Post-game press conference, live updates

“(Purdue) is coming in here to our gym and we’re going to have to outcompete them,” Gordon added about the matchup with the Boilermakers on Tuesday.

“It’s a big one for us,” Ellis adds. “We’ve had two tough losses here, and we’re looking to overcome that. If we come out and play hard, we should come out with a W.”


Kyle Taber, Eric Gordon and Jamarcus Ellis have joined us.

“It’s been tough,” Gordon says. “We just had to focus on the gameplan for Michigan State. We just had to go through the daily practice.”

He added that he has avoided reading websites and news coverage of the Sampson situation.

He was asked if he’s worried if Kelvin Sampson might not be his coach after this week, and he said he doesn’t really focus on that.

“We play for coach every game, that’s why we all came here.”

Jamarcus Ellis says that he felt it was his job to step up when D.J. White went down. Ellis is the team’s second-leading rebounder.

“He told us after the game that we need to start thinking about Purdue and to not get too caught up in this win and celebrating,” Ellis added.


He just said that D.J. White is going to get an MRI tomorrow.

“We’ll know more about his status by the time we get to practice.”

A reporter asked him what went through his mind in the waning moments when the crowd cheered his name, and Sampson said he felt good for his wife Karen and daughter Lauren the most.

“This has been tough on them.”


Now the players have been excused, and it’s Sampson and a room full of eager reporters.

Should be some interesting questions.

Andy Katz of just asked him what the last 30 hours have been like.

“I spent most of the morning watching tape on Michigan State. Worked Armon Bassett for 35 minutes. Tried not to watch too much Wisconsin tape.”

A reporter asked him if this game meant a lot to him.

“Yes. I think it did. IU basketball is so much more than one person. We had a great week. A great week. We win at Illinois, at Ohio State and we put ourselves in position. Coming back tonight, it’s a great win for those kids… I try to be a father to them. I’m stern with them, I comfort them. I really work at making sure they get at 100 percent. And that’s what they deserve.”


Jordan Crawford says they’re a family, and that’s how they were able to stay focused with all the distractions.

“I’m not thinking about that, I’m just thinking about this team and our season.”

For those of you who don’t know, DeAndre Thomas has a funny side to him.

When asked what went through his mind when D.J. White went down, he replied “Oh no, I gotta play.”


He’s here.

“Obviously to beat a team like Michigan State the way we beat them tonight you have to do some things good. I thought our execution on offense was outstanding. Offense is about scoring baskets. Once we got them stretched, we had Eric (Gordon), Jordan (Crawford) and Armon (Bassett) running.

He says he wasn’t sure how his team would react after D.J. White went down.

“He’s our captain and our leader. But I can’t say enough about the kid sitting next to my right (DeAndre Thomas).”


Kelvin Sampson should be here any minute.

He told ESPN’s Erin Andrews after the big win that it wasn’t about him.

“This was about the players, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.”

We’ll keep you updated…


  1. • Coach Hodges | February 16th, 2008 at 11:28 pm |
    I’m from the old school guys .Coach and the AD will have to go.The rules, we do not always agree with, but they are the rules; that is what binds us and sets us apart. Take all of the wins and championships and great coaches away, what set Indiana apart was the rules. Winning within the rules.A great win for Indiana.I never thought I would ever say this a sad week for INDIANA UNIVERSITY Basketball!!

  2. great job keeping the team focused tonight. just a shame too many like tony will try to discredit Coach Sampson because think they know what humor is.

  3. Tony, why don’t you incorporate all of your stupid sentences into one delightful post? That way I don’t have read each one separately. IU had a great team win and I feel great for the players. I also can’t help but feel great for Sampson’s family, as this has to be tough on them. I wish them well…and I hope Sampson gets through this. He did some stupid things, but in my opinion he’s a good person at heart. Doesn’t do any good to wish ill will on him. Indiana basketball will move on from this.

  4. Just got home from the game. I love all the holier than thou comments but I will abstain from them. I am proud of this team tonight and I am sick over all that has happened but you can’t change the past, you take it and move on. I still think Sampson should be gone, but just a sad situation all around. I still think this was the best “team” effort of the year.

  5. About 40 million Americans with no health insurance, and a college athlete can get an MRI on a Sunday.

  6. its amazing what happens when things seem to go our way. i too enjoyed tonight. it doesnt make up for losing wednesday, but it does help.

