Gordon tests well in Orlando

[UPDATE] The ambitious folks over at the rush the court blog have named Gordon the top athlete at the combine. They’ve also done some fancy coloring of the chart that first appeared on DraftExpress. Worth a read, should you have time. And I know you do have time because Emmanuel Negedu won’t make his decision for another week and a half.


Not that this is of any surprise to those who watched him play the past few years, but Eric Gordon earned rave reviews for his work at the pre-draft camp in Orlando.

As one of the top 15 players invited to the session, he was not asked to compete in games with and against the prospects who are trying to work their way into the draft. Instead, he was measured and went through a few tests. Here are his results, according to DraftExpres:

  • Height w/o shoes: 6’2″
  • High w/shoes: 6’3.25″
  • Weight: 222
  • Wingspan: 6’9″
  • Standing reach: 8’3″
  • Body fat: 8.2 percent
  • No-step vertical jump: 32 inches
  • Running vertical: 40 inches
  • Bench press (185 pounds): 15 times
  • Lane agility test: 10.81 seconds
  • 3/4 court sprint: 3.01 seconds

Gordon’s numbers compare more than favorably to the rest of the class. He’s clearly not only one of the most athletic guards but one of the strongest. His reach is exceptional for a player of his size. Judging from a quick glance at the full results and using my severely underdeveloped math skills, it appears as though he finished in the top 10 percent in each of the drills.

All of the above, of course, reminds you of all the promise you saw in Gordon throughout the year. But it also magnifies the things that, because of injury and turmoil, we could never really learn about Gordon: First and foremost, can he translate all of that talent and become a player that leads his team to a championship? Can he fit in a system and make the players around him better? Will he be able to adapt his game, to truly play the point guard position when needed or be a traditional shooting guard at other times.

Eric Gordon’s measurables were never an issue. But who he is as a basketball player never came into focus. Nothing really did last year.

D.J. White did not attend the pre-draft camp, even though he was invited. His decision to opt out is an indication that White feels secure with his status right now and will concentrate on his individual workouts.


  1. We’d have definitly been in san antonio if IU had grown a backbone and supported Coach and the team against the ncaa.

  2. The problem with Gordon was not that he didnt have the measurables. The problem was that he played out of control and has very weak ball handling skills. Perimeter defenders will eat him alive his first couple of years in the NBA. But he will develop into a solid player who can let it rip from anywhere at any point in the game as long as he has the players around him to take the pressure off.

    He was the greatest frosh ever at IU. Good luck to he and DJ. DJ will always be remembered as the guy that held us together when he didnt have to. He is one of the greatest Hoosiers. One of my favorite.

  3. Greatest frosh ever? I’d taken Isiah over Gordon any day. Gordon’s freshman year reminds me more of Jay Edwards.

  4. If he is still availbable at #11, you better believe that the Pacers and I are taking him. He is by FAR one of the best players to come out of Indiana in a long long, I mean LONG, time. I doubt Indiana sees that type talent come to Indiana any time soon.

  5. Well if I get him I’m gonna trade him to Larry as a favor, just like what I did for good ol Danny Ainge.

  6. Hopefully David Stern can work out some kind of a deal like he did with Patrick Ewing in 86. The Knicks need Gordon just as much as they needed Ewing in 86. NYC is a HUGE market, Stern will make the right choice.

  7. I don’t know, I think the Bobcats could use AIR JORD…. I mean GORDON.

  8. He will be very good in the NBA if he ever develops some ball handling skills. At worst, he will be a good 3 pt shooter which will keep him in the league for a very long time since teams are always looking for long range shooting. He also will be a pretty good defender right away because of his athleticism. Might go to the Clippers, but if not everyone will expect the Bucks to get him

  9. Seriously enough with the impersonations. I bet you were all the same person too. HAHAH

  10. Who cares??? Can we get some news on the Negedu visit, or anything that actually concerns IU, the topic of this board????

    The GM impersonations are very clever, however. I just wish we could get some IU news. Maybe we have to subscribe to get that these days.

  11. Ron Artest use to play EJ while he was in high school and at the time said EJ could start for the Kings. We had two first round picks on the team and were peaking (killed msu and purdue while losing to wisky on a lucky shot) when Greenspan stabbed KS in the back. Senderhoff had already been fired and we already sanctioned ourselves. The Elston t-shirt ‘major’ violation showed you this was vindictive on the part of the ncaa and any school with a competent legal team could have gotten us through the hearing without any damage. What bothers me the most is our traitor fan base that turned on the team they loved last fall.

  12. EJ very over-rated. I’m glad we didn’t burn up a scholarship for a one-and-done player.

  13. This is crazy Chris! I was in Orlando International Airport coming back from my trip yesterday and I saw DJ White passing by at the security checkpoint right behind me !!! It was crazy he was wearin red shorts, a White T, and white air-force-ones MANNNNNNNNNNNNN I swear I saw so many big guys that I didn’t even know who were basketball players, it was crazy! and awesome!! what a small world!!!!

