Jeffersonville QB picks Hoosiers

6 P.M. UPDATE: I just spoke with Edward Wright-Baker and his high school coach about Wright-Baker’s decision to play football at Indiana.

Wright-Baker said he picked IU because he felt comfortable on campus here and developed a good relationship with assistant coaches Billy Lynch and Dennis Springer, who recruited him.

“I was real close with the coaches,” he said. “They recruited me the hardest.”

IU offered him a scholarship in December, he said, while Purdue offered him one just last week. As was the situation in high school for Antwaan Randle-El and Kellen Lewis, Wright-Baker has had some schools who’ve wanted him to play positions other than quarterback, but he has limited his consideration to those who will allow him to stay behind center.

“You hate to compare him to Kellen Lewis, but he’s a kid who can run and throw,” Jeffersonville coach Steve Cooley said. “He’s 6-2 and 200 pounds with a strong arm. His strength is being an athletic kid who can run and throw the ball.”

Cooley said Wright-Baker is also a good student who had a 3.6 GPA last semester.


Dual-threat quarterback Edward Wright-Baker is Indiana’s first 2009 football recruit.

Wright-Baker, who also had scholarship offers from Purdue, Michigan State and Louisville, gave the Hoosiers a verbal commitment Friday.

The 6-foot-2, 200-pounder threw for more than 1,500 yards and rushed for more than 1,100 last season in leading Jeffersonville to a 10-3 record.

We will update this story later this evening.


  1. This kid could be an excellent player at IU. I’m glad to wants to be a Hoosier.

  2. Sweet. If you count Finch as being an 09 recruit, we’re off to a great start with that class.

  3. Have you seen this kid play? He is a decent athlete, no where near the caliber of Lewis, nor do I ever see him being there.

    Jeffersonville plays in the Hoosier Hills Conference, typically the WORST conference in Indiana. They went 10-3 last year, 0-3 against top 25 competition, 1-3 against the top 64 in the state.

    I know it isn’t his fault he plays a weak schedule in a weak conference, but against weak competition he is a run of the mill player that would never survive in the MIC or in CI.

    They rolled through sectional 8 last year (mostly Hoosier Hills teams) only to get rolled on by Columbus North (42-6) in the regional game. I was there, and against good competition, he was not effective in anyway, and easily rattled.

    Maybe he will develop during his senior year, but I see this as a waste of a scholarship right now.

  4. Also, being 6’2, 205, and running a 4.5 40 is more than a “decent” athlete, especially for a QB.

  5. IU Jimmy,

    What do you disagree on?

    Do you disagree that he plays in the worst big school conference in Indiana? Only 2 teams in the Conference had winning records, Jeffersonville (5A school) and Columbus East (4A school) who beat Jeffersonville 35-0. The other 6 teams combined for a 16-42 record, and a whopping 2-15 record outside their conference. Even if you add in J-ville and C.E. the conference was 7-19 against outside competition.

    Do you want to disagree with me that Columbus North made him look mediocre in their 42-6 drumming of Jeffersonville playing reserves due to injured starters? I was there, he couldn’t do a thing against a skilled defense.

    He is considered by scouts and recruiters at the spring and summer combines to be a “Good Athlete” with his speed listed as his main asset. Most see him playing D1 ball anywhere other than QB.

    I still see this as a waste of an early offer. He wasn’t going anywhere due to the lack of offers to play QB, and we still have Morgan Newton (Carmel, 5 star, #7 ranked QB in class of 2009) interested in IU and planning an official visit to follow up on his unofficial visit in the upcoming months.

    Wright-Baker isn’t even considered one of the top 10 QB’s in the state, he is a middle of the back QB on rivals and a 1 star QB on Scout.

    I am sure you disagree, but please state your reasons as to why you disagree, I am sure it will be a good discussion.

  6. Mike P,
    I’m guessing we give him the promised look at QB, then move him to defense. The Hep/Lynch recruiting strategy has been to bring in athletes and find the proper place for them in the system. It’s working so far. EWB is a good pickup for this purpose.

  7. LME – If they do this, he would be a very good pick up. He has the speed and ability to be a very good corner/safety in college.

    He is just not a Randle-El/Lewis caliber player under center. Not what I have seen from him.

  8. IU Jimmy,

    Still waiting for your response. I honestly want to hear your thoughts that disagree with me.

  9. Baker is an amazing athlete. I played football and basketball at BNL and in our bball game late in the fourth quarter he was thrown an alley oop pass that should have been well out of reach but went up and threw it home anyways. Also he is not attending jeff his senior year. I believe he is going to St. X.

  10. MikeP
    In the CN/Jeff game you must look at the supporting cast. EWB had a very poor offensive line that left him running for his life early and often. That allowed CN to bring blitz after blitz. If EWB had any time to work, the outcome would not have been the same.
    Also EWB is not leaving jeff this year. he will be a red devil in the first game.

  11. I am also a red devil at o-line and d-line yes he had a poor offensiveline my freshman year but with his ability to take off and run and make people miss in the open field is even more of a reason for him to be a good pick up for the QB posistion. With a decent o-line like the one he had this past season he showed his aility to stay in the pocket and make plays. Even agianst CE. So before critizing EWB take what he was given by his other teammates.

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