Jeffries visits Bloomington

Jared Jeffries watches basketball campers on Thursday at Bloomington North.

Jared Jeffries is in town for his annual basketball camp, his attempt at giving 50 or so area youths the kind of specialized (and free) instruction that he did not receive before he became older, taller and highly-recruited.

But while the former North and IU star was in Bloomington, he did sit down for a chat with new Hoosiers coach Tom Crean.

“I saw some of the younger kids plays,” Jeffries said. “I talked to him, talked to the assistants. They couldn’t have hired a better person for this job. He understands what Indiana is about, he understands what Indiana basketball is about.

“You couldn’t have hired a better person.”

When Kelvin Sampson was hired, Jeffries was quoted as being in favor of the move. It’d be easy to back away from Sampson now, considering all that has happened, but Jeffries did not.

“He’s not a bad man,” Jeffries said. “The situation that happened was unfortunate. He tried to bring a winner here, put together a pretty decent team. He just didn’t do it the right way. I wish him the best.

“This university is strong enough that they’ll get over this. They’ll get past it.”

As to his future with his current team, the Knickerbockers of New York City, Jeffries seemed legitimately excited. He has reason to be, since his career nearly flat-lined with former Knicks coach/general manager Isiah Thomas around. With Thomas gone, Jeffries’ career has a second chance.

New Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni is known for teaching a brand of basketball that deemphasizes position and instead focuses on skill and matchups. Boris Diaw, considered too slow to play guard but too small (at 6-foot-8) to play inside, flourished under D’Antoni. Jeffries could be the next reclamation project.

An assistant coach will meet up with Jeffries next week in Sarasota, Fla. (where Jeffries makes his off-season home). He’ll head back to New York in September, about 20 days, he said, before the season begins.


  1. That guy must be allergic to gaining weight. He looks the same he did as a Frosh at IU.

    Great college player, though. The type of big guy we need to get back to recruiting. Lanky and skilled in the post with a good jumper.

  2. someone please make him stay in bloomington and NEVER come back to New York, the knicks or the NBA. talk about a bust!! that guy is STEALING money from the knicks, what a joke!! he should have stayed 4 years and then went to turkey. he SUCKS

  3. Jared Jeffries has never had a chance to shine in the NBA and I think this story has a good point in that Mike D’Antoni is going to make something out of Jared. Jared will never put up a lot of points but he has always played hard and smart while he has been in the NBA. In the NBA you have to have plays that give you scoring chances and he has never had that oppurtunity and probably never will. Andy, you are wrong for one reason, Jared is a good teammate and person and he plays within himself unlike a lot of players on the Knicks who are all about themselves. Yeah he might get paid a little too much for a role player but he is not a “bust”.

  4. He did this camp for free for the area kids. How much of a ‘bust’ could he be for that. I really don’t think a lot of the other Knicks players would be doing that. I sent my son there and he had a great time. He also said that he met the future center for IU Tijan Jobe. He said that he is huge and has arms like ‘popeye’. Hopefully this big guy can use those to take us back to the HOOSIERS we all know and love. Thanks Jared for giving back.

  5. someone please make him stay in bloomington and NEVER come back to New York, the knicks or the NBA. talk about a bust!! that guy is STEALING money from the knicks, what a joke!!
    Though I disagree that he’s a joke, if he IS a joke, he fits right in with longest running joke of a franchise in the jokiest joke of a league in pro sports.
    I’d say the NBA’s as bad as pro wrestling, but people actually try occasionally in pro wrestling. I think they call traveling more frequently in pro wrestling, too.

  6. He comes back home and does good things like his camp and his donation of the score board at the b ball court at the Banneker Center in Bloomington was top notch! The many kids that play “Banneker Ball” love it. They do the fog machine, strobe lights, and so on for the introductions of the players at the first game each year which is so cool!

    Thanks for your efforts and giving back to Bloomington Jared and good luck with the Knicks!

  7. Hes a great kid from Btown that gives back. Cant say that for many other “spoiled” kids that came out of this town.

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