IU receives commitment for class of 2008

Malik Story, a 6-foot-5, 220 pound guard, has committed to Indiana University. Story will join the Hoosiers this fall.

Story, out of Artesia High School in the Los Angeles area, committed to Southern California as a sophomore but had recently reopened his recruitment. He was in Bloomington Friday, and canceled plans to visit Georgetown today.

Story, a three-star recruit according to scout.com, briefly attended Oak Hill Academy.

In addition to Georgetown, Oregon was also rumored to be interested.


  1. From what I’ve read, this is another good late pick-up b IU. One scout said he had the best looking jumpshot in the class of 2008.

    Crean, you are on fire!!!

  2. yes he is… YES HE IS!.. by the way.. a 3-star prospect from Compton is said to be in Indiana’s recruiting circle as well.. named Edgar Garibay, he’s a 6’10 Power Forward (3-star) he’s got quite a bit of offers from Georgetown, UConn, Marquette, UNLV, etc.. hopefully we can lock this guy in also

  3. yea, we could use another big body, but I almost would wanna save the scholly for next year. There are still plenty of 5 star guys interested in IU.

  4. Jordan Crawford was only a 3-star recruit, hopefully this kid will be better! Best of luck Mr. Crawford at Detroit-Mercy, but as you just found out, you are replaceble!

  5. Three stars???? WTF??? lets just quit having Mens basketball were done and through!! Does this loser think Three stars is good?? maybe at his division II school not Indiana!!

    I now have 1044 sig for FIRE CREAN NOW!! We should play against girls schools next year!! bet we still wont win 12 games next year!! All these little girls on here ” Crean rocks” “hes going to turn us around” pleeeeeeeeasssee. We are going to be cellar dwellers the whole time. Click your heels together dorothy it aint happening!!
    INDIANA BASKETBALL: it was great when white boys wore tube socks WE SUCK!! GET USED TO IT HOOSIER LOOSIERS . Promise you’ll all want to sign my petition after a hoosier loosier next season you sissies!!

  6. By the way sissies(Like steve0) where did Negedu go?? Yea thats right “I” called it just like I call less than 12 wins next season. The new Indiana fashion next season is bags over your heads at home games….Yea I called it!! LAW

  7. Well, we’ve got one relentlessly negative moron on board today, surely George will make it 2 any minute now …….

    This would seem to be a good signing considering the circumstances Crean has inherited. Steve O, I think it depends on whether the NCAA takes away a scholarship as to whether we should sign another player or wait until next year. If we can sign Garibay and still have a scholarship available next year, I say why not. If G’town and UConn have offered him he has to be pretty good. But it’s up in the air still of course with the NCAA situation.

  8. Dude, get a grip.

    Next year is a rebuilding year. I don’t think anyone is denying that. You gotta give Crean a chance.

    By the way, Knight isn’t coming back and the end of Knight’s tenure wasn’t all roses either.

  9. I knew it!!!! “Fire Crean TODAY” is a boiler fan!!

    You’re “Loosiers” reference gave it away. Right when I saw that I knew it because only pathetic PU fans use that on message boards. All makes sense now. Scared PU fan.

    Story is a solid pickup and will contribute right waway. Hes lanky for 6’5″ and looks more like Jamarcus physically than Jordan. He had some schools like Marquette, GT, WF, Georgetown and USC on his list. He is good defensively and goes after the rebounds strong.

    Good get Coach!!

  10. Fire Crean NOW!!! I do believe TRUE Hoosier fans that are on this site would really love it if you took your racist (INDIANA BASKETBALL: it was great when white boys wore tube socks) self off of these boards because really you are just making a bigger fool of yourself as you go on…
    You talk about how you are making the hate continue because of your post – all you are doing is showing people that you probably have a skinned head and tattoos all of your body that have KKK on them. Grow up dude and just go away because you are the biggest LOSER on here!!!

    Have a blessed and joyous day as you are leaving!!! Go HOOSIERS and COACH CREAN and STAFF!!!!

  11. LOL. “White boys in tube socks” and an online petition to fire a coach who hasn’t coached a game here yet. Brilliant.

  12. Everytime anyone mentions how many stars a recruit is I immediately think of AJ Guyton. How stars did that guy have? As I recall his options were IU and Miami OH. I’d say he turned out pretty good.

    What’s the deal with this 6’10” kid? Could we really get him?

  13. My theory is that George & Fire Crean TODAY are the same person. There cannot be two people like that anywhere.

  14. Kirk, I think you are right George and Fire Crean must be one in the same. Maybe if we ignore it it will go away. I know thats old but it fits.

