Crawford will not return

[4:55 UPDATE]

The Crawford family has issued the following statement about Jordan leaving IU:

“We are proud that our son Jordan has been a part of the Indiana University basketball program, one with a long and storied tradition of academic and athletic excellence. In Jordan’s short career, he was able to show his desire to emulate these characteristics. However, due to unforeseen circumstances he has chosen to move in a new direction. He and our entire family wish Indiana University continued success.”

I spoke briefly with Sylvia Crawford, Jordan’s mother. She said it was a difficult decision for her son to make, and one that he has struggled with since the end of the season.

“We just wanted to make sure that, as the information got out about him leaving, the fans knew how much he appreciated their support,” she said.


Here is the only information I have on this story right now. It’s a quote from Indiana coach Tom Crean, given to me by a spokesman for the IU athletic department:

“Jordan Crawford and his family informed us today that he will not return to Indiana University.”

More to come.


  1. Great, not only can Tom Creans only recruit kids who can’t average more than 5 points a game, or kids hat are ranked out of the rivals top 100. He can’t even keep the two kids he wanted to return Holman now Crawford. Buckle in for a long time of mediocrity. Bad bad choice for coach.

  2. One more giant step backward. At least beginning now, things can only get better.

    Good God this is going to be a terrible season.

  3. While I am sad to see Crawford leave, I think that Crean is the right coach for this particular situation. We will be starting with an almost completely clean slate. None of the trouble makers or attitude problems from the Sampson era.

    Crawford, I wish you the best of luck.

  4. well i guess i’ll have to get used to seeing us in the big ten basement for a loooong time… maybe with our football team and how basketball is turning out its time to switch to the MAC or something.

    It seems that IU Athletics has settled for mediocrity…what an embarassment

  5. Hey George, who exactly was Crean supposed to recruit. All of the type players you refer to are already committed some where else, and even if they weren’t, they are not going to be in any kind of a hurry to come play at the train wreck Sampson caused in Bloomington. At least give Crean a chance. I for one think he is doing the best he possibly can with what he was left to clean up. I wish him nothing but the best in bringing a speedy recovery to this embarassing situation we all HAVE to endure. It is not going to be fun, but try to be supportive.

  6. George, you’re an idiot. Almost all of the “rivals top 100” had signed LOI’s before Crean took over.

    Anyways, this SUCKS!! Terrible news!!

  7. Quagmire- cop out, he had Holman he Had Crawford, Let him take a page out of the school where I got my second degree Michigan their new football coach came in and has a class of all 4 and 5 star players. This is Indiana I would think the name carries a lot more weight than Sampson. Non successful people make excuses successful people deliver!!

  8. Just b/c Crawford elected to leave doesn’t mean it was completely his choice. Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  9. Quagmire get your facts straight before you make an argument, check rivals class of 09, only 4 of top 15 have committed. Shows how stupid you are.

  10. george, you are a hindrance to us all. IU will recover just fine. When CTC took over there were like 4 players in this years class in the top 100 available. Cut the guy a break. IU will shine with kids we can relate to and can cheer for and support.

  11. I think everyone is selling the Hoosiers short. We have a lot of talent coming in, sure they are very young, but so were the baby Boilers last year, and Coach Crean is a heck of a coach, I have a feeling there will be alot of people having a big plate of crow next year….GO HOOSIERS!!

  12. george,

    Sorry. I didn’t realize you know EVERYTHING. They should have made you the #@$%ing coach.

