IU gets four football verbals

According to our friends at Peegs and HoosierNation, the Indiana football coaches received four verbal commitments from 2009 prospects since yesterday afternoon.

Ted Bolser, a 6-6 tight end from Cincinnati, gave his pledged yesterday.

Jeremy Gainer, a three-star LB from Livonia, Mich, committed today shortly after his cousin Kenny Watkins, a defensive back from Bloomfield, Mich, called IU’s coaches to inform them that he wanted to be a Hoosier.

Another three-star linebacker,  Dimitrius Carr of Chicago, has also reportedly agreed to join the class.

IU now has a total of seven committments, four of which have come since Thursday as players returned from summer camps and starting sorting through their offers and making their decisions.

I’ll now post this an eagerly await reaction from Mike P.


  1. Someone who knows something about these guys please share it with us.

    While many people out there complain when we get “only” a 3-star player in basketball, I think it’s the reverse with the football program: a 3-star is the cream of the IU crop.

  2. Give up the search for a new AD, with this recent scar of Greenspan quiting and the 6 month dead period, things seem to be going fine. Lets just promote his sexytary and call it a “great hire”.

  3. We also had to two 4-star recruits (according to Rivals) on campus this weekend. We are in the top 3 for both players.

    I’m really excited about all of the recruits, and I know that Gainer is ranked as the the 21st best OLB in the country. And we also have Jerimy Finch joining the program!

  4. They all look to be very solid players and great kids.

    Watkins almost gets passed over in this blurb a bit, but don’t sleep on him. He’s an ATHLETE.

    In Football, a 3-Star recruit goes a long way. These guys are a major talent upgrade, and if things go well enough, there’s much more to come.

  5. Solid players, look for vast improvement by them their senior years, Gainer and Watkins will probably be 4 star recruits by the signing period, Gainer could be a top 15 or even top 10 player at his position.

    I think that Bolser is a bigger pick up than most think. He is a very physical kid, great fundamentals and not afraid to lay out for a ball. Not to mention, how many tight ends do you see running a 4.6 40 yard dash?

    I need to do some checking on Carr, but if it is the kid I am thinking of, he is from Mount Carmel High School, is a little undersized for a D1 linebacker, but is a definite candidate to be converted to a safety or playing DB.

    What isn’t mentioned here is the pick up of Nick Zachery of Sheridan High School for the 2009 class. Those who do not know, Zachery is the QB/Safety for the Sheridan Blackhawks in class 1A.

    Nick took over the starting job as a freshman, since taking over the helm Sheridan is 43-2, currently on a 36 game winning streak, and has won 3 straight class 1A championships.

    Along with playing QB, he also plays safety and has totaled 22 (right Doug?) interceptions over his 3 years at Sheridan. And before you dismiss him for being at a 1A school, the Blackhawks only play 1 team that is 1A during the regular season, more than half their competition comes from 3A.

    These guys with the addition of Finch, the 2009 class could shape up to be really nice.

  6. Maybe I am wrong about Lynch, and he really does know how to recruit. I hope so. I so badly want an 8-win season in the next year or two.

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  8. Great news, I am excited and thrilled that it is going so well on the recruiting front. I checked out the Bolser kid on youtube and he could be a WR if need be. I was impressed! I wonder if the bad/mediocre class from this year will rear its ugly head or not. I remember IU was 11 out of the Big 11. Not GOOD!!!

  9. We’ve been ranked 10th or 11th in the conference in recruiting for years. Even Hep couldn’t change that. If that we’re going to “rear its ugly head”, we wouldn’t have gone to a bowl last year. Also, with guys like Darius Willis and Cortez Smith coming in, I’m pretty excited.

  10. Jimmy, just saying that I thought that class was pretty bad coming off the Hep hype and a bowl season. Maybe I was not clear, sorry. I figured it would be better with all that has transpired. I see Minn gets one of the top recruting classes in the nation and they stunk last year. I wonder what the hell the problem is.

  11. Btown,

    Peegs isn’t counting Josh Keyt, a long-snapper who will walk-on in 2009 year but has been promised a scholarship starting in 2010.

  12. Mike P., I took your call, interrupting my fabulous lunch, found a random wireless, posted your notes off my napkin, and you managed to answer these guys and not our own site!? Dude, I’m so firing you! 🙂
    In case you all couldn’t tell from his response above, Mike is pretty pumped about Nick Zachery. (I thought perhaps his head might explode on Friday when he was rattling off stats at me. I was trying to enjoy some killer hummus and gyros at the Horse!) I fully expect a detailed report on him, and a number of other new signees, very soon!

  13. Now Megan, I have only talked a little about these guys on here. Warm sunny weather and a motorcycle just begging me to be rode for a few hundred miles really hampered my capacity or desire to write much more than the short blurb I have here.

  14. Our recruiting problem is our stubborn “basketball-only” mentality – a caveman-like mentality that schools like Kansas, UConn, Wake Forest, Illinois, and even Kentucky got over long ago. It pisses me off to think that we have 35,000 people here, we are in one of the best conferences in the land, and yet we are happy wallowing in the muck at the bottom year after year and hiring “safe” second and third-tier coaches. My negativaty, though, is always tempered by the optimism of a new season. If IU can get 8 wins this year, I will really be a believer. Somehow, though, I think I’ve got by head up my bum for thinking it’s possible.

    Did Minn really have a top recruiting class?

  15. HuskyTom,

    Recruiting is not the issue. Football requires lots of players doing their jobs, and doing them right. The problems are who is teaching these players to do their jobs.

