Gordon works out for Timberwolves

Eric Gordon fights through the defense.The NBA Draft is Thursday, meaning general managers everywhere are furiously trying to figure out which players will most help their teams. It also means they are furiously touting players they don’t really want in an effort to convince their counterparts that they do, so that said counterparts don’t pick up on who they really want and draft that guy before they get a chance to.


Anyway, Eric Gordon worked out for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who hold the No. 3 pick in the draft, on Monday.

Gordon’s draft stock has climbed a bit, and one source told the Scoop that he’s once again being looked at the way he was in January. Back then, many talent evaluators had him on par with Memphis’ Derrick Rose and Kansas State’s Michael Beasley.

But all you Indiana fans know how poorly things went from there, and as Gordon struggled through a broken wrist and one of the most bizarre seasons in the history of college basketball scouts saw all the warts to his game.

Now, in the calmer light of the six or seven gymnasiums where Gordon has worked out for various teams, it’s once again evident that Gordon’s mixture of size (or, maybe more precisely, bulk) and athleticism is fairly rare. His ability to score, they’ve known for sometime, is top of the scale. He tested extremely well in all the shuttle drills and jumping tests and bench-pressing and, from what we’ve heard, has been a much more consistent shooter recently.

But, really, it’s impossible to know what team’s are really thinking until it comes out of David Stern’s mouth.

Gordon and about 45 friends and family members will be in Madison Square Garden for the draft on Thursday night.


  1. I think the hometown Knicks take him at 7. He will get a big round of applause and it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

  2. Lot of people projecting him between 3-6 now. I really think he deserves that kind of consideration. No way Mayo is a better player

  3. If the Knicks take him, it is because Walsh is at the helm but I bet the Grizz take him at 5 unless they trade it away or the Clippers take him at 7.

  4. He is every bit as good as anyone most are projecting in the top spots. I would like to see him end up getting picked as high as three, but I would really rather see him drop a bit and end up on a better team. Oh well as long as DJ gets picked up by the Celtics, LOL, at least thats what I’m hoping for.

  5. Whoever drafts this turnover machine in the lottery will be making a huge mistake. It’s amazing to see how his statistics regressed in Big Ten play.

    From the Purdue game on, 54% of his points were free throws and his FG percentage was 32%. Even though he was 15% from the 3 point line, he still took 48% of his shots from behind the arc.

    His shot selection was either jack up a brick 3, or try and get to the foul line hoping for a call. That is if he didn’t turnover the ball already with his passes that were thrown too hard or below average dribbling skills.

    In Big Ten play, his assist/turnover ratio was 1.6-1. It’s even worse from the Purdue game on, being 1.8-1.

    In tournament play, he was 7/28 and 0/12 from beyond the arc. When your team needs you the most, when it’s playoff time, you want someone you can go to. Do those stats show that he is that kind of person?

    It’s as if when Sampscum quit, he quit. Do you want a player like that on your team, prospective NBA GM? Someone who is that emotional when they play, where they’ll only play well if the situation is right?

  6. So I guess that wrist injury had nothing to do with the shooting decline? I mean if you can hit shots, you can hit shots. He was shooting like 50% from the field and 48% from 3 until that point.

    And if good shooters get cold, they keep shooting. You gotta have the confidence to keep putting up those shots until you find your stroke again. I think the wrist injury and wrapped up hand prevented him from being able to do that.

    The turnover problem may have had something to do with Sampson’s offense, or lack there of. When you have to dribble around to get yourself open all the time cause no one is setting screens, turnovers are gonna happen… That’s not to say he didn’t make some bone-headed plays, but I have a feeling the turnover numbers wouldn’t have looked as bad with some sort of offense in place.

    I mean there must be something the professional scouts like about EJ or they wouldn’t be projecting him as the 5th overal pick.

    I think he’ll prove himself in the NBA.

  7. of course another pathetic PU fan found his way to a Btown blog. Get a life little brother

  8. Crean will destroy Indiana and I am the only “TRUE” fan that cares.. what a sick state our basketball is in.

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