  13. Fantastic, I may be a hinderance but you are an idiot. check rivals class of 09, of the top fifty listed players only yes only 22 have committed if I am correct that leaves 28 players available. Why is IU only getting players ranked out of the top 100

  14. This is in the best interests of IU. The culture of the basketball program was full of skipping class, dro smoking, and just plain jerks. Dakich knew this and wasn’t please with several members of the team. The only players that were going to class, doing what they were suppose to were White, Gordan, and Tabor. For whatever reason, these guys (including Crawford) don’t get that you need to go to class in college and there are responsibilities when you are a scholarship athlete getting your education paid for. Adios

  15. George must be typing up some big response full of lots of statistics. Just watch, it will pop up in a while.

  16. George you are an idiot! When he came almost all of the 2008 rivals had committed!! He got what he could get for next season and he didn’t have much on the current roster to work with. Crean is the right man for the job! The players that needed to go are gone and it will take some time but IU basketball will be back in a few years. Sampson really ruined this program. He recruited players that obviously didn’t care about being a part of the Hoosier program, and they weren’t that quality of students either!

  17. TuShay how do you possibly know he didn’t go to class or wasn’t doing well. If that were the case why did Coach Creans make a special trip to his home to keep him. Plus if you call all the work these kids put in to make the university millions, I don’t call that getting a free education.

  18. Hey George, you moron, it’s early still… We’ll have at least 2 or 3 additional scholarships to give for 09′ since Crawford is leaving. Crean has been quoted saying he’s going after a big name. Step off his balls. He knows what he’s doing. How he talked anyone to coming to IU for 08′ is a miracle considering the shambles Sampson left us in.

  19. George, there are plenty of people in the top 100 that haven’t signed with anyone yet and there are at least 3-4 that are very interested in IU Watford, Kemp, Franklin, Stephensen, and others. I will bet we land 1 or 2 of those guys.

  20. By your logic, every coach in America is as bad a coach as Crean, because they haven’t signed any of those unsigned 09 players either.

  21. Bill not Purdue mentality, go Hoosiers and thank God Go BLUE!!!!!
    I just suffered four straight years of humiliation from Ohio State beating Michigan now I have to go through it again with Purdue kicking the Hoosiers ass for now until???

  22. Jake you are really dumb, I always thought that IU never was mentioned with the rest of the country. They always were mentioned in the same breath as the elite programs, and to not land any of these kids in the class of 09 which they haven’t as of yet with fewer scholarships left it’s a travesty

  23. Oh I see , a bandwagoner . An IU basketball fan and a Michigan football fan . You are an embarrasment to the IU fan base . Not only your lack of knowledge but having to be a fan of anothere football program . What is your problem with the IU football program….not enough W’s ? People like you are plain LOSERS !

  24. George , the travesty is a site letting people like you post whatever garbage they want to without any ramifications to what they are saying .

  25. Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore but I really thought Crawford was at IU to stay, I would have liked to seen him stay but wish him the best at Detroit Mercy.

  26. LOL ! Degrees from both…..RIGHT ! And Michigan will win the National Title next year in football . LMAO !

  27. Mike Davis had a lot of Top 100 talent from all over the map. Where did bit get him? Nowhere. IU has a rich history of success with certain kids who can play in the system, work hard and hustle. My understanding is that those are the kind of kids that are coming. If you don’t like that, start cheering for Michigan in basketball and leave us alone.

  28. BA, Detroit Mercy is a big step down. Crawford will end up at a major program. He is eligible to play.

  29. Kirk you are really dumb, Mike Davis took the kids he recruited for Knight and took them to the final game against Maryland.

  30. NOOOOOOO…This kid can play basketball and there is no reason anyone should be happy to see him go. Crean is taking this too far and is digging himself a hole. Fans will be calling for his head in a year or two…wait and see, IU fans wont stand for not winning. For all you fans currently on your moral high horses applauding the dismantling of this team, we will see where your morals are at when this team doesn’t win games. Everyone is looking for the perfect kid (perfect student, perfect athlete) but those are hard to come buy and if you think the top programs in the country are winning with smart kids who don’t break any rules, YOU’RE WRONG! Cut these players some breaks and let them play ball.

  31. I would almost guarantee Crean told him he would not play cause Crean is trying to get rid of everyone. I think Crean needs to make an attempt to work with these kids instead of giving up on them and cutting them loose. I’m already sick of Crean

  32. I called this weeks ago. There are alot of voices in this guys ear, thats all I’m going to say. Plus people like George make these boards interesting because if everyone was on here saying the same thing there would be 5 comments.

