Negedu will announce today

[2:25 UPDATE]

Negedu has chosen.

He’ll go to Tennessee. Gary Parrish of CBS has the scoop.

He considered the Vols the first time around, before picking Arizona.

There is one Bloomington tie to the choice: Drew Adams, son of Mark and former South player and an Indiana Elite AAU coach, attends Tennessee and works with the basketball program.

[1:40 UPDATE]

Mike Pegram, known to you as “Peegs,” is now saying the announcement may come a little later than 3. This after Evan Daniels, a national writer, said yesterday that Negedu would announce Wednesday.

So, there’s a little confusion out there. But I think we’ll know soon.

By the way, the Scoop welcomes Peegs back from his vacation and expects to see pictures of him drinking a margarita on the beach posted soon.


Looks like Emmanuel Negedu will make his college choice known later today. He’s scheduled a 3 p.m. press conference.

The 6-7 power forward — who reportedly has an insane 45-inch vertical leap — will pick from Indiana, Georgia Tech, Memphis and Tennessee.

Most observers believe it will come down to either Memphis or Tennessee.

Negedu has spent a lot of time in Bloomington; he came to the U.S. through the A-Hope program run by local man Mark Adams, and then played for the Bloomington-based Indiana Elite AAU program.

He wants to play an up-tempo style — the kind Tom Crean has preached he will employ — and he wants to win. Crean has said his team will win eventually, but Memphis and Tennessee figure to be among the favorites to reach the Final Four next year.

(Though, really, will anybody be able to touch North Carolina?)


  1. Where’s the guy Andrew who said Negedu was going to commit on the spot to Tennessee? Yes, he may still go there, but I knew he would make all his visits and decide after his trip to Memphis. Anyway, hopefully Crean & staff can pull another ‘Verdell Jones’ type rabbit out their collective hat. Go IU!

  2. Yea, UNC is gonna be retarted next year. They return pretty much everyone…

    I agree Negedu will probably pick Tenn. or Memphis. But if we all look back at the Verdell Jones situation, it looked like he was almost definately gonna pick Minnesota, but he shocked everyone and picked IU. So I would say there is a chance, however slim, that he joins the Hoosiers.

  3. Oh well. You win some you lose some. We will have a better chance at landing the top talent once we get the NCAA off our back. I wish him well.

  4. Absolutely no surprise and I can’t say I feel bad about it. It was a pretty big longshot to begin with.

    MY NEXT GUESS: If anybody else was waiting in the wings for ’08 we will hear about them tonight or tomorrow.

    Usually a coach has a backup plan in the event their primary target goes some place else. However, at this point the book on ’08 recruits may be closed.

  5. Crean NEVER HAS, AND NEVER WILL RECRUIT BLUE CHIP PLAYERS. He could not do it at Marquette and will not do it at IU.

  6. Yeah…like a lot of Blue-chip players have EVER considered Marquette! Remember, D.Wade wasn’t even on the radar at the likes of UNC, Duke, UCLA, Kansas…and even Indiana!!

  7. Al Maguire did it at the same time Bob Knight did it. Calapari is doing it at Memphis which doesn’t have the tradition of Marquette

  8. George
    Coach Crean has done a pretty good job considering the dark cloud that IU has been under. Blue chip players hear the very worst from the other schools about IU’s future. Especially with what IU is still under this week and for 6 or 8 more. Never is a short time, as soon as the rest of NCAA hell is over. Then the real re-building can begin. Hopefully this NEVER has an end date not to far in the future.

  9. For someone who supposedly has multiple degrees from multiple Big Ten schools, this fellow sure has a lot of time on his hands. Must have some pent up frustration about something.

  10. I told you sissy’s so! DONT fire Crean and we end up a girls school in a couple of years…Keep clicking your heels together Dorothy, WE SUCK!!

  11. Higgi – DWade was a flunkout. He didnt make the grades his senior year and no one wanted to chance him, but he was highly recruited out of high school. He fell to 3 stars I believe after he sat out a year. That is a special situation.

    Go look at some of the recruits Crean was able to pull at Marquette. There a number of top 10 at their position kids. You dont think he will exceed that at IU? Please.

    Good luck Negedu. Full steam ahead HoosierNation!!

  12. Who’s “we” killer? You aren’t part of anything to do with “us”.

    Call your shrink if you had a bad day at work. We don’t care.

  13. George, you apparently fail to realize that part of Calipari’s success at Memphis lies in the fact that it has lower academic standards than Bloomington South. Anyone can get in there; it’s a TN Board of Regents school, which is the second tier of state schools. He has no academic standards to adhere to; players have never graduated there, so he doesn’t even have to worry about that. So to equate Memphis with a distinguished academic school like Marquette isn’t even an apples-oranges comparision, it’s more like blueberries and watermelon.

    Give Crean a chance, he’s behind the 8-ball on several levels right now. IU’s ’08 recruiting class is rated #27, and the recruits are mostly Crean’s, and his ’09 recruits look better already. As other posts have mentioned, competing coaches will always portray IU’s situation with the NCAA as akin to doomsday. Once that’s out of the picture, we’ll be on an even playing field and I think Crean will be a superb recruiter.

  14. IU came back from pretty heavy NCAA sancions brought on by football recruiting in the early sixties.back then if one sport was found guilty all sports were penalized, and a player boycott
    witch led to the coach being fired. People wondered why IU hired this new coach to clean up this mess, they didn’t like his style of ball, and they knew he could recruit. That coach was Bob Knight. Give crean a chance he may be what IU needs right now. We will be ok its INDIANA.