  14. BoomBaby, thanks for the well-wishes. Does anyone else think KennyG’s logic is somewhat flawed? I mean, we found the phone records ourselves, how is that evidence of an NCAA vendetta? He reminds me of Alabama football fans who still blame their last probation on Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer, who turned them in to the NCAA. Never mind they had rogue boosters paying up to $200,000 to families of recruits to get them to play for Alabama. IU and ‘bama are both Crimson ….. maybe KennyG’s just confused ………

  15. CALEB

    EJ? The best frosh in IU history?
    I guess you’re too young to remember:
    Calbert Cheaney, Steve Alford, Isiah Thomas, Damon Bailey.

    I suggest you do some YouTube searches. You might change your mind.

  16. I will never follow Gordon in the NBA or claim him on last years team. He does not exist in my mind. The way he sold IU out at the end of last year was horrible! GO DJ!

  17. I’m sure Kenny G still believes KS’ response to the NCAA that he did nothing wrong too.

  18. EJ’s has a 2 digit basketball IQ. He better get into 3 digits in his rookie season, or he could experience another one-and-done.

    He impressed me in a couple of games before Big Ten play began, then he faced the big boys and, well you saw what happened.

  19. It is a good thing they didn’t have a reading test at the pre-draft camp. EJ would have been at the bottom of that list.

  20. You have to ask who stabbed whom in the back?…look at the bashing EJ is taking here from IU fans. Senderhoff was punished for the phone calls he made…that is admission enough. Phone calls vs payouts, arrests and all the other nonsense that the ncaa turns a blind eye to. Again, IU should have supported KS and destroyed the NCAA’s flimsy case.

  21. J Pat, please explain to me how EJ sold IU basketball out? That makes no sense… EJ was a good student and a really solid player. He just didn’t play well against Arkansas. You people bashing him don’t kno what you’re talking about.

  22. Sampson was quoted many times during the year saying basically he told EJ to shoot whenever he was open, and be selfish… Look it up before you talk. He was obviously the best guard on the team.

  23. Kenny G, it’s not the level of the impropriety, but that he came in with the baggage and blatantly repeated the same act…what an arrogant ass.

    Also, it has become painfully obvious the education was not at the top of his priorities when recrutiing players. Crean has had to clean house for a reason: very few were going to class.

    Go Hoosiers! Go Crean!

  24. Can someone please post a football topic??? B-ball is a long way off and I’m so sick of it already…..

  25. Steve O, I respect your opinion for sure but I taped every game during the year. The last several games, including the first rd NCAA’s, eric had his head in his rear. The stats do not lie. If you watch the games over, it is obvious he mailed it in. I have friends/family that went to the NCAA’s and it was obvious he did not want to be there. The Arkansas blogs all said that he was going through the motions with NO energy or enthusiasm. I bet if you asked Gordon, he would tell you he came to play for Sampson and not IU anyway. Also, what did IU actually gain from getting him? Please tell me because I still am not sure. Lastly, it has come out that a good number of the illegal calls were to the Gordons. Do you think his dad had any idea that all of that contact was illegal? Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better for everyone if Gordon just had gone to the crtin illini!

  26. OK, has anyone heard any scoop on Lewis and if he will be back on the team???

  27. J Pat, you’re making generalizations that you can’t back up… So you taped every game and have gone back and watched every one?? Doubtful. How did Gordon “mail it in”? You have nothing to back that up…

    Let me give you a few facts.. The last 17 games of the season, including the tourney, Gordon averaged 19.7 pts/game. His shooting percentage dipped, but could that have something to do with the wrist injury? I’m guessing… Also, how about the game @ Illinois when he hit a 3 to send it to ot, or the games at home against Michigan State (scored 28), Purdue (scored 22), or Wisconsin (scored 23)?? I mean if nothing else Gordon was a solid contributor in every single game this season…

    And as for the tourney game, his bad night couldn’t have anything to do with his aggresive, drive the lane style against 3 guys right around 7’0, or the tight d played by Arkansas’ guards.

    Either way, you might wanna check the definition of “selling out” cause while he may not have shown his superb skills in every single game, he certainly didn’t sell out. And if you go back and look at the tapes, you can also tell that Gordon was doing exactly what Sampson asked of him. Take the open shot, no matter where you are, and be selfish.

  28. Steve O, it was written on his face and in his body language. If you failed to see that, I do not know what to tell you. I said my part so we can agree to disagree. You are a Gordon fan and that is great. I do not think he played to his full postential after Sampson left. You can drop a hundred stats on me and I still do not agree. I do however love IU and the athletics so we have that in common I guess. I will pull for Bassett, Ellis, and Holman in the future before Gordon…just how I feel!