  33. Crean played a very small role in all this. He was definitely trying to get Jordan back.

  34. Stop creanI Idon’t think Crean told him he wouldn’t play .He made a tip to his home to convince him to stay. I just think the kid wanted no part of Crean. I agree I am already sick of him as well

  35. did anyone think that Crawford may not want to follow rules that he will be given this year? We don’t need anyone around here that can’t follow rules and go to class. remember he is a product of sampson whom we all know taught all of these kids the wrong thing. He will have to sit out a year if he doesn’t go to a D2 or less……..

  36. George, Bracey Wright, Marshall Strickland, etc were not on the 2002 Final Four team. They were the kind of kids I am talking about: Jeffries, Odle, Fife, Coverdale, Hornsby. Davis did not sign them. RMK did.

  37. Welcome to the “Beat up George” show. Hee Hee George is laughing his tail off while pushing all of your buttons. George and his degrees. Anybody out there have three Big Ten duh-grease? Any premier one-uppers?

    All of these postings cannot change anything. I find it refreshing to start with a clean slate. Crean and Clean. Any Hoosier fan knows it is going to be a interesting, if not tough season next year. Let the ball bounce and build a program. Last year will be a surreal nightmare for fans to recall for years. To name the players on that team will be a great trivia question in five years.

  38. Kirk you moron, did hi say anything about Bracey Wright etc. etc. Davis came in 1997 and did recruit the kids who played in the 01 game

  39. Regards the above discussion of CTC’s recruiting for 2009-2010, as of this evening there are TWO scholarships open IF there are no NCAA scholarship reductions included in sanctions resulting from Friday’s hearing and IF there are no continuing scholarship reductions stemming from the Academic Progress Review. Who knows what the sanctions will be, but the APR impact (2 maximum) is almost assured with the massive turnover of student-athletes, especially with many not academically qualified when they left. We may not be able to criticize Coach Crean for not recruiting more “big names” in 2009 since he may not have any slots left leaving him with only the 2008-2009 players albeit with a year of experience.

  40. ww you are good. Oil closed at about $136 a barrel, the market was down about 220 bucks, it is now creeping below 12,000. What a bad day. This was a great divergence thank you one and all. However I do stand by what I have posted Crean will not when a championship with recruiting mediocre players and letting good players leave.
    Good night Nate and Kirk…Morons!!!!

  41. Wow, more good news from the train wreck known as Indiana bb. Thanks guys.

    Will you be going out to cheer for your guy in Seattle on Friday?

  42. I don’t think George understands the whole scholarship thing with athletes. I know some of the women’s tennis team members don’t ‘raise millions’ for the university, so lets have different rules for the basketball players here at Indiana. Don’t want to go to class, no problem. Want to smoke some indo, sure, just pass it around. It isn’t quite a free education, there are responsibiities that George doesn’t understand. Quid pro quo, you play this sport you love and represent our university, you get your education paid for, in that you abide some rules. Tough concept for you George.

  43. I knew he would leave. All of his BUDdy’s( i spelled it like that for a reason)left already. I have heard several people say he smokes and drinks just as much as any of them.I do feel bad for him though he had chance to have whatever shot he wanted at IU. Think about it. Next year were going to be bad but once this 09 class gets in here i think we’ll be in the middle of the big 10. If crean can get a couple good indiana players from the ’10 and ’11 class we’ll be right back on top. IF you go to ESPN recruiting pages there are several high caliber players that live near us. Get some of those kids and then some guys that will do the dirty work and we’ll be great along the road.

  44. Tu ShayI didn’t say that they shouldn’t attend class, I asked how YOU know Jordan Crawford was not doing well in school. Also because of the Men’s Basketball Team or Football Team or any other revenue producing sport your friend has a tennis team. I am saying these kids do get a free education but they more than earn it. Because of these athletes a lot of other students get free educations. They should be paid more than their free education for what they do for the university

  45. “Kirk you are really dumb, Mike Davis took the kids he recruited for Knight and took them to the final game against Maryland.”