  15. He was here for the Addias May Classic playing for the Southern Cailfornia all stars . He is very athletic. He plays bigger than 6-5 and shoots from deep but will batlle inside. Great Pickup Coach Crean.

  16. The Captain has to be Taber since he’s the only senior right. Being Captain doesn’t mean you have to play though. ‘Fire Crean’ you’re an idiot, you’re complaining because they signed a kid who was rated by one website as a three star recruit. Maybe in Creans system he’ll play like a 4 or 5 star. What an idiot, I mean how many five star recruits are left on the table for the class of 08, 0 thats how many, and Negedu wasn’t even a 5 star recruit and you’re mocking that they didn’t get him. LMAO what stupidity.

  17. Is it a requirement that everyone we recruit has to be under 6’5″ and 3* or below?

    Here’s now the list of Crean’s recruits:

    4/21 – Nick Williams – 3* SG
    4/22 – Devan Dumes – 3* SG
    5/5 – Verdell Jones – 3* PG
    5/20 – Tijan Jobe – 2* C
    5/26 – Jeremiah Rivers – 3* PG
    6/21 – Malik Story – 3* SG

    4/17 – Bobby Capobianco – 3* PF – 2009 recruit
    5/4 – Maurice Creek – 3* SG – 2009 recruit
    5/20 – Jordan Hulls – 3* PG – 2009 recruit

    NOTE – Elston, Pritchard and Roth all committed under Sampson, hence the exclusion.

    I fully understand he needs people to fill the roster this year, and that plays a factor in who he is recruiting. For some of our players, they simply were the best available that could play this year.

    But Crean hasn’t landed anyone above a 3* and 75% of the kids recruited (6 of 8) are guards. This doesn’t concern you guys at all?

  18. I think Story is a great pickup, especially this time of year. The high caliber players that are so coveted are already signed, or they don’t have the grades to be eligible. I think it is fun to look at the number of stars a kid is rated, but I still consider the source. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not all 3 star kids are so bad, and certainly not all 4-5 star kids are that good. Who is evaluating these players? Do their 3-4-5 star skills transfer to every BB system? I think TC is filling needs, in addition to filling a roster. Give him a break and some time and I think IU will be just fine.

  19. Some of you need to look at coach’s game plan. He has always coached big fast guards that can defend and shoot. He has 3-4 guards and swing men on the floor most of the time. Most NCAA champions have great guard play. Look at IU’s greatest teams and you will see great guards. Now does he need some big guys sure but most were gone for 2008. Give him a chance to build his team for goodness sake he hasn’t coached one game yet for IU. You know he has a lot more info on these kids than any of us. He has seen them all play we have not.

  20. Why should it concern me? Crean has been here about 3 months, and is dealing with trying to rebuild an entire roster, along with NCAA issues. What did you expect? All of this “We should be getting 5-star recruits because we’re IU and we won a championship 21 years ago!” stuff is absurd. We are not an attractive option right now. I don’t know why people have such a hard time understanding this. Frankly, I’m glad that the guys that Crean has recruited want to be Hoosiers, despite all the crap that has happened.

  21. Crean has done a phenomenal job. We needed an entire roster after the mass exodus caused by that horrific coach who recruited a mediocre class (because of one player that defected from the Illini) that left with him after his sabotage of the Indiana University basketball team was complete. He’s filled spots as well as any incoming coach could have. I’d like to see what Painter would’ve done if he didn’t spend the first year assistant coaching and recruiting for Keady who’d already mailed it in. BTW, how many 5 stars did they have last year? I hate Purdue and they were more fun to watch than we were last year. I’m looking forward to proving wrong Bruce Weber and Purdue fans who pretend to be something else on message boards. GO Indiana, Butler, Colts and Cubbies!

  22. Butler is awesome. Great example of a school that succeeds without many overhyped “5 Star” players.

    A.J. Ratliff was a four-star. Big deal. Ben friggin’ Allen was a four star. Bracey Wright was a five-star. Didn’t do squat for the program.

    One of my all time favorites, Brandon Roy, was a 3 star recruit for Washington. Well, he was a high lottery pick and won Rookie of the Year for Portland a year or two ago. And he graduated, while leading UW to a number one seed in the NCAA’s out of the blue.

    People who put too much stock in the “star” system are the same people who only watch mainstream movies that get two thumbs up by Siskel and Whoever. Meanwhile, hundreds of independent and foreign films completely surpass in quality and reputation any piece of junk that Hollywood turns out.