  29. J pat is right.

    That “team” played selfishly, and was difficult to watch for me–A train-wreck looking for a place to happen.

    Gordon and DJ are IU guys and I hope they both do well in their next league.

  30. Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Mike Conley Jr., Greg Oden… all reshmen who could make baskets in the clutch, while taking their teams a lot deeper into the tourney than lame-duck Eric Gordon.

    Steve’s stats are annoying and misleading. He “averaged” 19.7 points a game, including the tourney. What a transparent way to hide his 8-point outburst against Arkansas! Just gloss over it by putting together a convenient average that reaches back to lower-pressure, regular season games! Or chalk it up to “three 7 footers” and “tight d”by Arkansas guards. Aren’t these things that an NBA-ready player should be able to overcome? Give me a break. And to even mention the Illinois game! 1 whopping point in the first half!!! And a banked-in three pointer to make it to O.T.?

    And how about the Wisconsin game? Shouldn’t it be Eric Gordon, and not Brian Butch, hitting the game-winner? Not to be. E.J. sure knew how to rack up the free throws to pad his scoring average. But ask him to (intentionally) make a clutch shot at the end of an important game… forget about it.

  31. I don’t know what games Steve O was watching, but I was not impressed with Eric Gordon at all. Maybe KS did tell him to be selfish and shoot when he was open, but how many 30 foot bombs do you have to miss before you give it up. He also could not dribble and run at the same time. So many poor decisions in clutch situations. Somehow though, he has all of the right people fooled. He will be drafted into the NBA and sign a multi million dollar deal, but I think a lot of people are in for a rude awakening when he is expected to perform. I can’t remember an IU player that has had me direct more explicitives toward my TV set than he has, I for one am glad he is not in an Indiana uniform anymore.

  32. Husky Tom, I find you annoying and misleading… You’re probably the same idiot who was jumping for joy when Gordon de-committed from Illinois and came to IU, and then he comes here and isn’t the next MJ and you point out everything thats wrong with him, after he helps lead IU to their best record in over a decade.

    It’s frustrating that people like you, quagmire, and j pat have all these negative things to say about a guy who came in and averaged 20 points per game in his freshman season. Granted, he made FRESHMAN mistakes, but it’s a learning process… The guy averaged 20 points per game!!! You are delusional if you don’t think that’s impressive, no matter how he did against Arkansas. We had a good regular season. Period. And you can’t tell me you didn’t see us losing to Arkansas with all the crap going on…

    Also, DJ and Bassett are the only players who scored more than 8 points that game. So what about the rest of the team? Ohhh ok you don’t hold anyone but Gordon accountable, cool man.

    And HuskyTom, you say Gordon didn’t hit clutch shots, but I’m pretty sure that 3 against Ill was pretty clucth… In case you haven’t been following basketball at all, thats what good players do, if they’re struggling, they keep shooting, and eventually find their stroke. And that’s exactly what Gordon did against Ill. He scored 1 point in the first half, and 18 in the second. Thats about the same thing Kobe Bryant did the other night, but I guess he sucks too huh?

  33. If Armon Bassett had been given the green light that Gordon was given, he too could have averaged 20 points a game. Again, I don’t know what games you were watching Steve O. Is Gordon a good athlete? No, he is an unbelievable athlete. Is he a smart basketball player? Not even close.

  34. Steve O-

    I find your sycophant-like Gordon worshipping and your surfer language (“cool man!”) to be very annoying, so the feeling is mutual.

    Do you have a Bracey Wright Jersey in your collection along with your Eric Gordon blow-up doll?

    Leave Kobe out of this. The guy doesn’t make need to make lucky bank-shots to be called a clutch player.

    You remind me of all my hometown fellow Mariner fans and their love for Jaime Moyer. You can look at his stat sheet and think that he is the best pitcher of the last 20 years. Yet, his curve balls and 70 MPH fastballs flew out of every AL West park when the game was on the line.

  35. I’m not claiming Gordon was the smartest basketball player at all, he did alot of dumb things, so we can agree on that quagmire. But his accomplishments this year speak for themselves…

    And Husky, your “old man” style jargen and lack of anything substantial to back up what you wrote before make you look like a moron. I mean you are dodging the fact that Gordon set the all time freshman scoring record for IU, and very nearly bested the all time Big Ten scoring record as well. Get a grip on reality. I mean we were 25-8 last year. Our best year since 92-93. What the **** do you not get?

    Jamie Moyer and Eric Gordon are nothing alike. Jamie Moyer has been mediocre for years other than a stretch a few years ago where I think he might have won 20 games.

    This is a FRESHMAN who owns the FRESHMAN scoring record at Indiana University. He may have played better in some games than others, but he was at the very least, a good solid player in every game of the season.

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