Barnstorming tour schedule almost set

Here’s the pertinent information:

Aug. 2 or 4    Vincennes University    7 p.m.
Aug. 5             New Albany H.S.            7 p.m.
Aug. 6             Carmel H.S.                    7 p.m.

A fourth game, which would pit the new recruits against a team of ex-Hoosiers, might be played at Assembly Hall in late August.

Admission to the games will be $5.

All nine of Indiana’s incoming players who will be eligible to play next season are expected to participate.

Only Jeremiah Rivers, who saw his father Doc’s Boston Celtics win the NBA title on Tuesday, cannot play. He’s already played Division I basketball, at Georgetown, and his participation would be a violation.

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Criss Beyers knows that he might see a few firsts when he takes a team made up of incoming Indiana recruits on its annual barnstorming tour in August.

“We’ve never had this many players,” said Beyers, who expects to have nine players at his disposal. “We shouldn’t be tired, that’s for sure. Maybe we’ll go full-court press.”

All of Indiana’s incoming players are expected to take part in the games, except for Jeremiah Rivers. Because Rivers, who watched his father Doc coach the Boston Celtics to an NBA title on Tuesday, previously played at Georgetown he is not allowed to compete with the recruits (Rivers will redshirt next season, anyway, as per NCAA rules).

But the core of of Tom Crean’s first team will be on display. Two junior college transfers (G Devan Dumes and C Tijan Jobe), four incoming freshmen (G Matt Roth, G Verdell Jones, G Nick Williams and F Tom Pritchard) and three new walk-ons (F Kory Barnett, G Daniel Moore and F Broderick Lewis) will comprise the team.

Beyers, an assistant coach at South and one of the directors for the Indiana Elite AAU program, has organized the series of games featuring the Hoosiers’ incoming class for the last six years.

It provides an opportunity for fans across the state to watch the new players and meet them, if only briefly, following the game. With the unprecedented level of turnover left in the wake of Kelvin Sampson’s departure and Tom Crean’s arrival, a meet and greet is in order.

The recruits’ first game will be at Vincennes University on either Saturday, Aug. 2 or Monday Aug. 4. From there, they’ll hit New Albany High School on Aug. 5 and Carmel High School on August 6. All games will begin at 7, and admission will be $5.

Beyers is still working to schedule a game in Assembly Hall for late August. He’s hoping to pit the new recruits against a group of former Hoosiers.


  1. Hopefully these games will be well attended by the Hoosier faithful, remember these guys will be here for 4 years so if they are supported now then they will feel they made the right decision.
    By the way, George is actually Matt Painter and he has too much time on his hands.

  2. Opportunity for fans across the state to watch the recruits? You should change that to fans across the central and southern part of the state. Nothing is scheduled north of Carmel, so guys like me won’t have the opportunity. They need to come somewhere up north.

  3. Is this a barnstorming tour or the start of the regular season? They need to schedule about 10 more of these games so they can get as much experience together as possible.

  4. I agree with Mark- would be a smart idea to play in NW Indiana (or maybe South Bend)- lots of us ex-pat Hoosiers in Chicagoland. But I like the idea- glad to see Coach Crean is taking the recruits on the road!

  5. These games will be highly attended by Hoosier fans as they usually are. Two years in a row now that we have had many new players to watch. I know the Carmel game will sell out and I would bet, depending on the former players you get in Btown, that that game could seel out as well.

    Always love the barnstorming tour, but I think we should change the name because they arent storming anything by going to three spots in 3 or 4 days. Make it a week and do 5 games. I would go Ft. Wayne, Kokomo, Conseco, Columbus and Evansville. And get the last game in there against the former players at Assembly. Would cover the whole state in a week. Each one of those games would probably sell out.

  6. I agree that the team should come to the northern part of the state. I believe that a game here in Fort Wayne would also help IU in recruiting this area, and we all hope that D. Thomas will eventually change his mind and become a Hoosier!

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