  23. Purdue had a bunch of 4 stars, not 3 stars.

    Any team that is ever good has a lot of 4 star guys or 5 star guys on it. Even Wisconsin has a TON of talent on that team. Teams do not win with 3 star players. You might catch a diamond in the rough every now and then, but for the most part they are role players. We will never win a title with 2 billion 3 star guards on our team. I do not care if they fit Crean’s system or not. His system is screwed up if it is only for 6’5″ shooting guards. Just look at the teams that finish high in their conference every year and look at the number of 4 and 5 star players on those teams. You CANNOT tell me it doesn’t matter. The recruiting rankings are usually a very good indicator on most player’s abilities.

    Now we are stuck with a lot of these guys for 4 years, so we are not winning a Big 10 title for at least 4 years IMO. I am not sure Hoosier fans have that much patience.

  24. I doesn’t take a genius to see why we have an overload of 3-stars. When you come into the picture as late as Crean did, you are at an extreme disadvantage. You can’t pluck guys from other schools (unless you are Kelvin Sampson); you can only go after the few that are left, and hope that you can convince them even though your school is swirling in controversy. For all the idiots out there who are criticizing Crean’s recruits, withold your judgment until next year’s class is complete. Or, as an alternative, why don’t you criticize Bill Lynch’s class? That, to me, is much more of a joke.

  25. Next year’s class? We have 1 spot left for that class, and it consists of 3 more three star players and 1 four star in Elston who is right on the borderline of also being a 3 star (and probably will get downgraded when the next update occurs from what I have seen of him even before his injury).

  26. Once again……3 months, and NCAA issues. What did you really expect? This isn’t College Hoops 2k8 for Xbox 360..

  27. I expected to be competing for Big 10 titles in 3 or 4 seasons, and that is not going to be possible unless half of these guys transfer out after a year or two and we bring in better talent. I can only take being the doormat of the Big Ten for so long…

  28. Nonsense. A lot can happen in a season. Taber leaves, obviously, and you have to think that at least one player will transfer. That will leave more than one spot open for an incoming 5-star for 2009. Meanwhile, your other 3-star players stay around and develop, giving you experience and leadership that the likes of Bracey Wright and Eric Gordon (5 star players) couldn’t contribute in their wildest dreams, unless their only opponents are UNC Pembroke and Tennessee State. The current lineup of players is not the fixed team for the next four years. It is pessimistic and degenerate to think like that.

  29. By the way, all of you on this chat should be talking football by now, like they are at most real big state universities.

  30. Football= what every other Big 10 school is excited about right now, except Minnesota, who will be much better than IU in basketball anyway.

    But no, we are a “basketball school”. We put all our (rotten) eggs in one basket(ball), and now we suck at that too. Good going, IU.

  31. I actually think we will be much better than you think this year (if Lewis is back). And we seem to be targeting recruits who are much more talented than we used to target.

  32. I’m excited about football and basketball, as always.

    And yes, I expect this thread to now turn into a whine-fest about how Bill Lynch sucks, how we need to hire Steve Spurrier, and how we should’ve won 12 games last year.

  33. You know what? Bill Lynch sucks. I also think we need to hire Steve Spurrier.

    The biggest crime is that we should have won 12 games last year.

  34. It’s crazy how some people are complining about the recruits… People, Crean came in LATE in the recruiting process for 2008. And with the pending sanctions, we are lucky to have gotten ANYONE who wants to play for us.

    People like “sick of 3* guards” really make me sick. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT????!!! It’s a rebuilding phase. It might be a few years till we can compete with the other top schools for 5 star guys. Stop being so annoying, and lets see what the group of guys we have now can do. They haven’t even played a game yet.

  35. Good point Steve O. The thing with these “3*” kids is that they do have talent. And they are the kind of kids that will stick around for more than a year which is good. Not all of them will be there four years though so there is no need to worry about scholarships. Some at least one or two will transfer and a couple are JC kids with only two years of eligibility. Crean has a plan and most of us are happy with what he’s done so far, at least in regards to getting the program in the right direction, why don’t we just trust him with his pickups and see what happens. These kids haven’t even played a scrimmage yet and they’re being criticized, relax and have some faith in the man.

  36. Let’s see, he’s

    1) Failed to land Negedu,
    2) Couldn’t convince Holloway or Ebanks to stay,
    3) Failed to land Sutton,
    3) All but one scholarship player from the current team has left,
    4) All of the 09 commitments are 3* recruits (when there are plenty of 4* and 5* players out there for the taking.)

