurgeon:

    Thank you. You read my mind. I’ve been absolutely bewildered by everyone’s actions recently and cannot understand how people could defend Knight the blowhard through all of his nonsense but yet be willing to throw Sampson into the fire over some phone calls.

    It’s not an attempt to excuse anyone’s bad behavior – just pointing out what seems to be a blatant, glaring hypocrisy in Bloomington right now. People here LOVE Knight despite his problems…which would be fine, if in general they seemed to be forgiving of people’s flaws. That has not been the case – instead, it seems like everyone around here’s become the moral police lately after looking the other way for (in my opinion) much worse behavior over the years.

    Anyway, well said, Paul, well said. Go IU!!

  8. What did Bob Knight lie about? He lied about choking players. He denied it to the very end. Do not get me wrong, I am a Bob Knight fan and stood beside him while he was at Indiana, but when he was released, it was time for him to go and it worked out best for each University. Be real people, are we ready to put the IU program in disarray for another 3 to 4 years as we watch player after player leave because of Sampson’s being fired? Do you really think that the current recruits Sampson has signed will stay with their commitments? Are you really ready for 4 to 5 more years of rebuilding this program? Do you think the Alumni are ready for that. As far as people wanting a clean, honest, dependable coach, let us not forget that Sampson wasn’t “Clean” when he signed. And now people want to jump ship. I really wonder if hypothetically Indiana had or might win the national championship this year and these allegations hadn’t come out until after the season, would everybody still be asking to fire Sampson. Hummmm? Kelvin Sampson has done more in his short time at IU than any other legendary coach before him, why will we not fight for him. Come on, they are phone calls, not choking, not throwing chairs, not battery charges in the Carribean, not cussing out the media on National television, and not telling your fans to kiss your ass if you do not like the way I coach. All of these even more discusting things Bob Knight did and we all stood by and supported him. Come on guys, there is a double standard here, no matter how you look at it.

  9. My last comment. I guess the best way to look at it like everyone else seems to be looking at it is that if Sampson had lead IU to three National Championships before these allegations came out, he could probably shoot the President of the United States and Indiana fans would just look the other way?

  10. Paul, let me get this straight – seems like you are saying that since IU failed to properly control RMK for is improprieties in the past that it should fail to control KS for his improprieties now? Hmmm…that seems strange. Shouldn’t IU learn from its past mistakes? At what point does IU not “forgive” Sampson? RMK – stuff cop in trash can. IU looks other way. RMK – throws chair. IU look other way. RMK chokes player. KS makes phone calls. IU looks the other way. KS commits academic fraud. IU looks other way. KS pays players. Again – where does IU stop “forgiving” and “defending” Sampson? Please tell me.

  11. Um, Jason – when you talk of KS “paying” players – are you talking about the t-shirt and tote bag or whatever it was…

    Please guys… let’s get a grip here.

  12. Ok, the point is this while knight was a bully and a general a**hole off the court, his teams won without him doing anything wrong, he never broke NCAA rules. I mean every player that played for Bob Knight di so knowing what it meant. They did this because Bob Knight was a good coach and great motivator. Knight graduated over 90% of his players and managed (with his reputation) to recruit good enough athletes to keep his teams competitive. Look at the other programs near of the end of Knights reign at IU that were national powers, namely cinncinnati which had a 0% graduation rate…sampson also does not graduate players effectively i think his rate is lower than 20%

  13. I am sitting out here far, far away from Bloomington, trying to read all I can about what is happening and I smell a skunk in the wood pile; several skunks, in fact, one on both sides. First, has anyone seen/heard the proof of the phone calls? And just WHO is it that was tasked to shadow KS to make sure he complied the the sanctions? And then, we all know how Miles Brand feels about Indiana basketball. Personally, I just can’t believe that KS is so dumb that he would jeopardize his dream job.

  14. My suggestion is to quickly start a dialogue with Bobby Knight. I live in Maine and nephew attends IU. What is needed: Someone who can get the Hoosier Flame burning brightly again.

  15. Can we beat Boilers without the DJ? It will take more bombs from Crawford, Ellis, and Stemler, as well as A+ defense. Dre, Mike White and Stemler MUST step up.

  16. No Eric – I am talking about how IU tolerated a gradual build up of RMK until to came to choking. Seems to me that Paul is saying to tolerate KS and my point is, when do stop tolerating KS. Do we stop at phone calls? Do we stop if academic fraud is committed? Or do we wait until actual player payment has taken place? I don’t think KS would move to those levels of cheating but I also didn’t think he would make any more calls either. And it looks like is lying about it. My first post may have been confusing. Late night will do that to me.

  17. Paul – When was it ever proved he choked a player? All accounts to what went on in practice that day is that he did not choke him, the tape sure as hell proves nothing except to blurred images meeting with the arm extended on 1.

    Also, I never once heard coach Knight tell the fans to kiss his ass, he told his critics to kiss his ass, and the noise in the hall was deafening from the crowd CHEERING his words.

    Ahhh, the battery on a police officer. Charged and convicted in court when not present or with legal council present. Puerto Rico attempted to have him extradited from the US. Puerto Rico, which is a US territory could not get the Governor of the State of Indiana or the US Attorney’s office to agree to extradite him. The coniviction was then over turned, and charges dropped. Which means the argument you want to try and use is VOID.

    Try again when you get your facts straight, until then go away!

  18. I would never want to see Bobby back as a coach, but that Puerto Rico thing? There were 24 people in that gym including Fred Taylor, who was always considered beyond reproach. Twenty three of them said it never happened, and one, the cop, said it did. Give me a break. No one, absolutely no one, would have hung around for that kangaroo court. Would any of you stayed?

  19. Mike P,

    Do me a favor again, keep talking your stuff, just proves my point on how people continue to back Bob Knight no matter what the cost. As far as telling me to go away, what is the matter hit sore spot in the truth. Please, I have forgotten more about IU basketball than you will ever even begin to even know. I am a true fan, I stick with them through the good and bad, seems to me you want to jump ship because times are tuff, why not go down with the ship. By the way, my facts are straight, its you that is reading from the script, do me a favor and do a little research before you yack your gums, if I had to guess I would put your age between 18 and 25, I lived through these accusations against Knight, you probably just heard or someone told you about them. But as smart as seem to try to be, you would see that these are just accusations, just as you say the charges were against Knight. Why don’t you find a better come back than go away. Also Einstein, that blurred image you talked about was enough to get him release from his coaching position wasn’t it? Seems to me someone believed the charges, huh?

  20. PS Mike,

    After this program tries to rebuild over the next 4 to 5 years because of the Sampson issues, it is me that will still be a true fan and be here supporting the Hoosiers, its you that will go away. I am sure by then you will have moved on because the team isn’t winning and your GREAT Bob Knight still isn’t the coach again at IU.

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