Another Enterline On The Way

Lindsay Enterline, out of Heritage High School and headed for Branch McCracken Court in 2008-09, was held scoreless in Friday’s first edition of this year’s Indiana-Kentucky All-Stars but she did record 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals in the Indiana team’s disappointing 76-59 loss, the first inside the state in 16 years.

Enterline admitted it’s a bit tough to concentrate on the All-Star series (the finale is Sunday in Louisville) knowing her Hoosier career is right around the corner. She has shared this sentiment with future Hoosier walk-on Daniel Moore, a member of the Indiana Boys All-Stars, as the pair have been traveling back and forth to Bloomington while completing freshman orientation and getting enrolled in summer classes, then squeezing in practices for the All-Star games.

The younger but taller sister of former Hoosier point guard Leah Enterline (2004-07), Lindsay can’t wait to hit the floor for Coach Jack with her three incoming classmates as a hybrid guard-post.

“They talked to me about being kind of a floater player whether I’m in with three posts and playing a guard position or I’m in the short lineup playing the post,” she said. “That’s kind of floating back and forth, which I feel like that’s the best position to be in because you always have an opportunity to be out there wherever they need you.”