    But it’s all good! Let’s just keep signing the 3* midgets, play them out of position, and “rebuild”.

  37. So he can’t wrangle in the late-deciding losers who are too sensitive and emotional to stick it out and uphold their original committments. Big deal.

    These are guys who want a “father figure” to hold their hand for one year (two at most) and then tell them they are ready for the NBA.

    Crean was able to keep Roth and Pritchard – two players that will be far more valuable in the long run than one year of Devin Ebanks (a year that would undoubtedly be cut short by academic-related suspensions)

  38. Can’t get quality,

    How do you figure that ‘there are plenty of 4* and 5* players out there for the taking’?? The only ones I know of were Sutton and Negedu, and we nearly got them. Never mind they went to programs that have had solid success in recent years and aren’t looking at NCAA sanctions. If that aspect of the playing field had been level, I think we would have gotten at least one of them.

    As far as last year’s players leaving, I don’t regard that as a negative on Crean’s record.

  39. Scott said “The recruiting rankings are usually a very good indicator on most player’s abilities.”

    If that is the case, then you should be excited about this upcoming season. All you are doing is looking at individuals, but lets not forget that Crean has put together a top 30 (26th) recruiting class for the 2008 season. Considering he came in AFTER the normal recruiting season had finished, and was looking at few possibilities to begin with, he has done a very good job.

  40. Eric and Husky, totally agree, but it’s not worth trying to reason with a guy like “Can’t get quality” because thats probably the same idiot who’s writing stuff under “sick of 3 star guards” and “fire tom crean now.” Probably some retard Boiler fan who thinks their team is good, and trying to stir up crap on the IU boards. Purdue is a joke. Show me your championship banners, then we’ll talk.

    Crean has inked like 8 recruits in the last 2 months! He’s on fire, and totally turning the program in the right direction. Next year’s class is looking good, and for some weird reason, I’m excited about next year. We’ll be bad, I’m sure, but it’ll be cool to have a YOUNG team. Should be a high energy team, and a good solid foundation.

  41. Mike P,

    No. I know we have the 23rd ranked recruiting class in the nation right now, and that was before the Story committ, so it is probably higher now. However, that has more to do with “quantity” than “quality” IMO. Anyone who has taken as many recruits as we have will be ranked really high. Quantity of recruits always plays a role in those rankings. I consider them to mean nothing. The individual stars is a much better indicator in basketball and football.

    I just think that we should of held on to some of these schollys till next year. What is the point of trying to use them all in 08 when we are going to be terrible in 08 whether we used them or not? It just doesn’t make sense to me. There are plenty of 09 guys we could have landed with much more talent.

  42. Scott-

    You are overlooking the fact that if we go 7-22 next year, those “schollys”, as you call them, won’t look nearly as attractive to potential recruit as they would if the team were to go 12-16, or 13-15.

    Sitting back with an attitude of “let’s bomb this year so that we can save our ‘schollys’ for next year” is sure to backfire. A few extra wins will go a long way in convincing recruits that the program is on the mend.

    In the NFL, you can sabotage your season to get the first pick in next year’s draft. In the NBA, it is riskier, because of the lottery system. In college, it is just plain moronic to give up on a season entirely in hopes that you will suddenly be able to lasso in 5 star recruits the following year.

    That’s that. Steve O, I agree. There is always something fun about young teams and rebuilding years, as much as they can frustrate you. It will be fun to see which players emerge as nuclei to the next tournament team. Nick Williams?

  43. You question me?? My Loyality?? I am the ONLY true Hoosier fan on this entire site!! I care enough to be unpopular for the good of my school!! The rest of you are whining girly sissies that dont care if Indiana sucks. You are just Purdue fans in disquise that want us to fail!!
    Mike P are losers that want indiana to fail!!
    I CARE ENOUGH TO SAY IT; THE AD is out to destroy us and make us loosiers!! DONT LISTEN TO THESE SISSIES ON HERE< FIRE CREAN NOW!!

  44. Loy-al-i-ty? Loosiers? disquise? By the way he spells, I think this guy is none other than G. W. Bush himself. When are they going to raise admissions standards at this school, anyway?

  45. I have to admit, I’ve missed the Scoop message board banter. Of course, I have a few thoughts.

    I am rather annoyed with those of you criticizing Crean for his recruiting (too many guards, all three stars or below, not landing Sutton or Negedu). From my point of view, he’s doing the best job he can in a hellhole of a situation. I mean, we’re finally realizing what kind of program Sampson ran at IU and what kind of kids were there (excluding D.J. and Gordon, of course).

