McGee making visits

Brandon McGee fails to dunk late in the game.Brandon McGee, the 6-7 wing who was dismissed from the Indiana basketball team earlier this summer, has been taking visits to schools where he might resume his college career.

Last week he went to Auburn. “There’s a real family environment there, which I liked,” he said on Monday.

The Chicago native has visits planned with Oregon State, where Craig Robinson has taken over for Jay John and is looking to build the program. (The Beavers just lost 2008 recruit Eshaunte Jones, who originally gave a verbal to IU but never signed, opting instead to sign with OSU and then asking to leave when Johns did.)

Most interesting fact about Craig Robinson? He’s Barack Obama’s brother-in-law. But that’s probably not the whole reason McGee is considering the school. It probably has something to do with the fact that Robinson hired Nate Pomeday to his staff. Pomeday played at Northwestern in the late 1990s and has since become been a fixture in the Chicago basketball scene.

McGee said he will also visit Bradley and may listen to a few of the other coaches who are calling him but hopes to make a decision soon.


  1. I love how the only picture out there of Brandon McGee in action is him bricking a dunk at the end of the game at Michigan. Classic.

  2. Best of luck to McGee, I think he is being lumped into “bad guys”, when I dont believe he was one ! He was Sampson’s first recruit at a time when the girls from W. Lafayette were plucking up everyone, so I was really hoping he would do well. McGee is an example of everyone associated with KS in most Hoosier eyes will thought of as an accomplice to KS destruction of this program, whether guilty or not !

  3. Brandon was one of those players who seemed to have a sense of entitlement. He was at IU for academics and basketball not just basketball. The fact that he could not work with the tutoring staff and do the work he should have been doing without pressure says miles about his character. I liked KS but all the academic issues that have come out speak more poorly about him them a few dumb phone calls. The players may have been loyal to him but did he really have their long term best interest at heart when he didn’t demand that they assume responsibility for their academic work. The the most disappointing thing about the KS era was the lack of character. This also flowed over with Ray M and his move to Detroit and the way he manipulated Eli to leave. Ray will be gone in a couple of years when is son is a star senior being recruited. Eli will be sitting out another year. Will he get IU’s help in the medical redshirt year? Probably not. So he has wasted half his college career with a couple of pitiful games. My guess is that he will never have a Detroit degree. We will struggle next year, but I’m hopeful that Crean will be returning character to our program.

  4. well said Tom. The character issues are much worse than the calls. Glad we are moving on.

  5. Of course these kids had character issues; their coach and (in many cases) “father figure” was a moron whose only concern was himself. What BS do you think he told them behind closed doors? It’s hard to blame a teenager for being selfish when he’s been told his entire life that he’s the most important person in the world. People aren’t born either selfISH or selfLESS: they’re taught.

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