Roth still behind Sampson


Matt Roth, the lethal long range shooter from Washington, Ill. and a part of Kelvin Sampson’s 2008 recruiting class, said Wednesday night he still intends to play basketball at Indiana, as long as Kelvin Sampson is the coach.

If not, Roth said he will sit down with his parents and his high school coach, Kevin Brown, and make a decision.

“It’s been hard (seeing all the negative coverage) over the past week or so,” he said. “When I first heard it I was a little shocked. I thought they were going in the right direction. But I believe in Coach Sampson 110 percent and I still plan on being there.”

Roth said he spoke with assistant coach Jeff Meyer along with Sampson last weekend. He said Sampson was pretty normal, even a little upbeat because of the upcoming game against Purdue.

“He’s still a great coach in my opinion,” Roth said. “I’m a big fan of him and I wish him the best. It hurts to see this, because you love the program so much.”

When I asked Roth what he would do if Sampson is removed as Indiana’s coach, he said he hasn’t put much thought into that possibility.

He also said that he hasn’t been contacted by any other schools.

“Right now, I’m just focusing on our season here,” he said. Roth’s Washington Panthers have one more regular season game before the state tournament begins.


  1. if i remember correctly, iu was by far the top school offering him a scholarship, so if we are quick in hiring a new coach and said new coach is a good coach and appeals to our recruits, than i don’t think we lose anybody from our recruiting class. if we do though, well this thing just kind of happens when undergoing a coaching change. recruits don’t like uncertainty and who can blame them

  2. Ricky’s right – chances are excellent that we’ll hire a big name coach with recruiting skills. He’ll keep most, maybe all of the returning players and get the signed recruits to stay with us. As long as we ‘throw Sampson under the bus’ the NCAA’s bloodlust will be satisfied and we shouldn’t get any major sanctions (post-season ban would be the only thing that would scare off players). Despite Purdue and Illinois fan’s bleating to the contrary, we’ll be fine next year and beyond.

  3. Robert Vaden would probably kill to be on the #13(or so)team in the country instead of the backwaters of Alabama. He left because of a coaching change and now he gets on TV on the Birmingham news. He’ll be playing in Spain after he graduates because he left.

  4. It’s time to do some PR with the incoming recruits. I hope that the adim has a plan in place to try to save the recruits we have coming in for next year whether it be Dakich or somebody totally different. Unfortunately I see this debacle taking it’s toll for at least two years.

    Can someone answer me this, will there be a buyout of KS’s contract, if so WHY?!?

    It seems pretty simple with what has been reported about his “provisions” in his contract about rules violations and termination, I’m afraid that we will get hit not only by the NCAA but by KS’s buyout/lawyers. What about Greenspans contract?

  5. I see Roth going to Bradley if he decommits from IU. Bradley is known for their shooting guards and their style of play. Bradley would be the best option for him, especially with the PT factor coming into effect.

  6. Dear Kelvin Sampson,
    I am going to attempt to recruit Roth. Thanks. Was that so hard?

    Your friend,
    Bruce Weber

  7. Dear Bruce Weber,
    I think someone stole your head and replaced it with an infant’s head. I just thought you should know that you look like a gigantic, diaper-wearing infant.
    I hate you,

  8. 1. Will a big name coach want to risk taking a job at IU with pending NCAA sanctions?

    2. Will currently committed players want the uncertainty of NCAA sanctions AND a new coach when another big name school/coach comes calling?

    3. Are IU fans really so delusional as to think the fallout from all this will leave the program “fine next year and beyond” ?

  9. I agree that if Matt decides to drop his LOI because of the coaching change he will go to Bradley. His final 3 schools were IU, Bradley, and St. Louis. Bradley is his hometown team and they play a style of basketball that would fit him well. Bradley’s offense is guard oriented around the 3 pointer. Bradley loses their 2 best guards this year to graduation as well, one of which was the national 3 pt percentage leader last year in Jeremy Crouch. It will be interesting to see what happens, I wish the best for Matt after watching him play 4 years of high school basketball.

  10. Indiana –>> Got Gordon?? Yep

    Indiana –>> Got Sampson?? Yep

    Indiana –>> Got Sanctions?? Yep

    Congrats, hope it was worth it Swampy!!

  11. How has Roth performed this year? Are he and his team playing well and likely to make a run in the state tourney? I’ve heard he is not having a great year, at least by high DI recruit standards/

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