    Crean, who signed up for this job probably having no idea how bad of a state it really was in, has the impossible assignment of recruiting high-quality kids who may not be five stars while keeping a fan base happy that both expects and demands winning.

    My point is this: months before the season has started, why bash Crean for bringing in all these recruits? Everyone knows he’s a guard’s coach, hence why he’s loading up on them. I think Story was a huge pickup for Crean. How difficult does it have to be to sell a program that, in all likelihood, may win less than ten games next year, and still has to wait to hear back from the NCAA about further possible sanctions?

    Or, is this recruiting simply the result of a coach going out to get kids without breaking the rules?

    No, Crean’s first class is not highly regarded. But let them go to work. This team may become one of the Hoosier faithful’s all-time favorites, because they’re expected to do NOTHING. What if they excel and win, say, 13-15 games? Probably won’t happen, but with this program, nobody knows.

    Four and five stars aren’t readily available. And for those that are, they’re not looking at Indiana. Those players want to compete for a natioanl championship, and the Hoosiers won’t be back to that level for years.

    Anyway, that’s a few ramblings I thought I should get out. Looking forward to the Barnstorming Tour.

  46. I never heard so much nonsence in my life. Because of a terrible hire which was pushed by a former president and a board member, we found ourselves in a horrible situation. Tom Crean has moved heaven and earth to put together a respectable group of players. Fire Crean? No,he should be applauded for what he’s done. It’s truly remarkable under the circumstances.

    I’m glad the “Sampson Six are gone”. I was extremely unconfortable with the direction the IU Program was going under Sampson. It just didn’t seem like a team (and group of players) which made you proud to be a Hoosier. Someone was always being suspended, and at times, it was more than one player at a time.

    Iam looking forward to the next season. No, it won’t be pretty. We’ll get hammered by some of our worst enemies. But, I have no doubt the the effort will be there. I will support these guys 100% regardless of how the season goes. In a couple years we’ll be arguing over how far IU is going to go in the NCAA Tourney.

  47. Well said Joel. There are always some crazy kooks on this blog. They are typically just PU and Illanoy fans trying to stir the pot.

  48. Oh boy another three star recruit. The worst part of his ability to recruit and win, he couldn’t keep the two players on the team he wanted to keep, Holma/’Crawford. The guy is way over hyped. Steve O you would have not survived Jonestown.

  49. Of course Purdue & Illinois fans are going to rant and rave now that they have the slightest opportunity to do so – they have sooooo much tradition with their programs that they share ZERO national championships between the two of them. Let them have their bully pulpit, it won’t last long…

  50. Yeah, me too. I checked the bottom of my shoes because I was sure I had stepped in something. It’s just george.

  51. Fire Crean Now,

    I’ve now been accused, along with Steve O, Scott and Mike P of 1)not caring if Indiana sucks; 2)being a Purdue fan in disguise; and 3)being a sissy.

    I don’t care if you think I’m a sissy as I haven’t used that word since about 5th grade. But, if you knew me, you’d realize how utterly absurd it is to think that I don’t care if IU sucks and that I might be a Purdue fan (my PU alum friends would spit beer all over themselves if they heard that at the wrong moment, which might actually be a rewarding sight). I’m such a big IU fan, my dog even recognizes the Hoosiers on TV and gets excited for the games. Believe you me, I had to watch a lot of IU sporting events and get really fired up about them for my dog to figure out who her favorite team should be. So don’t give me any crap about not caring about IU or being a closet Boiler.

    As for your assertions of Tom Crean’s total suckiness, well, you’ll just have to wait and see like the rest of us. But be advised that the ‘I told you so’ messages will rain down on you like monsoons in the rainforest when/if Crean gets things turned around!!

  52. All this negative stuff is leading me to one conclusion – and this is harsh stuff, but it’s gotta be said – you people are starting to sound like Kentucky fans. Crean inherited a program essentially without players and we’re whining because he hasn’t landed 5-Star recruits with santions (including a possible post-season ban) hanging over his head. Only in The Bluegrass do fans have such a total lack of lives and perspective that this sort of illogic is possible. Folks, take a deep breath; give the man a couple of years to build a program (out of essentially nothing) and then judge him by his work, not the mess left by the clowns in charge the last couple years.

  53. I’m generally one of the “we need higher rated recruits” posters. Mainly because if you look at every current contender over the last few years they almost all have a handful of 4 and 5* recruits coming in every year. It’s what wins titles in college basketball.