    Mike Davis had no idea how to coach. Those kids made it that far on what Coach Knight taught them, not what Davis did. Coach Knight was and will always be the best coach that IU ever had or will have.
    Although I do support Coach Crean 100% and wish him all the luck in the world. It does not take big name players to make a team. It takes players that know their role on the team and play team ball.

  46. george, the only question i would ask is, did the signing period for 2009 end already? to quote your source (rivals), there are several top 50 kids who have the hoosiers listed. you are right there are a lot unsigned. but all the other schools that recruit themselves, haven’t signed those kids either. unless, you have a really good source, all of you don’t know why crawford left. with jones, williams, pritchard and roth coming in, they won’t win the big ten. but they won’t be as bad as all you chicken littles say they will. george post to this link all you want after the fall signing period ends. if there are not any top 50’s added, then feel free to bitch all you want. the sky is not falling!! go big red!!

  47. amazed in az. Are you in Phoenix/Scottsdale area? and is it 100 there? I would love to be sitting at Dukes sports bar with a cold one and thinking about my morning tee time.

    I agree. we may be in for a down year but I see many reasons to rally around the Big Red wagon.

  48. ww – i am & it is a cool 102 today. 108 by the weekend. but it’s a dry heat (lol). duke’s make for a nice place to cool off.

  49. Hey, you guys lay off George! He’s right – how many National Championship banners has Crean put up in Assembly Hall? How many Big Ten Championships has he won? Hell, he hasn’t even WON ONE GAME!!! What a bum: George, buddy, let’s start a ‘Fire Crean’ website so we can get rid of this bum. He inherited a great situation – a roster of players who never wasted time going to class, who knew where to score the best mota in town, no pressure to recruit because the university and NCAA kept his hands tied, no need to worry about recruiting kids who wanted to win tournament games because the NCAA isn’t going to let them play. With a plush set-up like that, guys like me and George who know what we’re talking about demand RESULTS NOW.

  50. kurk81 oozes sarkaassmm. az………hang in there with that dry heat. It takes your breath away. I bet the golf courses are empty.

    One thing is for sure about any b-ball news in Bloomingulch. Somebody is going to bitch about it. I would guess that if Greenspan hired JC (the Big guy) and He brought the 12 disciples as his staff … there would be some folks who would argue the decision.

  51. WOW, it is not like Crean kicked him off people. Like it or not players sign more with a coach than a program nowadays. When the coach leaves what happens? You can’t blame Crean for him leaving. You can’t beg a kid to stay, you tell him what the expectations are and if he can’t meet them then it is better off if he leaves. George, it is hard to land top 25 players, especially when you are facing possible NCAA sanctions.

  52. Thanks coach! Get rid of these thug wanabees that smoke pot all day, skip classes, and think they are ball gods on campus. Look for IU rejects at Detroit Mercy next year.

  53. I agree that George is an idiot! I mean… he’s a Michigan football fan! And this whole “no top 100 players in the class of 09” is just completely absurd. I must have forgotten the fact that all of the players in 09 were supposed to commit a year before the signing period ends… oh wait, they don’t? Oh, that’s just George being completely uninformed and unintelligent.

  54. The stench of the Sampson era is gone for good. Lets try and support this upcoming team….. we will be good may be not in 08 although I still think that we will make the big dance, but in years to come. IU BB is back.

  55. 1) This is bad news… Crawford was at the top of my list of guys i wanted to keep to have a shot at winning something (anything) next year.

    2) Sampson’s mark on this team will NEVER be gone. He was officially our coach for more than a year and half which means he’s in the record books… FOREVER!

    3) I love Mikie’s comment above:

    “cya! We dont need dumb kids.”

