NCAA: No more recruit tour

[1:15 UPDATE]

Interestingly, Chad Hawley — who will join IU’s staff as the athletics director for compliance on July 7th — was the Big Ten’s liaison between the NCAA and recruit tour coordinator Criss Beyers.

Hawley, the conference’s assistant commissioner for compliance, told me today that the barnsorming tour was a victim of its own popularity.

“The way I’ve explained it is that it was a sapling a few years ago, and everybody was OK with it,” he said. “But now it’s grown into a tree and it’s a different matter.”

Hawley said the latest incarnation of the recruit tour, which Beyers initiated in the summer of of 2002 when Bracey Wright was an incoming freshman, began as a series of clinics which traditionally ended with what amounted to an organized pickup game.

But the tour became more and more popular through the years, culminating last summer when fans flocked to see Eric Gordon and five other new recruits.

The popularity of the event last  summer led the NCAA to conclude that the tour constituted a promotion of Indiana athletics by an outside person. That turned Beyers into what we commonly call a booster, and the sort of close contact Beyers has with the prospective “student-athletes” is frowned upon, to say the least, by the NCAA.

Hawley was careful to note — and I would agree — that he did not believe Beyers intended to conduct a promotional tour for the university.

“Criss is a basketball guy,” he said. “He wants to promote the game of basketball.”

But in this case intention can’t superscede actual effect. This year, Beyers could have taken as many as 10 players on the tour, which would have been basically the entire IU team.

“It’s hard to argue that’s not a promotion of the Indiana basketball team,” Hawley said.

Hawley did leave open the possibility of a revised event that would fit within the rules, but Beyers has not made any such plans yet.


Indiana’s incoming recruits will barnstorm no more.

Criss Beyers, a local AAU coach who has run the tours for six years, learned late yesterday that the NCAA has “strongly advised” the Big Ten not to allow the annual tour to continue.

Beyers said that the NCAA has had questions about the tour in recent years but has always ultimately declared it to be acceptable.


  1. Ridiculous. The more things they throw down, the more I see bad, bad, bad punishments.

  2. Tick-Tick-Tick—it keeps coming down on you all, The I in Indiana stands for Idiots. you are all going down.

  3. Is Indiana the only school that has this sort of thing? I find that difficult to believe given the similarly-crazed interest in college hoops in states like Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois and North Carolina, among others.

    It seems that anything Indiana does the NCAA is looking to regulate or curtail. The barnstorming tours have gone on in one form or another for years. Why are they now so problematic?

  4. Okay, I just asked a co-worker who’s from Kentucky and a big UK fan (most of whom, by the way, think IU is being unfairly harassed and hope we don’t get severe penalties)if incoming UK recruits go on a barnstorming tour in the summer. I specifically asked if signed, incoming recruits to the UK basketball team go around the state in the summer and play games against various all-star teams. He said that yes, they do. So is the NCAA going after their barnstorming tours as well??? HT guys, can you look into this further as far as similar tours in other states and if the NCAA is scrutinizing them as well??

  5. Gee, controlled practices for new players. That’s not an unfair advantage or anything. IU should get the death penalty for all of the cheating they’ve been doing for years. All of Knight’s banners are tarnished, and the first one was a gift from Purdue since they were the one Big Ten team who was actually invited to the NCAA tournament. One legit banner? Maybe.

  6. Hey joe hoss and Biff:

    I’m not very good at it, so I’m going to let my boys Caleb and Steve-O rip you guys a new one. They will be around shortly.

  7. If people out there actually believe that this stuff doesn’t go on at other institutions (and the violations are much more agregious elsewhere, I might add) then please tell us what cave you and Bin Laden are sharing and we might get something productive out of all of this.
    IU is being made an example of. Many, many, many places refuse to self-report and take a gamble that the NCAA can uncover any issues through their own investigation. This takes a lot of legwork and time/resources. Considering that those in the NCAA probably have a hard enough time finding their own parking lot on any given day then it could be a pretty safe bet any fact-finding mission would be futile.

  8. It’s called grammar Joe. Try not to learn some before you call other people “idiots”.

    Anyway, I think the NCAA is overstepping it’s bounds here and it stinks of hypocricy. We have been doing this for years and they have always said it was acceptable. So why the change of heart now? It doesnt hurt anyone but the players and the fans to make us stop doing this.

    I am almost to the point now that I truly wish we would have just told the NCAA to suck a fatty. They are built on the backs of college athletes, but profess to be all about academics. Everyone knows that is a joke and always has.

    Precedent has been set for future schools to lie, lie, lie to the NCAA. There is no benefit to coming clean with them. They dont even have the personel to investigate these allegations. They rely on honesty from their member institutions. All they have done here is tell member schools that it doesnt pay to be honest with the NCAA. I hope it comes back to bite them big time in the end and I bet it will.