    But, I don’t expect Crean to be adding these players for 2008 or even for 2009. I am a little worried, though, that he hasn’t spaced the scholarships out enough. I thought he might add a few freshmen and then go JC with a few. Like most of you, I’m not a big JC guy, but I would understand given the circumstances.

    I expect Crean to have this thing up and running in 2-3 years, but at that time we’ll have a lot of scholarships wrapped up in the 08/09 classes, unless some of these kids transfer.

    That’s my concern.

  54. Valid concern, and a mature approach. Remember, though, if things had stayed relatively calm here at IU instead of the recent duress, we would be looking at:

    Bassett: 3 star
    McGee: 3 star
    Crawford: 3 star
    Holman: 3 star
    Terrell Holloway: 4 star (who cares – so were Ratliff and Ben Allen)
    DeAndre Thomas: 3 star
    Ebanks: 5 star, worse than Gordon, would probably leave after his first season after averaging 13 points a game

    In other words, it’s not like Sampson had his pockets stuffed with 5 star players, yet no one was whining and crying. Getting one season from Gordon does nothing for you if he is going to choke and only make free throws down the stretch, including in the biggest game of the year.
    Having a 4-star Ratliff does nothing for you if he is going to spend most of his time at Sports and Jake’s and sleeping through class.
    And need we mention 5-star Bud Mackey?

    There is a pattern here: 4-5 star guys are flashy but can be risky. Their egos are pumped, their loyalty is low, and their work ethic is often questionable. Doesn’t mean you don’t go after them – you just need a full recruiting season to pick the right ones.

  55. Kurk–I agree. I work with some UK fans and they just absolutely hate Tubby and think he’s a horrible coach. When I point out the improvement at Minnesota under him, they say ‘Well he’s okay at a small-time program like Minnesota, but not at UK.’ It’s ridiculous.

    B–Crean has 7 players coming in, 2 from jucos. If one or two redshirt somewhere along the line, that would mean these players use up their eligibility in 3 different years (after 2, 4 and 5 seasons at IU). That’s about as good as he can do, I think. He had to sign some players this year just to have enough to practice and last through the season.

    Husky–totally agree.

  56. Also, to those of you questioning 2009’s class, consider this… Bobby Capobianco is, as we speak, attending the most prestigious high school basketball camp in the country, NBPA Camp, which was invite only. It’s reserved for the top 110 or so high school players in the country regardless of age.

    I mean, it seems like some of you live and die by the rankings on thses sites. It may be a good idea of where these guys are, but the 2009 guys are still only seniors this upcoming year. Go watch these guys play and come up with you own opinion of them, and if not, don’t knock em until you see them on the court. You look like fools when you just come in and quote rankings. Come up with some substance.

    Guys like Hulls, came out of NOWHERE and went from “unranked” to the 13th best pg in the country according to your beloved scout.com.

    And to the class of 2008 haters, I don’t know what to say. I haven’t seen a valid argument yet for not liking the class under the circumstances.

  57. And while I agree, I would LOVE to see some top level guys, it’s probably gonna take a few years before we get an OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley type guy. You gotta be patient!

    I keep saying it, but what do you expect?? Our coach cheated, got fired, and we have 1 returning scholarship player!!!! Who would wanna play for us???

  58. Do yourselves a favor folks, do not reply to anyone that criticizes Creans’s recruiting process. They are either non-IU (get your own blogs morons) or just plain dumb.

    What he has done is just short of miraculous. If people can’t see that then, well, go to a soccer game.

    “Lost Ebanks and Holloway.” What a tard.

  59. Steve you don’t get it, He couldn’t recruit big time players at his last gig, Don’t give me the line that it was because he was at Marquette. That school has a strong history going back to Al Maguire and Hank Raymonds. Calapari is recruiting at a much less pretigious program than Crean had at Marquette. He is building a great program. Also don’t come back with Indaina has a higher standard of recruits, again he couldn’t recruit at Marquette where he didn’t have to worry about academic all-americans.

  60. Just for kicks, I’ll throw this example at you from the last 5 years:

    2004-2005 Washington Huskies, starting lineup

    Nate Robinson – 4 star
    Brandon Roy -3 star
    Tre Simmons – 2 star
    Bobby Jones-3 star
    Will Conroy- not rated

    FInal record: 28-6. Pac 10 champs. #1 NCAA tournament seed.

    The wild card? A great young coach with a guard-heavy system. Loyal players who stuck around to graduate.

    It can be done, folks.