  7. Agreed Evan, no doubt about it. The one good thing is regardless of when Sampson steps down/fired…these players will still have the opportunity to finish the season and make it something special. The kind of effort they gave tonight would be good enough to beat a lot of good teams. Maybe they’ll play the remainder of the season with a chip on their shoulder and try to win for their coach.

  8. They were loose and confident tonight. We thought they played
    more the way they want to play. Congratulations on a great win!

  9. Stephen, Who says you are required to read any of my posts?

    The guy cheated at Oklahoma and was warned. He promised not to do it again, and he did. Do I feel sorry for him? Not in the least.

  10. D.J. White just walked by the press room with his parents.

    He was walking a bit slow, but wasn’t hobbling or on crutches. As Sampson said, he’ll have an MRI tomorrow.

  11. Hey Ryan. Would you make the beer run? And remember, when you’ve got Schlitz, you’re still out of beer.

  12. I don’t believe I stated I felt sorry for him, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    No one says I’m required to read your posts, however they are taking up 1/2 the page that I’m reading so they are inevitable, especially when you make separate one sentence statements about grammar and other unimportant things. Thanks for the consideration though.

  13. so all it takes is an NCAA investigation, and one of your star players going out with a knee injury to get this team to play the best “team” game of the year..why didnt sampson think this earlier….great..great game by everyone…do ya think gordon knew what Beasley did for KSU and was trying to duplicate…cause the man was on fire, and a very ungordon like 2TO…and d.thomas…what can you say, just a great force on both ends how many points did Raymar score???..UHH…3..

  14. I don’t know what it is but sometimes that zone defense does wonders. It limited Neitzel big time…he got all of his great looks against our man to man. Deandre was huge, literally and figuratively.

  15. Correct me if I am wrong, Stephen. But I NEVER stated that you felt sorry for Sampson. I simply said I don’t feel sorry for him.

  16. Different styles … Knight v. Sampson. Knight did not believe in zones … from Hank Iba’s old school.

  17. Knight believed in verbal and physical abuse when it came to “changing things up”….zone works better.

  18. Here or later on at another school? Definitely not here, but I think he’ll eventually get a shot at a much lower level college or maybe he’ll get a pro job assistant coaching where phone calls aren’t an issue.

  19. Stephen were you there ?? Do you really know RMK or are you just full of it. Do you really know why we play zone or the rules of man to man ??

  20. I’d give him a chance but personally he never did anything while at Iowa that lets me know that he’s a big time coach/recruiter/etc in the Big Ten. On the positive side, he does know what being a Hoosier is all about. It could turn out okay, but I think there will be better candidates.

  21. Myles Brand has never done anything right. Doesn’t know anything about sports (fired Mallory and Knight), how could anyone agree with him now?

    NCAA is stupid and are always wrong! R Bush $300,000, Chris Weber $600,000 no penalties.
    I say stick with Sampson till proven guilty of something. It is America.


  22. Tony…Knight’s man to man was based on pressure on the ball and zone principles away from the ball. The3 zone we ran tonight is practically the same.

    One more thing. As the King of Spain said to the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez: “Why don’t you shut-up!”

  23. Pat Knight should worry about Texas Tech keeping a lead and not worry about who should be the next coach at Indiana.

  24. George, you can’t call Knight’s man-to-man a zone.

    But of course you just did. Every coach plays zone principles away from the ball. That does NOT make the defense a zone. But you are learning.

    Knight’s man-to-man D and motion offense were a direct descendant from Henry Iba, and he has said so many times.

    Sampson is a known proponent of zone defenses … Knight has never been.

    One difference: Iba believed in pressing full court. He believed basketball should be played end to end. Knight did not and rarely pressed.

    Read “Basketball according to Knight and Newell Vol. 1, then try John Wooden’s “Practical Modern Basketball”.

    Not sure either book is elementary enough for you, but you can try.

  25. Oh, George.

    Try to read both books above BEFORE Sampson leaves so you will have a working knowledge of B-ball before the next coach arrives.

    All the best!

  26. Tony:

    I understand that you are clearly the authority of grammar on this message board. However, I feel slightly uncomfortable that you question if I have a beer and/or a woman considering you’ve obvioulsly been monitoring this board since the game ended. I’m going to bed with my lady now, I wish you a great night and lovely Sunday, Nerd.

  27. Since you brought up a “beer” and a “woman”, it’s only right that you have the last word, Ryan.

    The second sentence though is a complete mystery … grammar or not.

    Enjoy your Sunday with your “lady”.