    Are you basing his ‘dumbness’ on anything in particular or are you trying to say he’s dumb because he’s leaving IU? Assuming it’s the later, this is the type of IU fan that needs to go away forever.

  56. george-

    I guess I’m not the only one who thinks you are a complete tool. That should tell you something.

  57. Love Crean, I really do but…I wonder just how much LOVE he showed to the Sampson players. Hope Crean knows what he is doing because Crawford had a ton of talent!

  58. Crawford is not the answer. Indiana is better off with him gone. He is a selfish player and didn’t play a lick of defense.

  59. Why does everyone think that Crean kicked Crawford off the team? According to the reports, it was Crawford’s choice to leave. My guess is there were stipulations for the future he may of felt he could not live up to, but that is just a guess.

    As for george, you are a tool. Crean has to rebuild a program in the middle of a serious NCAA investigation. The top players for 2008 were gone, yet he had to fill out a roster for the upcoming season.

    The players you want and feel IU should go after are still out there. Many of them interested in IU.

    Have you noticed the kids who have interest in IU have not announced for ANYONE? That means IU is still in the running for some of these kids, and with Crawford leaving, this will free up scholarships for these kids.

    Also george, you’re are so worried about us getting top 50 players, yet you are upset that Crawford left. You do realize that a quick search showed that ranked Jordan as a 3 star player, and he was unranked by your beloved By your own admission of the kind of kids you think IU should recruit to play here, you would have never offered Crawford a scholarship anyway.

    Your a tool, back to the shed!

  60. Hey Georgie , check out the Hoosier’s 08 ranking by CSTV…they are 21st . Not bad for a coach who (in your opinion) cannot recruit . What do you have to say Georgie , Go Blue ?? What a joke you are ! Ha Ha !

  61. Sorry, but IU BB will be done for more then just this year. IU will be lucky to win more then 9 games this fall (’08-’09). A team full for 8 freshman will not win more then 14 games in ’09-’10. The ’10-’11 season will be the make or break for Crean.

    Yes, IU basketball was built on a program where all players knew their role and filled it. They were the kids not many wanted, but they succeeded because of the system they ran to perfection – it was built on fundementals. Crean might be a good guy, might be a good recruiter and might be a straight arrow. From watching his MU games from Indy, seems like his gameplan was never ingrained in his players, they lacked fundementals and the offense lost it’s way too often.

    I wish Crean luck, but it’s going to take LOTS more then that to turn this sinking ship around.

  62. I agree Mike. Crean was quoted 2 weeks ago saying that he hoped Crawford would return… It was Jordan’s choice.

    And it’s annoying seeing all this idiot fans turning their backs now and saying “good riddance” or “we didn’t need him” well wait till November/December, then you’ll see how much we needed him.

    It’s amazing that anyone would come play for IU this year after all the turmoil. What do some of you expect?? The recruiting class was slim when Crean got here, and we eneded up with a top 30 class some how(according to ESPN). George, you should be on your knees giving Crean a BJ, I’m sure you have alot of experience.

  63. And I’m not sure what possible argument you “Anti-Crean” guys can make.

    Lets look at TC’s checklist… Get rid of the bull s***, check, recruit a top 30 class even though I was hired after almost all of the top 100 recruits have already signed LOI’s, check, install a game plan that includes an offense with some actual set plays and motion, check, keep clean record, check, start signing solid players for 2009, check…

    What’s not to like?? Please explain.

  64. Nick Williams was a HUGE get for ’08, but it’s interesting how Crean called Holman’s transfer to UofD “orchestrated” but yet Nick Williams decommit from MU to IU wasn’t.

    Good from Crean for keeping the kid, but make no mistake about it, Williams is the kid making this a Top 30 recruiting class and Crean’s had him for well over a year. Without Williams, this is just a Top 50 class at best (if that).

  65. Huh – Major difference. Williams had only signed a LOI, and asked to be released when Crean left. He then followed the head coach to IU AFTER entertaining other offers and taking other trips.

