Crean searching for 3rd assistant

Indiana basketball head coach Tom Crean is still working to complete his assistant coaching staff. One spot remains open.

Indiana came close to hiring Dave Pendergraft, who was fired as the Seattle SuperSonics director of basketball operations last summer. Pendergraft, who is highly respected for his scouting abilities, worked with the NBA on draft preparation this year and would have joined to Hoosiers following the completion of those duties.

But it appears as though Pendergraft may get a chance to work in the NBA again. The general manager he worked for in Seattle, Rick Sund, has taken the same job in Atlanta and may bring members of his former staff with him, according to the Seattle Times.


  1. I know this might be a stretch, but what about Calbert Cheaney? He knows the tradition of IU, would be an exceptional recruiter, especially in the state of Indiana, and would never be the kind of person to be mixed up with recruiting violations. He has said that he wants to coach, and although has no previous coaching experience, I think he would be an oustanding fit in Coach Crean’s philosophy, and would be gladly welcomed back by the Hoosier faithful.

  2. Why do we need an “Indiana guy”? How about Crean hires someone he is comfortable with? I don’t understand why people think we automatically have to have a former player on the staff. It is possible to respect the former players without hiring them as coaches.

  3. Chris, I love this web page and read it daily. What about Dane Fife? I know he is a head coach at a small school but I bet he would jump back for IU. One of the things I enjoy about this site is folks can voice opinions and most all are very good but lately we have some people (not hoosier fans) giving opinions that are rude with bad language attacking others. Can’t you put a STOP to this? Good or bad comments by non IU fans are OK but these folks are way off base.

  4. Yeah I agree with Jimmy. Just get the right person. It doesnt have to be an Indiana guy and I am personally growing tired of the whole “everything has to be Indiana-related” stuff. Branch it out and get the best candidate that Crean feels good with. Pendergraft would have been a great hire. Especially given Crean has put a big focus on the NW in his recruiting efforts. Would be nice to have someone with Pendy’s clout up there.

  5. I would prefer an IU guy if Crean is comfortable with him. I think I have read that Crean and cheanny have a good relationship. Others I would consider are Fife and Coverdale.

  6. Hey just remember this 3rd coach gets to be the penalty coach so filling is going to be [ and probably has been] hard to do. Imagen being the coach who is under restriction for what somebody else did… Most coaches don’t want to be that guy. But maybe we can put that idiot women from the compliance office [who got a promotion from all of this stuff] to take this coaching position and maybe see a little sense comes out of the B-ball program.

  7. What makes you idiots think that Fife would take a step down to be an assistant?

    Beyond that he’s a piss poor coach

  8. Why would Fife leave a Div I head coaching job to be a 3rd assistant? That is going the wrong direction on the coaching ladder.

  9. I love how dopes calls people idiots on an online forum. The anonymity of the internet is a wonderful thing huh dopes?

  10. I’m with you Caleb. You should always look for the most talented coach/assistant, secondary and icing on the cake should be if the best available coach has some Indiana ties.

    But, to limit the search for any position to “Indiana guy” just doesn’t make sense and isn’t smart whether it be athletics, business or whatever.

  11. I think limiting it to an “Indiana guy” is a smart decision considering the caliber of “Indiana guys” out there. Would be good for the fans, something needs to be done to keep them loyal right now.

  12. Here’s a novel idea.. Hire someone with a solid recruiting backround. That’s what we need. Who cares if he’s an “Indiana Guy.” Hiring somebody just cause he is an “Indiana Guy” makes no sense.

  13. I think hiring Calbert Cheaney or another former player would be a good thing. Crean already has 2 assistants on staff that he’s worked with and are experienced, so that aspect of the coaching staff would seem to be taken care of. If we could then get a former player on the staff, to link to the tradition and relate very directly to players and recruits, I think it would be a good combination.

    I’m not one of these people that thinks everyone connected to the program should be an Indiana native/alum, but I do think having one on staff would be good considering the overall makeup of the staff. If it’s Calbert, don’t you think it would impress recruits to meet the all-time leading scorer in the Big Ten and 13-year NBA veteran? Shoot, he could probably still take most of them in a one-on-one game!!

  14. If any “Indiana guy” is the right fit,fine. If not, I’m all for the best candidate. He’ll BE an Indiana guy once he gets here & starts bringing in good recruits regardless of where he came from.

    And yes, isn’t the anonymity of the internet a wonderful thing (DWS)? It allows folks to show what they’re really like.

  15. they will be loyal if they see that IU is going in the right direction and the coach is doing a great job of getting in the tourney. limiting the search will only cut off potential coaches who might have indiana ties that we do not know about.

  16. He needs big time help. Check out todays PEEGS hot board for 2010. Not one of his prospects are “rated”

  17. george…none of those prospects are rated because the class of 2010 has not been officially rated yet. Most of those players on that list will be 4-Star recruits in the top 150.

  18. Thanks for asking Steve O
    Baseball-Cubs (hate the Sox)
    NBA-Bulls (need Beasley)
    NFL-Bears (really bad QB from Bloomimgton)
    Hockey-Blackhawks (bad owner)
    Golf-Tiger (of course)
    College Football- GO BLUE (need qb)
    I am also rooting for Obama!!!!

  19. george- did you even read hoosier13’s post? Crean is doing fine recruiting. he is no doubt the right coach for this team. Hoosier is right as to why none of those recruits are ranked, no players in 2010 have been ranked yet, won’t be for awhile. IU is gonna be just fine under Crean.

  20. Why is it that once George gets involved, every discussion on this board, regardless of the original topic, veers toward Tom Crean’s acute inadequacies, at least as George sees it??

    George, coaches are sort of like stocks. The longer you leave them alone, the better you tend to do. Judging them on short-term performance is almost never effective. And they often take a substantial amount of time to show their worth. So I’d suggest giving Crean a chance and maybe opening up a brokerage account, and leave both the account and the coach alone for a long time.

  21. George, I’m just wondering what your argument is about Crean. He has a top 30 class this year after taking over a program that had only 2 players signed when he came in, and he hasn’t even coached a game yet. He also has a really sold group of guys signed already for next year, and still will have at least 2 more spots for some big time recruits. Your post about no players who are “rated” have IU listed as an option for 2010 shows that you really don’t know much about the class and or the recruiting process. Most players for the 2010 class haven’t even been ranked yet by the scouting websites, considering they will only be juniors in high school this year. And of those that are rated, we have 2 in the top 10 on our list! Deshaun Thomas and Harrison Barnes…

    So again, what exactly is your argument? I don’t get it. How is Crean not the right coach?

  22. Why dont crean hire judas? Why dont crean go ahead and hire satan? Crean will destroy Indiana basketball beyond repair.

    call your senator
    call your congressman
    call you pastor
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    Vote Republican

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