    Try all you want NCAA, but IU IS going to come out of this better than ever eventually. In the process we will have some fun laughing at how far you have distanced yourself from the schools that used to take you seriously.

  9. I’m just absolutely stunned that IU is going through all of this and yet USC’s basketball and football programs, FSU’s football program and Kansas State’s basketball program get to operate as normal.

    Aren’t acedemic scandals, paying recruits and current players and moving a recruits family half way across the country and getting the mom a cushy job way worse than phone calls?

    I’m not saying Sampson/IU should be off the hook, I’m saying what these other programs have done is far worse, in my opinion, and they are off scott free.

  10. Biff you and your boy Jof Hoss must be idiot Purdue fans. How many banners do you guys have?? Ohhhh ok… That’s what I thought. Last year was your best in like a decade and we still beat you. Don’t you get tired of being IU’s whipping boy in pretty much every sport year in and year out? It’s only considered a rivalry if you win every now and then. And seriously, they are show off, exhibition matches against old Indiana high school alum. Gimmie a break you fools.

    If they gave out National Championships for lamest parties, and biggest sausage fest’s, Purdue would be top dog every year.

    But seriously, this is another bull s*** way for the NCAA to get on Indiana.

  11. Caleb and Steve O:

    Well done. I never say much on here because you guys usually say exactly what I am thinking, but you word it so much better.

    Go Hoosiers!!! Puck Furdue!!!

  12. You hillbillies don’t need to be watching your sorry recruits play this summer anyway.

    You need to help Dumbo and Oldtool pack for Californey.

  13. The good news is that Indiana didn’t commit any horrible violations like having a player leave FF tickets for a few friends,or having two athletes approved for a loan upon graduation or have the coach buy them a pizza(repaid,but a no-no).If so,you could have the program gutted for years to come and be labeled a cheater forever.

    As it is,maybe the NCAA will still say that just because no one could prove that Hoosier coaches used slander against a rival coach during the recruiting process,doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Heck, why not throw in an accusation equivalent to 80,000 and a Blazer accusation that never happened.How about…a recruit’s father winding up with a partial ownership in a some shoe store or something like that?Sprinkle in drug use by players,not monitoring class attendance,being turned in for who knows what by rival BT coaches during the recruiting process and the renegade label could stick for years.Heck,you might get hit with Failure to Monitor.

    Then again,when you have had a program and coaches who(thanks to the Purdue poster for providing the info):

    Throws a chair during a game

    Throws a potted plant at a woman

    Punches a cop in Puerto Rico.

    Pulls your team off the floor in the middle of a game

    Wiping his — and shows the paper.

    Uses a Bullwhip on a black player(poor taste even though it was in jest)

    Chokes, kicks cusses players?
    Says,”Lay back and enjoy the rape”.

    Steals a top-level recruit away from another B10 school
    Hires known cheater in order to win

    Chants cheater’s name during a game after it was known he was cheating again

    Recruits thugs, drug dealers, woman beaters

    Seems fair that you finally get what you deserve.

  14. Earlier, I posted about how barnstorming tours take place in Kentucky as well. I continued my polling with a Tennessee grad co-worker, and he reported that this summer, the incoming UT recruits are playing together on a summer league team in Knoxville against other college recruits and former players from various schools.

    Tell me again how that’s any different than the barnstorming tours except that it doesn’t move around the state? And the NCAA hasn’t said anything about that.

    Tim, I’m not going to defend a number of Knight incidents that you mention; and I was always against the Sampson hiring, so I won’t defend him; but you have concede that until Sampson, the IU program was free of NCAA scrutiny. That’s what makes this apparent witch-hunt so exasperating; we don’t even have prior offenses, and we ran off the coach who did who started this current mess. That’s why I think Indiana is being unfairly targeted, and as I mentioned, most of the UK fans I’ve talked to feel the same way.

  15. Steve O. Why don’t you check out the standings in the Director’s Cup that were posted today before saying you guys beat us in every sport? Head-to-Head, the record, on average is no different. Since you have the Bucket on loan at the moment, why don’t you count the “P”s and “I”s on it?

    Purdue has it’s faults, but an unrepentant administration isn’t one of them. And don’t hide behind the self-reporting as if you could. Those phone records are available under the FOIA and no matter what, it was only matter of time before it came to light. IU’s administration, from Myles Brand on down and after (your good buddy Myles is head of the NCAA now, isn’t he? I digress. The financial state of affairs at IU is not only attrocious, but sad as well. It speaks volumes about the way things have been mis managed and about your fan support, too boot. You can’t say that about Purdue’s Athletics Department. And all the money your paying your ex-coaches and ADs sure isn’t helping one bit.