    Holman announced he was coming back to IU, then suddenly wants a release to transfer, as soon as he is released he moves directly to UofD without even going home first?

    Holman’s might be legit, but it is fishy!

  66. This program has been through the ringer this season but if that’s what it takes to get back to square one so they can start rebuilding, so be it. The distractions are almost over. Let’s get through this hearing and move on. New coach. New Players. Same Indiana pride and tradition.

  67. Yea, Williams looks like the steal of the 08′ class. He’s been playing in big time games the last couple years against some of the top high school programs in the country. And last year was paired with Demarcus Cousins, who’s one of the top players of the 08′ class… If you look at scouts or rivals, Williams “ranking” is misleading. He’s in the top 50 on espn’s site, and I’ve seen some game footage and read alot about the guy. Seems like he could be the best player to come out of the class.

  68. Sam, you’re absolutely right… I’m as excited for a season to start as I have ever been! and it’s only June. I have no idea what’s gonna happen, and most likely it won’t be pretty, but we’ll be starting at least 4 new comers. I’m anxious to see what the guys can do. We’ll have a good foundation to build on for the next couple years.

  69. You guys better hope he finds more Dwayne Wade’s. Because without Wade level talent, Crean sucks. The fable that he’s a great recruiter has netted him ONE Wadeless NCAA win. Long season, long tenure ahead. And you guys way overpaid for him

  70. Would george’s last name happen to be Laney? Same negative bs, I know that much. Give Crean a friggin’ chance before you start bashing him.

  71. I say give Crean a chance. Obviously Sampson was after a certain kind of player we don’t want at IU. Just look at Zeller from just a few counties away from IU going to the dreaded state of NC and the kid from Ellettsville (yeah right there in Monroe County) going to Butler. These are the kind of kids that might have considered IU if it hadn’t been for Sampson and Crean might have been able to get them. Is it possible for Sampson to be banned from the NCAA for life? Anyone know?

  72. Jackie T-

    I don’t think he needs to be banned. His track record and reputation speaks for itself. No one would hire him…..unless george is the A.D. at Michigan.

  73. Let me correct you Nate;

    “I don’t think he needs to be banned. His track record and reputation speaks for itself. No one would hire him…..unless Greenspan becomes the A.D. anywhere else.”

  74. Nate… Buddy haven’t had a chance to rap with you today. Market was up 140 bucks earlier to busy making money! Are you still caressing your TC blow up doll. Stepping out of your league taking shots at Big Blue!!

  75. George is to lame as:

    a. Bob Knight is to winner
    b. Ferrari is to fast
    c. Michael Jordan is to clutch
    d. All of the above

  76. Hey Georgie , explain to us how the market works when “it is up 140 bucks”.I think your curtain was just pulled back and exposed you for idiot that you are . Kind of like the Wizard . Maybe you could ask the Wizard for some brains . LOL ! Oh by the way…..GO BLUE….you loser !!!

  77. All we know is that time will tell what will happen at IU with CTC and a new group of kids coming in. The reputation IU has that sets it apart from most other schools, is because of how RMK took lesser ranked players and got them to maximize their potential! That is and always will be Hoosier basketball. Tough players that (want to win) and have that (fire in their belly) like DJ had last year. It’s been a long time since that mentality has been at assembly hall. The effort of last years team except for DJ was pitiful. Those other guys showed what they had in their soul to dig down into when times got tough, and there wasn’t much there, and I think that was the message that RMK was trying to make about life and life after basketball! It was not just about the wins but, WHAT KIND OF KIDS ARE WE PRODUCING HERE? and that is what gained IU it’s big time RESPECT.

  78. Van, I loved the RMK years, but I seem to recall a couple of banners with 1940 and 1953 on them. What we’ve got down here is called Hoosier Basketball, not RMK Basketball or McCracken Basketball. The Hoosier Nation took a few hits in the last few seasons but WE ARE READY TO ROLL AGAIN!!!

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