Crawford received impermissible calls

[5:10 UPDATE] I’ve just added a few paragraphs with Meyer’s response to the calls he made to Crawford. His response to the NCAA discusses them.


Jordan Crawford is the only player left on the Indiana basketball roster who was recruited by Kelvin Sampson and his staff.

It appears as though Crawford, who will be a sophomore next season, was also one of the recruits involved in impermissible calls made by former assistant Jeff Meyer.

According to the NCAA enforcement staff’s case summary, released to the media by IU on Thursday, Meyer made two calls to Jordan Crawford’s mother in the fall of 2006 that violated terms of the sanctions that the staff was operating under at that time.

As punishment for impermissible calls made by Sampson and his staff at Oklahoma, the Hoosiers staff was limited to one call per week to prospects after August 1st of their senior year (instead of the usual two.)

Meyer made a call from his home — even though he regularly signed a sheet that said he did not use his home phone for recruiting — on Sept. 30 to Sylvia Crawford, Jordan’s mother. That call, which lasted 14 minutes, was impermissible because Meyer had already spoken to Sylvia Crawford on Sept. 26 for 15 minutes.

Meyer also made two calls the Crawford family the next week. He spoke with Jordan Crawford for nine minutes on Oct. 1, then to Sylvia Crawford the next day for four minutes.

The Herald-Times was able to identify Crawford and his mother as the recipients of the calls because the words “Crawford’s mother” and “Crawford” were mistakenly not redacted in part of the document. However, five other instances where the word “Crawford” or “Crawford’s” presumably appeared were redacted in the same chart. IU’s lawyers are only required to redact the names of current students.

In Meyer’s response to the NCAA’s letter of allegations, he admits to making the calls to Crawford and his mother. He said he was trying to bring Crawford to campus for a visit and find out information about his academic standing.

“All that to be said, obviously made a call — I’m looking at this — that violated the sanctions,” his response quotes him as saying. “I can assure there was no intentional trying to violate an NCAA rule to get an advantage there.”

Meyer also said he did not remember the specifics of the calls, only that he placed them with the mistaken assumption that he still had a call to use on Crawford that week. The response, prepared by Atlanta-based lawyer Stuart Brown, argues that Meyer’s impermissible calls are “mitigated” by the fact that they did not violate NCAA bylaws and came late in the recruitment of Crawford, who would sign with Indiana in November.

Indiana officials declined comment Friday. It is extremely unlikely that Crawford’s eligibility will be endangered, but the NCAA could use the fact that he received impermissible calls and then signed with IU to show that the Hoosiers gained a significant recruiting advantage through the calls, which is one of the reasons that the NCAA has decided to classify the violations as major instead of secondary.


  1. You what really jumps out at me in this article? The fact a 14 minute phone call (among the many others) in the NCAA’s humble opinion has changed the landscape of college basketball forever. None of this is major to anything anyone cares about other than an IU hater.

    Put down your pencils and your pads, head to Southern California and invest your resources into the REAL PROBLEMS in college sports. There are kids receving MONEY, CARS and who knows what to play attend certain universities. Others are performing criminal acts.

    Good grief this is all just plain dumb.

  2. Unfortunately it is IU and that is MAJOR to many. It is probably a good thing that we got busted for phone calls and not the other things that you referred to like in So. Cal.

  3. My favorite part of the report is that a lot of the redacted names appear in alphabetical order, allowing anybody with an IU roster to figure out exactly who’s name is blacked out.

  4. next thing you know they’re going to find out Eric Gordon was paid by Kelvin Sampson and Eric Gordon’s agent gave him an Aston Martin.. OOPS..

  5. I’m picturing this room full of MBAs and pHDs looking over this information.

    “This 14 minute phone call was absolutely a major because he ended up being a recruit.”

    Um, it was to his mother folks. Furthermore, if Meyer can convince someone to go to college on a single phone call, he needs to get a sales job immediately. He could make millions in 6 months.

  6. isn’t that it is just a phone call. What the real issue is that if all coaches are restricted to one phone call a month, and Sampson was making 2 or 3 a month, that is an advantage. The more contact they have, the better the results.

    Also, they will never find money given to the Gordon’s. That was done far too well. Eric Sr. is a drug rep who happens to work around the Bloomington area. There are a lot of IU Grads serving as doctors in that area. They could write scripts from his company instead of a rival, and now all of a sudden he makes all of his performance bonuses. Not a payoff, he just had a good year, and it is completely untraceable. You can’t even think about getting info on scripts due to all the Hippa laws now.

    Gordon was still probably Sampson’s downfall though. It brought a white hot spotlight down on him and his program. Other coaches weren’t happy, and the media was right there making this a HUGE story that no one could get away from.

  7. “white hot spotlight” – a frikkin intern stumbled onto this info that started all this.

  8. They won’t find anything on Gordon (Jr.), what happens at Applebee’s stays at Applebee’s.

  9. What happens at Applebee’s goes to your toilet buddy 😉 LETS GET THOSE SEWERS CLEANED!

  10. Gordon sr.’s company beat their competitors quite often while eric was committed to our neighbors to the west who have never won an NCAA title, and they are still beating their competitors post his decommittment. NEWS FLASH!

  11. And thank the lord for that “frikkin intern.”

    Right, silly Hoosiers.

  12. The first extra call was to let Crawford know that he would not have to go to class and the second was to let him know that he could keep playing his playground ball at IU.

  13. I agree that there are a lot of programs doing a whole lot worse that aren’t even being looked at. Just wish this whole thing was over and penalties handed down. Looking forward to the Crean era. I think Jordan Crawford has lots of potential and hope he continues to be a Hoosier. I understand he comes from a poor family and hope he can get an education and maybe even go pro.

  14. It does matter that it’s a phone call. You can’t compare the competitive advantage of an extra phone call to the competitive advantage of cash or cars.

  15. Jackie T he doesn’t come from a poor family but they aren’t rich either. Yet he is transferring now from what I understand.

    I wonder if the NCAA was going to do something to him after all??

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