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So, another one of these days.

Right now I’ve got a flood of thoughts about what occurred. And if I try to express them here they won’t make an iota of sense. We’re so in the weeds right now, given how omnipresent and far-reaching this whole fiasco has been. I probably need a few hours to think this through.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us or just want to rant you can do that in the comment section below. I’ll join in the conversation as it builds.

A quick note: thanks for all the interaction today, and for bringing all your passion to the Scoop. Indiana basketball really is about you guys. It’s about the fans. It’s about their love for the game and for the players who wear jerseys with no names on the back atop candy-striped pants. Maybe that sentiment has been lost in the tumult, but it will come back.


  1. Hey Chris – do you have any information about Nick Zachery?? – saw that he committed to the football team this evening. Thanks!

  2. What really happened?
    a) Greenspan resigned on his own accord
    b) Greenspan was told he could resign instead of being fired

  3. If Greenspan had fought for Kelvin and Rob, maybe they all would still be here. He threw Kelvin and Rob under the bus trying to save his own butt. He should be gone, it just should have been a long time ago.

  4. Jae,

    I don’t have any information on Zachery other than what I read on other sites. With all the commotion today we just didn’t get to do any reporting on that. Check back tomorrow and we’ll have something.

  5. MIK,

    Greenspan obviously has an employment contract, which many of us do not have. That being the case, I still can’t see a way in which the school said, “Hey, let’s give you $400,000 on your way out.”

    Indiana is in the business of trying to reshape the world — it’s part of the reason why they’re in the position they’re in — and isn’t nearly as concerned with What Actually Happened as it is with What We Say Happened.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  6. My biggest question is if anything would surprise me anymore with this circus of a basketball season.

    Oh, and what was the comment on another story about the money from the sports camps?

  7. Seeing us have two first round picks really underscores the damage RG did to this year’s team. Knowing what we know now and how the team and program have been gutted anyway, if you could do it over again would you let KS coach the team through the end of the season? His last three games against, MSU, UW & Purdue we were on fire then we saw the results of RG’s blunders.

  8. Kenny_G,

    Rick Greenspan tried to find a way to allow Kelvin Sampson to coach the rest of the season.

    An impeccable source has told me that Greenspan asked Sampson to announce that he would resign at the end of the season. This happened after IU got the letter of allegation on Feb. 8 and before the Hoosiers played Ohio State on Feb. 10.

    Sampson refused and asked that IU back him. He thought that they would take on the NCAA together. He believed, up until that point, that Greenspan would have his back.

    A few days later, Indiana released the letter of allegations and the current, both within the athletic department and on the outside, turned against Sampson, thus touching off the series of events that led to ouster.

  9. Thanks for the response, Chris. I don’t get why he’d ask him to resign instead of just firing him at the end of the year. Instead of that stupid 7 days to investigate further stuff, just say the investigation took until after we cut down the nets in San Antonio. But again, this is RG who couldn’t schedule a press conference to announce KS was gone or pick the interim coach the team wanted so who knows. Don’t know how IU can argue against the latest NCAA finding considering it was an intern that actually found the calls.

  10. Kenny_G:

    You seriously think that our season would have been “saved” if KS was kept on? Good grief. I’d seriously debate whether we’d be much better had Sammy-boy stayed on, but I think that point is moot. Put me in the same camp as Kent Benson and crew by saying that Sampson was a snake and got what he deserved. I don’t care about winning if it done by a crook.

    What am I saying? KS didn’t get what he deserved. He walked away with 500k in his pocket and got a job with the Bucks–in the meantime, he leaves one of the most storied basketball programs in history in a pile of rubble. Sampson deserves to be banned from coaching in college for the rest of his life for what he did.

    Thank God we got Crean. We should have got him 2 years ago, but I hope this situation just allows him to be more determined to work his magic.

  11. So, Greenspan’s resignation was “Rick’s decision,” per McRobbie, but we’re paying him a full year’s salary, almost half a million bucks, for quitting his job?!?! Does anyone know of any other state employee, not working in Assembly Hall, who’s paid a severance upon tendering their resignation? This seems rather Sampson-esque, doesn’t it? Is this anything but our 3rd forced resignation in less than a year in Assembly Hall (Senderoff, Samson & Greenspan)? Can anyone really tell me with a straight face that Greenspan wasn’t getting tossed out the door, one way or another, sooner or later? Is it your opinion that Greenspan would have been allowed/”chosen” to stay on had the committee not upped the ante and added the additional charge? If this was the result of all the pressure, internal and external, for Greenspan’s departure, why was it not done BEFORE the committee hearing? If Rick’s leaving is in the best interest of the coaches and athletes, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to split now, rather than cast a pall over the entire football season and the first 2 months of Crean’s initial campaign? Lastly, if this was a case of forced resignation, why in the world would the University’s leaders allow him to stick around another 5 months? Did they not consider forming an “AD Search Committee” back in February? Wow. What a sad, sordid tale of events at the greatest institution in the State of Indiana. Crean will have his work cut out for him for years to come. Alas, Go Hoosiers!!!

  12. Nick Zachery is another “athlete” in the model of Kellen. Looks like a one-star prospect at his position. Perfect for Indiana. I hope the next AD takes a little more of a risk in hiring a football coach. We really need something to be happy about right now, with the state of our hoops program. Many “basketball schools” are happily basking in a rejuvenated football program and are really excited about the fall. I hope we somehow surprise people despite our QB situation, lack of receivers, and young O-line.

  13. Greenspan obviously saw the writing on the wall. If accusations continue to leak out like they have through this whole ordeal, there must have been some understanding that Greenspan would lose his job, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

  14. Chris,
    Do you have any idea what the NCAA will finally do? Do you or anybody know the outcome in simular cases? Coach Crean looked spent at the press conference.

  15. Boombaby,

    I do have an idea what the NCAA will do.

    It will carefully consider IU’s response to these allegations. Remember that the NCAA is an organization built wholly on procedure; the committee on infractions will try to be sure that it fully understands what happened within IU’s compliance office and that it did, in fact, constitute a failure to monitor.

    Should the committee agree that it did, the penalties would be severe and likely included further recruiting limitations.

  16. Well, I had suspected all along that even Sampson could not have been so stupid/arrogant as to come to IU and immediately get up to the same old tricks if he hadn’t believed he had some sort of tacit approval or “blind eye” from his supervisors.

  17. What is the procedure to get a street named after someone? I looked under but could find no information.(?)

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