AD search starts very, very earnestly

Here’s a bit of reportage from James Boyd, our superb IU (academic side) beat reporter:

A representative from Indiana University said Friday that it’s too early to
begin looking at possible successors to Athletics Director Rick Greenspan.

IU spokesman Larry MacIntyre said the announcement of Greenspan’s
resignation came as a surprise, leaving the university little time to begin
preparing for its search.

“It’s just too early, at this point,” MacIntyre said. “I can say that
President (Michael) McRobbie hopes to have someone in the position by the
time Rick leaves in December.”

That gives officials about six months to recruit and hire someone new to
lead the athletics department.

MacIntyre said it was too early to say whether a search committee would be
formed or whether they would try to find a candidate through alternate

He also said that the university has not decided how it will defend itself
against the latest allegation from the NCAA, which accuses IU of “failing to
monitor” its men’s basketball program.


  1. There you go, I just saved the University hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultants fees and search committee expenses.

  2. Brent- Iam sorry I was being flip,and this is no laughing matter. How about Jerry Yeagley? He has a love for the university that it would take to see it through this mess.

  3. There is no chance that Knight will be the AD, and I really don’t think hiring a 70 year old man with no experience in running an entire athletic department would be a good decision.

  4. IU Jimmy…you say theres no chance that Knight will be the Ad. Then you add it isnt a good idea to hire a 70 yr old with no experience. Just wondering how come you didnt say anything in regards to Yeagley? He’s actually older than Knight.
    Maybe you meant both…who knows.
    Obviously, we need someone of integridy, high values and someone who isnt afraid to, or has previously, roll(ed) up their sleeves.
    Cause their’s work to be done. Would it be better to get someone with ties?…probably..but not necessarily. However, how many are asking…who can you trust?
    Who will go the distance..or who when the going gets really tough..will’s just a job and I can find another.
    Someone with an IU history or someone with just the knowledge in how to run an AD?
    Thats a question, I believe, that should be in the mix.

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