    Lastly and speaking of “sausage fests”, I hear the IU throws the best boys-only parties and that, from time-to-time you guys even film them in the dorms. And where did IU get the money to sponsor a float in Chicago’s “G/LPride Parade this year? When they named IU a top party school, they didn’t say what kind of parties, did they?

  16. Steve O didn’t even go to IU. End of story. None of you have 5 dusty banners, you’re just some losers who jerk off to the thought of teenage boys.

  17. Take advantage of this all of you Boilermaker #!%holes. You can hit us while we are down, but remember, we won’t be there long and we are taking names.

  18. Eric, Those summer games you speak of are mostly AAU games and EVERY school has players-to-be that play on them. They started on the Pro-level and in the camps and have been going on for at least 30 years.

    The difference between that and barn-storming is that you are taking your team to the fans and can influence and show favoritism by where you choose to go. What recruit wouldn’t be influenced by having an Eric Gordon or Derrick Rose come to HIS HS gym and not only play a game against the local HS stars, but also put on a special “coaching clinic” for the local coaches? Yes, they can do that in Bloomington, but that’s point, make it easy on the coaches – no travel, no big time commitment. You curry favor that way.

    And for the people on this board crying about other schools, there’s a huge difference between USC and IU and it’s not in the way you think. Almost all of those offenses (the apartment for Bush, etc.), were committed behind closed doors, outside the view of the school. They weren’t committed by the COACH himself, who brought a bad rep with him and who should have been monitored from day one. You can’t control the actions that you don’t know or should know about, especially since you have no contractual relationship with the outside party. Not so for a coach.




  20. Quagmire, we prefer to KICK you when you’re down. Hitting you would involve stooping to IU’s level of incompetence, which we would never do. The NCAA will be the ones who determine how long you’ll be down, not you. And you can take down all the names you want, but so can the 98 lbs, weakling take down the names of those kicking sand in his face. Charles Atlas or no, you won’t be able to do anything about it. Just remember, you guys put yourself in your current position, both figuratively and literally. Admittedly, it sucks but it comes with the territory. Most of us look forward to a competitive rivalry, but we’ve also heard for years what hicks, etc. Purdue people are. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you have to expect it. Suffer in silence and eventually it will all go away and maybe next time when things are more even, you’ll remember what it was like and think twice about the other guy.

  21. You Furdue Puckers have had it now!!! You went and made Steve O activate his Caps Lock!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! You guys suck!!!

  22. WE put ourselves in this situation. WE didn’t ask for Sampson. WE had no choice. If WE had a choice, Coach Knight would still be here and I am guessing we would have at LEAST 6 dusty banners by now. Trust me, WE didn’t want any of this.

  23. Also, speaking of “old dusty banners,” how’s your 1932 Helms Foundation national basketball title looking these days?!?!!? LOLOLOLOL. Must look lonely up in the rafters all by itself! Purdue is such a joke, so are their retarted fans, who come to the IU blog to try and talk s*** and get their faces owned. What they don’t even have a blog for Purdue basketball?? LOL.

    It’s also funny how during Little 5 truck loads of Purdue geeks come strolling into town just to take in the Bloomington experience… You have nothing on IU!!

  24. Rock,

    OJ Mayo has issues about the people around him before he went to USC. So if IU is penalized for bringing in Sampson, then shouldn’t Floyd and USC be penalized? Shouldn’t Pete Carroll recognize something isn’t right when Reggie Bush shows up to practice driving an Escalade, with two cell phones, a pager, a huge diamond necklace and a rolex?

    And, of my other examples, KSU and FSU, those were both done under the coach’s/programs/university’s watch. The FSU scandal has been called the largest academic scandal is college history. Not a peep from the NCAA.

  25. Steve, you beat Purdue’s largely freshman team with a bunch of semi-pros who weren’t going to classes and aren’t even in school anymore. That’s really something to chortle about.

    And how do you know so much about the social scene at Purdue? Oh, I know. You weren’t much interested in the girls at IU and figured you check out engineers. Sorry, engineers don’t have time for girlfriends. Those come after you’re out on your first job making $60K a year, not folding sweaters at Macy’s with a theatre and music degree. Ergo, we don’t much care about the so-called skanks while we’re studying, several of who were Ms. Indiana. Playboy visits your school because the hets on the staff know the IU women are lonely and gays on their staff know a good party when they see one.

  26. Rock,

    No time for girls? Not a very Hetero thing to say. You sure it is not you Purdue boys that are playing for the other team?

  27. The barnstorming tour is a recruiting tool by IU but other states can do similar tours.

    The barnstorming tour is basically a controlled practice for the players. Have you ever seen a barnstorming game. They are the ultimate in freelance and the opposite of practice. The only defense involved is going for blocked shots or steals. No post defense is played. Any coach watching these games would cringe at the lack of discipline and blatant showboating. It is all done in fun. The local players put in much more effort.

    This tour should go on because the public enjoys it and the local area players get a chance to match up with division I players.