    I have always been one optimistic about the new season, though I am looking forward more to 2009 than I am to 2008. To many personnel losses in the off season, the “leader” of the offense being a major distraction along with other moves like the hiring of a DB coach to work with running backs have me worried about the 2008 season and forcing me to face reality quicker than I want.

    I will still back coach Lynch this year, though a 7 win season will not suffice. This schedule is set to win 8 or 9, possibly even 10 games, but we need to be at least .500 in the conference with 4 non conference wins!

  16. Yes Tom, I have seen many internet and magazine publications that have put Minn class for this year top 20 or even top 15 in the nation. Yes, really strange! Mike, I enjoy your comments and agree with you most of the time, but recruiting is a big issue. I have followed the IU football program since I was kid and in the last 12-15 years, IU goes after a lower tier athlete both in state and out. I understand completely the reasons IU does that, but go after some big dawgs too, what the heck! What they have been doing surely is not working until last year and now this years class is at the bottom. In fact, my gut tells me that if we did not have this padded 2 year schedule…the bowl situation would have never come up. Mike, have you or anyone heard what they will do with Lewis? I was expecting an announcement by the end of this month and it is here.

  17. J Pat,

    The Lewis thing is weird to me. All indications I have is that Lewis has been working out in the facilities with other members of the team, this of course is all voluntary. The official word is he is still suspended.

    In football, recruiting is not the same as in basketball. If you think they are not offering every 4 and 5 star player that gives them a look you are fooling yourself.

    The reality is IU will get looks from these kids because they are a Big Ten team. Keeping the interest is another aspect all together.

    Knowing you have 1 or 2 recruits that are 4 or 5 star kids, you offer them. At the same time you look at the pool of 3 star kids that play the same position who are interested in you.

    Those are the kids you look at close, you evaluate on a stricter scale, and you offer the kid that you feel will do you the best. Many times these kids will verbal to the first major conference school that offers. Now you have an early offer to fill your needs, and you start working on the big dogs, trying to pull them from Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin and come play here.

    You see, the recruiting strategy is sound. If we were Michigan or Ohio State, then we would be offering 4 star recruits as our back up guys. The reality is that we have to offer the best athlete we can, and hope to mold them, and teach them, and that aspect has been lacking for far to long. I would take 20 kids with a solid 3 star ranking every year, and could mold a solid program winning 8-10 games a year. Unfortunately we get 3-5 3 star, 5-10 2 star, and fill in the rest with 1 star or unranked players.

  18. Mike, good analysis. I do understand the recruiting process as I went through it as a football player in a southern state. Reality is within the last paragraph you wrote and that is what I am speaking of. Thanks again!

  19. MikeP, I think you might be stretching a little.. Recruiting is huge in football as well as basketball. Although the drop off might not be as big between say a 3 and 4 star player in football because the sheer size of the player pool is much bigger. Teams that have the best recruiting classes usually excell. (I’m pretty sure that if I did some research of the past 10-15 years, I could say that was a fact.) Take USC, Oklahoma, LSU, Ohiho State, Florida, and Miami for instance. They all are pretty much staples in the top 25, and all can be found in the top 10 as far as recruiting nearly every year… I mean USC has already gotten verbals from the top QB, TE, and LB in the country for 2009 according to scout.com.

    It’s not to say Indiana doesn’t go after the big talent, it’s just that given the choice between playing for Indiana football and USC football, who in the name of God would pick IU? And there is no way you could convince me that USC is so good every year because of coaching. Cause there is no way! USC is good every year casue they get ALL the best players.

  20. Steve O,

    My post at 2:44 says the same basic thing yours does. I am failing to see what your argument is.

    Bottom line is this, we are not USC, Florida, Ohio State, etc. we are Indiana University. We have to get the best possible athlete we can, and mold them into the best player we can. If we can accomplish that, we will win more games, with more wins come better athletes to mold and teach, with better athletes comes even more wins, but you HAVE to start at coaching, and that is something that IU has always been lacking in. .

    I honestly think we could have the top recruiting class in the Big Ten for the next 3-5 years and still only manage 7 win seasons as the norm.

  21. Mike and Steve-

    Good points, respectively. Both coaching and recruiting are paramount here. We can do neither.

    Indiana or USC? It may seem like no-brainer o a recruit. It IS a no brainer, no question. But consider this: IU makes a splash by hiring a well-known name like Brian Billick or Steve Mariucci (this is not an endorsement – I am using them for argument’s sake). Suddenly, a whole new set of possibilities enter a recruit’s mind. A former NFL coach, with some success, a chance to be part of an historic rise to prominence, lots of playing time, possible NFL preparation, etc. Nomads like Dennis Erickson have rebuilt many a program this way, even when people darn well know that he is going to stab them in the back eventually. And watch what Rick Neuheisel (former Husky and Samsonesque figure) does for UCLA: I guarantee he’ll get them near USC-level.

    Speaking of USC, they employed the same strategy in hiring Pete Carroll. They were the biggest underachievers in the universe before Carroll took over.

    If I’m the new athletic director, I tell Bill Lynch to win 8 games this year. Period. The schedule is too darn easy. The Huskies are doing the same with Ty Willingham (who has a mammoth of a schedule), with Jim Mora Jr. waiting in the wings to clean up the mess. If he doesn’t, get him out of here and do something bold. We need some national attention for our football program here and a Kansas or Missourri-like season.

  22. Steve O,
    Miami? I don’t think so. Not lately. Virginia Tech has owned that conference for a while. Miami=Wake Forest.

  23. All, one of the best things we can do as IU fans for the football program is get our fannies in the seats at games. When big time recruits make a visit to home games and they look up in the stands, they see a stadium that is usually half empty. This leaves a huge impression on them. Our coaching and facilities are good enough to get some of these players, but they need to get excited by the fan support.

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