Live blog from Greenspan press conference

5 p.m.: The overall tone, to this point, has been pretty simple: Yes, Greenspan and the basketball program made serious mistakes. But the “failure to monitor” allegation is something no one in Bloomington is ready to accept. Greenspan said the NCAA investigators told IU officials that there would be no charge like this.Crean was just asked his first question. “I am extremely disappointed I am only going to work with (Rick) another six months,” Crean said. “We are rebuilding a team, and we are certainly rebuilding a culture inside that team. But we are not rebuilding a program. “We’re building for the long haul. And that’s the stance we are going to take.”And we’re done. Exactly 20 minutes.

4:50 p.m.: Tom Crean has just sat down at the table with McRobbie and Greenspan. Greenspan just said part of his decision was because too much focus was on him, and the department, rather than the accomplishments of the student-athletes.He also just deflected a question of whether or not, if he had to do it over again, he would hire Kelvin Sampson.”It’s extremely regrettable that the actions of a few have brought disappointment to so many,” Greenspan said. Also interesting was a major question mark an hour ago — why leave in December, and not now? Greenspan said is there still work to be done, and he looks forward to the football season.

4:45 p.m.: We’re underway here. The focus continues to be on what Greenspan did to clean up the financial picture of the athletics department.”I want to be absolutely clear that this is Rick’s decision,” said IU president Michael McRobbie. McRobbie said he is upset about the new charge against IU, and that the university will “vigorously” defend itself.Early in his prepared statement (literally, he read it from a sheet of paper he held up), Greenspan said the most obvious statement of the year at IU.” My four years here have been challenging and never boring,” Greenspan said.

4:35 p.m.: There are about 60 people, mainly IU officials and the media, inside the Hoosier Room, awaiting the start of today’s press conference to officially announce the resignation of athletics director Rick Greenspan, effective at the end of the year. We were scheduled to start five minutes ago, but it appears we are waiting on members of the Indianapolis media to arrive.Internet service is spotty down here, but I am going to attempt to keep all of you informed of what is going on during this presser.


  1. Failure to monitor = RG covering the mouths of compliance. McRobbie found out and demanded his resignation. Ask Jennifer Brinegar.

  2. Dakich too close to the mess. He has mud on his shoes and will track it all over the house.

    Does the Pope have any brothers? We need SQUEAKY clean. Whoops……..Catholic priest, pope? Nope!

    How about Don Imus?

  3. greenspan’s a douche, we need to get Mark Cuban to own the team. YEA!!!!!!!! .. that’d be GREAT.

  4. WW….. I’m curious. Where’d ya hear that tidbit of info.

    I bet McRobbie is P.O.’d BIG TIME. He was/is clearly not an Athletic Proponent…All this is going to make it even harder for Athletics at IU to get anything done as long as he’s the Prez.

  5. Scott, I agree with you Wholeheartedly. Poor Crean looks defeated already. Poor Guy.

    My first thought though, when he started talking about his AD at Marquette, was “here we go….he’s gonna try and pull his AD over now.” LOL

  6. Hoosier Fan….inside source. The reappointment of Jennifer Brinegar is key to this. Much like witness protection.

  7. Uhh, Dynasty, college teams aren’t franchises and therefore don’t have owners. Just thought I’d clear that up.

    It does seem to me that the NCAA is pretty determined to go after Indiana. I mean, how long has it been known, er, I mean, alleged that Reggie Bush and his parents made a few hundred grand and lived in a mansion while he played for USC, and I don’t think they’ve even had charges filed against them by the NCAA. That just doesn’t seem right.

  8. ww – Knowing how things work at IU, it makes sense to me!! I personally thought it was probably one of those, “Resign or get Fired” situations.

  9. In RG’s case, I would bet it WAS you are fired and you have the option to resign. In Jennifer’s case it was probably, tell us what you know and we will reassign you. What a terrible mess. God…….is winning that important? OK…..I know the answer.

  10. ww… totally makes sense what you are saying. I agree with you, and I say we start a petition for Chris Reynolds for AD

  11. Just bring in an AD with a proven track record, similar to the Crean hiring, so we can have some stability for God’s sake.

  12. I’m okay with Chris Reynolds for AD. I believe he attended IU Law after his playing days, so he’d know the legal side of things well. And he knows the athletic side. And he’s clean and a link to the Knight era, which previously hasn’t been that important to me but is starting to look better and better. In fact, I amend my support to Chris Reynolds for Associate AD, let’s have Bob as AD!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, got a bit carried away there, I’ll try to calm down now. It’s easy to be driven goofy by all this never-ending mess.

  13. JL………agreed. Proven track record and above average integrity. No question marks. None at all.

  14. IU said that they are going to fight that charge. What does that mean, is it like a court of law, can we win even if the allegation is false? Anyone know?

  15. the fish rots from the head down. lets startwith the trustee who ordered hiring of sanctions.

  16. JL

    I’m pretty sure they’re judge jury and executioner. I keep feeling like we’re going get really harsh sanctions. Forfeiting some wins, post season ban, recruiting restrictions and possibly further scholarship loss. Good thing we got Crean before all this happened. I’m guessing he wouldn’t say yes if he was only offered the job right now.

  17. No legal beagle here, but I would guess that McRobbie making a statement by saying…. I will handle that in house. Seeya RG.

    I wonder if McRobbie knows the real info is still in house and the NCAA’s are profiling a power move. This is his counter punch? Just surmising, based on what has, and is, transpiring.

    Maybe he knows the NCAA does not have the proof?

  18. and when I say proof, I am not talking about the phone calls, etc. We are now on a different charge. The stink in the mess is NOW how long did IU know? and what did they do to react?

    The truth be known, but by who(m)? I agree that the NCAA is the judge, jury and executioner but they must have some bullets to fire that gun.

  19. Failure to monitor: It took an intern to catch on, rather late in “the game.”

  20. A fish rots from the head down. The rot doesn’t stop with Kelvin “Carpetbagger” Sampson and Rick “See No Evil, Hear no Evil” Greenspan, it goes all the way to IU Trustees Office. Sampson and Greenspan were bought off to hide the real problems. The Trustees run IU like a proprietary business enterprise, though some in the know define it as “a racket.” The college students, half of whom are just taking up air, understand this; that’s one reason why they hardly give a damn. Until an outside investigator comes in and identifies systemic rot for purging, nothing will change and IU and its reputation will continue to degrade.

  21. AD. Apparently he was suppose to be our savior at the guard position, perhaps he might be at the AD too. Ask him…

  22. You think that RG is bad put Chris Reynolds in and you will see a mess he could not be a AD for a grade schoo;.

  23. How about Kent Benson? Loves Indiana Basketball and is a successful business man.

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