  28. Rock,

    You want to talk engineering? Every REAL engineer knows that Rose-Hulman is the REAL engineering school.

    We have Purdue engineers intern to get the shop floor swept and make coffee. Did I mention these are unpaid internships?

  29. Rock, no, the games I’m referring to I specifically asked if they were AAU, and got a no from my UK co-worker and my UT co-worker. I know what AAU games are and these are different. And if a summer league team made up primarily of Tennessee recruits playing in Knoxville isn’t a promotion of the UT squad outside the control of the athletic dept., I don’t know what is. That said, I don’t see anything wrong with the games, just the fact that the NCAA appears to be targeting only the Indiana version.

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  31. As a gay basketball fan, I think this discussion has taken a juvenile and offensive turn. It’s like a bunch of grade schoolers yelling the f-g word as a silly insult (I hope) without thinking it through. Grow up, guys!

  32. Steve-o

    Couple things,

    What does LOLOLOLOL stand for? Laugh out loud out loud out loud out loud?

    You are very ignorant, which is typical of most IU fans. Purdue is nowhere close to a 5-1 guy to girl ratio, it is like 55-45 right now. Do you need me to explain that? 55% male, 45% female. I know you feel like you need to have more girls to assure that you can get one, but we don’t worry too much about it. You talk about making the tournament on a consistant basis? Up until about 5 years ago we had a decent streak going. Don’t act like IU makes it every year either. You missed a few years back did you not? If not, you will get used to missing it very soon.
    I leave you with some things to think about.

    Who has the better all time record?
    Who has more big ten championships?
    Who has a .500 or better record against every team in the Big Ten.
    Who has no players on their roster next year rated in the rivals top 150?
    How many players does IU have who were alive for their last banner?
    Who owns IU in every sport that matters? IF you don’t believe me, go count the P’s on the bucket. Go look at that volleyball trophey and count those. Go find a picture of the girls soccer trophey online because you may have never even had it.
    Here is the summary of this past season.
    IU, best womens team in years, worst Purdue womens team in years, purdue takes the season series two-one. IU football plays a game for their first bowl appearance in over a decade and dedicates it to their dead coach and still wins on a field goal to turn a once in a decade thing into a twice in a decade thing. Your mens basketball team wins at home by less then 10 with two first round draft picks in their coaches last game. Instead of firing the cheater, they let him stay for a week to try and win some games, oh yeah, and they beat a team of freshmen and sophomores who had their worst shooting game of the big ten season.

    Ill say it for you all so you can spare me of having to come back and read the responses.
    1. Banners
    2. Wofford
    3. Bucket

  33. “Rock is an…”. You don’t see us because were PEs. We don’t hang around in “shops” like you operating engineers (nice words for “building superintent”) do. Get on your Segway and go up to Chicago sometime, it’ll open your eyes. The world doesn’t exactly revolve around Terre Haute and the boys that couldn’t get into Harvey Mudd, MIT or Cal Tech but still had their mommy and daddy’s money to pay for a private school.

  34. Quagmire: Let me spell it out for you. That was $60K plus signing bonus to start for a BSE, no experience. I know you confused it with peak earnings for IU grads. But keep putting in for overtime and you’ll eventually get those loans paid that financed your your degree in choreography.

    Oh, and another thing. We have plenty of time for girls when we are out working and not folding sweaters to pay off loans. They also seem to have plenty of time for us. In fact, I just came in from spending the evening at the Cubs/Sox game with one and I am going again tomorrow with another one. (I keep telling people it’s just the box seats, but they seem to call even when the team’s out of town.)

  35. Brokeback Bloomington, I’ve only commented on basketball. So here are my three questions to you.

    #1. How many championships have you won?
    #2. How many championships have you won?
    #3. How many championships have you won?

    thanks. we have 5. no need to reply, cause there is nothinig you can say.

  36. Seems I missed some mud slinging today, but I would like to comment on this barnstorming decision by the NCAA.

    Simply said……….it is none of their business and should remain that way. Chris Byers and others have created a way for Hoosier fans to enjoy their love for the game and to follow the recruits. Why penalize the fans because we love the game? This edict from the Vatican City (NCAA)is ridiculous.

    They need to focus on real cheating. Go down south where they buy football players like they buy cars. Every successful booster boasts his own personal player. They love their football like we love hoops. The difference is they have a unique style to build teams.

    OK……..I know I have little right to say this, in light of what has happened, but……..IU got burned by Kelvin’s indiscretions. All else is fallout from his ego trip.

    I could not believe this article when I saw it this morning. Absolute bullcrap. Goodnight. Going to the POPS.

  37. THe barnstorming tours are not abut IU basketball. It is a way for Criss Byers to make some money.

  38. Promoting basketball tournaments and events is how Criss makes a living. I there something wrong with that?

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