  61. Although it was before the days of the widespread use of internet rankings,etc. I don’t really remember Coach Knight stacking teams full of 5 star recruits. He seemed to like getting players that wanted to be here and that were great role players. We IU fans seemed to think he was an okay coach for a long time.

    It’s amazing that when we have all of these 5 star players coming in the people on this board complain that we are getting “thugs” who don’t have loyalty to IU. Now we have kids who want to come to IU so badly that they are committing despite all of the problems we have, and people are complaining they are not rated highly enough.

    I for one don’t want an OJ Mayo. And don’t really want another EJ – he was great but I don’t like one and dones. Let’s just build a team we can be proud to have wearing “INDIANA” across their jerseys right now. That would be the first time in a few years that we could say that.

  62. Where did you guys find the star rankings for previous players? I have been looking around the net trying to find out what stars some of the former players like Coverdale, Newton, Strickland and Cheany just too name a few were when they were recruited.
    It would be interesting to know what 4/5 stars were bust like ratliff and Wright and what 3 stars were a surprise and ended up being some of our all time greats at IU.

  63. It’s hard to find the star-ratings. If the player is more than 6-7 years removed from college, it probably won’t be there (at least when I’ve searched).

    Don’t forget the Ben Allen 4-star bust.

  64. 2007-08 Washington Huskies
    Record: 16-17 (7-11)

    Venoy Overton – 3 star
    Ryan Appleby – 3 star
    Tim Morris – 4 star
    Artem Wallace – 4 star
    Jon Brockman – 5 star

    The only player with above 12 ppg? Brockman.

  65. George, you’re clearly not well-informed if you think recruiting to Memphis is the same as recruiting to Marquette. Let me enlighten you. In the rest of Tennessee, Memphis is known as ‘Tiger High.’ That’s because it’s basically extended high school. Anyone can be admitted; thus the entire slate of high school players is available to Calipari. That was not the case for Crean at Marquette.

  66. Eric, just tell me who over the years has put more players in the NBA Memphis or Marquette? You are also mistaken if you think Marquette has high academic standards for their players, please remember they took non qualifiers like Dywane Wade. The fact still remains he coached at a university that has put over 40 players in the NBA since Bob Knight was at Indiana and he could not capitalize on that in recruiting at Marquette.

  67. George, you are a straight up moron. You have no college basketball knowledge. And it really shows. You pick out one little piece of an argument and don’t comment on the rest because you keep getting owned. You live and die by the “rankings”.

    What do you have to say about Bobby C. getting invited to NBPA Camp? You think they invite anyone? It’s the top 110 players, regardless of class, in the country!!!!! What about Jordan Hulls who went from “unranked” to the #13 PG in the class in a matter of weeks. You have never seen any of these guys play, and you keep posting all this idiotic bull s*** about Memphis being harder to recruit at than Marquette. Gimmie a break. Maybe 10 years ago. But look at the last couple years. The name Calapari sells itself. He’s had the pick of the litter the last couple years.

    I mean I think it’s pretty clear Indiana has alot more noteriety than Marquette. But it’s gonna take a few years to build this program up. We’re starting from scratch. What don’t you understand? Do you think you can go from 1 returning scholarship player to national championship in a year? And spare me the crap about Crean couldn’t do it at Marquette… HE HAS ALREADY SHOWN HE CAN DO IT HERE considering he has already landed like 9 or 10 since what, April? And thats taking into consideration the fact we have a potential post-season ban…

    I mean how can you even mention Marquette and IU in the same sentence when comparing the two basketball programs? How many banners do we have hanging in the rafters?

    Spare the embarassment and don’t respond to this. Thanks.

  68. Just to add on, even though most of the players Crean’s signed so far are “3 star” according to Georgespendswaytoomuchtimeonpeegs.com, I am confident that once the dust settles and we get past the upcoming sanctions, the bigger names will come. There are already a bunch on the radar, but I think the possibility of sanctions will scare those guys away.

  69. George, I’ll have to see a list of the 40 players from Marquette that have played in the NBA. The only ones I remember Doc Rivers, Butch Lee, Jim McIlvaine and Dwyane Wade. That’s 4; perhaps you made a typo …….

    I know Wade had academic problems in high school, but that one player does not make Marquette and Memphis academic equals. Marquette is a private school with competitive admissions and an expectation that players progress academically (all of Crean’s players who completed their eligibility graduated). Memphis is a state school, operating on the lower tier of TN state universities, that will admit just about anyone and at which graduation rates have always been dismal at best (see the tenures of Dana Kirk and Larry Finch). Again, if you actually knew anything about it, you’d realize how silly you look trying to academically equate Memphis and Marquette.