  28. Firing Kelvin Sampson is not the answer because this man is worth saving just ask his players, who obviously love him, and their parents who have seen the good he has done for their children. Just ask the thousands of IU students who demonstrated their support of him at last night’s game. Just look at his coaching gift that took a program in shambles and returned it to dominance. This man cannot be rotten to the core as his critics contend and he is not beyond redemption. It would be wrong for the university to throw this human being away to quiet a mob of commentators. For an institutuion presumably dedicated to the highest values what higher value can there be than saving someone worth saving? Surely a university staffed by the finest thinkers can find a better way than firing Kelvin Sampson.

    GO IU

  29. What punishment would you suggest for someone who turned his back on Oklahoma after cheating for five years there?

  30. I was under the impression that his contract ran out and because of the sanctions, it was not renewed.

  31. Well…….some post game chatter and one line barbs. We are all keyed up from that great game. It appears the players are directly behind Coach, much like the Mike Davis situation. So what do they do? Dismissal is the likely course of action. Last nights chants and the great win bring option two……(if in fact, it is an option) IU stands behind it’s coach and takes the NCAA flak. The HUGE issue is….firing (or) keeping Sampson MAY bring the same result from the Nazi regime. No one knows at this point. I am one of those that is upset with Coach and his antics, but then I ponder and think…….hmmmm phone calls, albeit illegal phone calls. And then he lied. OK OK! If we handle Purdue on Tuesday (which I am sure we can) then does the fervor increase? Last night was loud but I will be louder on Tuesday. Food for thought my friends. IU and Sampson are both in the same row boat. A no win situation. What a shame. I just hope they send some competent officials Tuesday night. Not like those clowns for the Wisconsin game.

  32. Yep, Sampson has to be fired. But firing him before the end of the season is doing nothing but punishing these players. I’m sure a lot of folks would like to see that happen, but anyone who does, we can be assured that they are NOT IU FANS.

  33. Mike, do you believe Sampson should be suspended until the NCAA hears the case in June? Let an assistant take charge of the team until the end of the season.

    Second, is the big problem with IU fans the phone calls or the alleged lying … or both?

    Can you live with the cheating if he tells the truth? If you believe the NCAA report, Sampson has made more than 600 impermissible recruiting calls since 2000 dating back to his coaching days at OU and then lied about such calls.

    Remember Dave Bliss and Baylor. What do Sampson and Bliss have in common? They both coached at OU. And, they both recklessly disregard the rules, and Bliss is paying the price for lying.

  34. Ummm…let’s be honest about what Dave Bliss did. Dave Bliss paid players at SMU, and the only reason they weren’t hammered is because the NCAA chose not to investigate because they had just given the football program the death penalty.

    After a stint at New Mexico, Dave Bliss took the Baylor job and starting paying players again. Then, one of his own players murdered another player. To cover up his payments, Dave Bliss had his team tell the NCAA that the guy who was murdered got his money for school by selling drugs, which wasn’t the truth. The player who was murdered wasn’t on drugs. In addition, Bliss knew his players were abusing alcohol and marijuana and made sure failed drug tests weren’t reported.

    Let’s not put Kelvin Sampson and Dave Bliss in the same category.

  35. Bliss and Sampson both coached at Oklahoma. That is a fact.

    Maybe that says something about the school I attended. Never did I say that Sampson’s actions approached what Bliss did at Baylor.

    However, lying is lying no matter where you coach or live. And the NCAA pins the scarlet letter on any coach it catches lying to its organization.

  36. So, the coach cheated and lied, therefore let’s punish Gordon and Ellis and DJ and the rest of the players. While we’re at it, since Indiana, a state university, hired him maybe everyone in the state should have their tax rebate taken away. That would teach us for tolerating such incredibly immoral behavior…actually calling players on the phone to encourage them to come to our university…gasp!

  37. Well Mike, if you keep Sampson, would you fire him after the season is over?

    Just curious what IU fans think. I am not sure what would make the fans and alumni of IU happy at this point.

    And fairly or not, eventually the players left after this episode will pay a price when the NCAA sanctions Indiana. Already top recruits to IU are rethinking their commitments.

  38. So your going to tell a coach to do his job for another month and a half and then say your fired. Possible, but a bit hypocritical. Like……we have a good team (that Sampson put together) so can you maybe see how far you can take it and BTW…….after that your fired. I am not defending KS here, but it once again, makes IU look bad. We need definitive action by the ADministration. One way or the other. No middle ground. Unfortunately, our program is on the national stage. We have few options to win.

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