  15. Eric, we are now excited about having the number 27 ranked class in the country, pretty sad

  16. Eric, by the way didn’t IU also recruit Derrick Rose and Negudu the same as Memphis. The guy can not recruit the top ranked players

  17. If you truly expected Crean to come in and recruit a bunch of 5-star players in 2 months, while dealing with discipline, academic, and NCAA problems……then you are crazy.

  18. Actually I’m just trying to stir the pot. I’m not even an Indiana basketball fan. I hate the Loosiers with a passion, that is why I’m on this board.

  19. George- Tom Crean wasn’t the coach at IU when Rose was being recruited. If you’re going to make completely irrelevant points, at least try to have the facts straight so you’re not dumb AND wrong.

  20. For the record, I like the way Crean is recruiting (shorthanded at that). These players may not be blue chippers but they’re solid, 4 years players that we can all root for and will get better as a TEAM over time (Like – ahem – Purdue’s current squad).

    Not that I wouldn’t be excited by a 5 star recruit, but who wants a kid that’s in school for an NBA showcase year? Love EJ, but it felt like a one night stand.

  21. Why waste time on George? He sucks as a president and he doesn’t know anything about basketball.

  22. Chet, Thank you, I like to need my day with a laugh. I tried to give a little IU history, but I guess I didn”t get it across.

  23. If Mark Adams the next ” I want to be an agent” wants to steal hoosier talent then he can take his pretend coaching skills to TN.

  24. Anybody know anything about Kyle Tabor as a HS player in Evansville? I’m curious to know if he was scorer or not. How many kids walk on a major program and contrubute as a scorer? I think not too many. As a walk-on, especially lasty year, he is to fill a role…. defend, set solid picks and rebound. I would like to know if anyone knows of Kyle Tabor’s HS career in Evansville.

  25. re: Kyle Taber

    Here are some of the stats from a recent article about Taber in the Evansville Courier & Press…

    Courier & Press’ All-Metro Player of the Year in 2003-04 when he averaged 13.0 points, 12.0 rebounds, 3.5 blocked shots and 2.8 assists for a 20-5, Class 4A sectional-championship Central team

  26. George, at least now I know why you’re so relentlessly obnoxious. It would hardly seem like a good use of your time to antagonize people who haven’t done anything to you, but if that’s how you choose to use your time, that’s your choice.

    Despite the fact that IU could be truly terrible this season, I remain confident about our prospects for subsequent seasons. By the time the players coming in this year and in ’09 are upperclassmen, they’ll have more experience than most of the players they’re playing against and I think we’ll improve dramatically. It will just take some patience the first couple of years.

  27. HE CANNOT RECRUIT! WE will have to get accustomed to getting our a** kicked over and over by teams we USED to beat. We was only good back when white boys wore tube socks!! NOW INDIANA SUCKS ASS!

    Lets be realistic! We have “settled” long enough while our “AD” has sold us out! How do you destroy a great team? From the inside you idiots!! Why cant you fools see this? Are you that stupid? Keep “Dreaming” Crean will turn this around, while the whole time we sink into nothingness…

  28. Dude, seriously. It’s getting old. No one agrees with you. You sound like an idiot redneck.

    You also show that you lack any college basketball knowledge. We have a TOP 30 CLASS!!! That’s after we had several players leave. And by the time Crean got hired, almost ALL of the top recruits had already been signed. Somehow we ended up in the top 30 though.

  29. Ditto what Steve O said, FireCreanNow. You’re going to have some absolutely massive egg on your face when Crean fields a strong team. That may take a couple of years, by which time you will probably have imploded after your blood pressure reached about 350/190. Give him a chance, he had very limited opportunities this spring, and he signed some good players anyway. The fact that Negedu could have visited anywhere and had IU among his final four is enough said, given our circumstances.

    You might also want to consider sedatives and/or anti-depressants.

  30. ……..and/or a leap off of the nearest bridge, tall building, parking garage, etc.

  31. So anybody have ideas on what the starting 5 might look like this year? I think it’ll probably be:

    pg. Verdell Jones
    sg. Devon Dumes
    g/f. Nick Williams
    pf. Kyle Taber
    c. Jobe/Pritchard

    Just a guess of course…

  32. Not exactly a star-studded lineup… 2 freshmen, 2 JUCO transfers, and a walk-on turned scholarship player.

    I think Williams has a chance to be the best player to come out of the class… And hopefully Roth will be able to come in and knock down some big 3’s.

  33. Yes, Indiana will certainly have a down year next season, but also look for Memphis to drop off significantly – remember, Calipari has now lost out both Ebanks & Negedu and no returning starters are currently expected to be on the floor when play resumes in Fall ’08.

  34. My Petition has 778 sigs so far!! I WILL make enough noise to get rid of him.. You LITTLE girls can act all postitive but I WILL act to get rid of this hoosier loosier. We WONT win 12 games next year with CREAN at the helm… any bets?? Ya I didnt think so little girly men…

  35. LOL 778 “signs”. OHHHH MAN, WOW. I think your efforts are really paying off!!! Sike. You got a looong way to go you idiot. “hoosier loosier”??? LOLOL. Probably from Sellersburg or some hick town in the sticks.

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