    But, I’ve had enough of this discussion. Clearly no amount of logic and fact will convince you. Bloggers, can we please have a new post so we can move on to something else? Update us on the exciting field-replacement process and whether it will be covered by insurance ……….

  70. Steve you are blind. HE WAS NOT A GOOD RECRUITER at Marquette why do you expect him to be here. He does have his hands tied now, however he did not at Marquette. As much as I hate Illinios they were at least smart enough to take a one win football team and hire a coach who recruited not coached a national championship team at Florida. Kansas hired a coach who recruited not coached a national runnerup team at Illinios. Look maybe I am more passionate about the Hoosiers than you are. I think they screwed up big time by selling the school short by this hire and I am pissed about it. The program deserves.a big time coach!!
    Call me a moron fine, but I disagree with you

  71. Eric, google go Marquette they have the list. You forgot Jim Chones,Dean Meminger, Earl Tatum, etc etc

  72. Regardless, Marquette still spent a significant amount of time in the top 25 during Crean’s tenure, and so what if he didn’t get “5 star” guys all the time… It’s a new begining. It’s Indiana. And HE HAS ALREADY SHOWN HE CAN RECRUIT HERE!!!!!!!!

    I mean, it sounds like you’re selling the program, and the coach, short. ONCE AGAIN, HE HAS ALREADY SHOWN HE CAN RECRUIT HERE, and it’s only been like 3 months. So what’s the problem???? You’re getting mad about something that hasn’t even happened yet. What’s wrong with you? Are you a depressed guy? Is it that time of the month?

    If 4 or 5 years from now, Indiana, and Crean, aren’t winning, then come back and write about how terrible of a hire he is. Not the year he gets hired, especially when he just earned a top 25 recruiting class. Seems like everyone is excited except you and a few other idiots.

  73. ok Stevie, top 25 is what you want you will probably get it. I am sure Iowa, Minn, Northwestern, would be happy with that. Like you they are losers. I thought Indiana was the same as Kansas, UNC, Duke, anything short of the title is not a successful year.

  74. Didn’t I warn you guys about responding to anyone opposing Crean’s recruiting process? Why are you wasting your time? This guy is now questioning the hire of Crean himself.

    George, maybe you are not a bad guy and as you say an avid IU fan. But what you are saying doesn’t make sense.

    I got news for you, if you see an employer hire a guy that breaks every rule and then kicks his a** out the door with the entire world watching, are you going to apply for the same job?

    Crean is DOING THIS PROGRAM A FAVOR. He is one of the brightest young coaches in the game. He is trying to make chicken salad out of chicken sh_t.

    He is the coach so get over it. The guy is picking up the best talent available. He snagged Dumes from Ohio State, Jones from Tubby at Minn and Story cancelled his trip to Georgetown. All of these schools have been to the final four in the last 15 years. What else can you possibly ask the guy to accomplish in 4-5 months?

  75. George, are you retarted? I didn’t even insinuate anything along those lines. Of course I won’t settle for just being in the top 25. I was just simply replying to your idiotic statement about Crean sucking as a recruiter, and saying hey, if he sucked so much why were they in the top 25 all the time??? To which, yet again, you had no reply. I think I should stop replying to you. It’s getting painful having to own you every time you write something.

    And thanks Red, I think you said what I was trying to say.

  76. It’s a good thing George because I’m pretty sure there aren’t any nude females knocking on your door tonight.

    Thanks for justifying your boredom.

  77. Idiot comment above, not me Steve, you don’t have to be a great recruiter to have a top 25 team. You can be an all right recruiter. That school is big time enough to have had better recruits than he had. I give up you win. Hope I am wrong, but the man’s track record gives me very little hope. Coaches like Pitino, Calapari have moved on more than one occasion, that is the type of coach Indiana should have gone after. Just think if those guys had the IU brand behind them!!!

  78. LOLOLOL. George, you are funny, man. You are really a funny guy. You’re such a jokester! Everything you post on here is hilarious!! You skip past all the important questions and responses people send back regarding your moronic posts, and just go right to the jokes. I especially like the post above Red’s!

  79. It goes both ways-

    Yes, exactly. You reinforce my point. Last year’s Husky squad was much more highly touted than the 2004-05 squad (more ‘stars’). And they finished near the bottom of the Pac 10. Goes to show how meaningless rivals and peegs can be.

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