Rivals doubts IU football

The good folks over at rivals.com are counting down FBS football from No. 120 all the way to No. 1. It’s a fun list, and a crowd-pleasing way to pass the summer months.

Well, Indiana football did make the list – at No. 79. Ouch. From the Big Ten, only Minnesota fared worse.

The crux of the argument against the Hoosiers seems to be the uncertain future of quarterback Kellen Lewis. Should Lewis return, everything is fine and dandy. Without him, this team “becomes ordinary quickly,” Tom Dienhart writes.

Here’s the good news: Indiana is better than N.C. State. I watched the Wolfpack flounder through 12 games last season, and saw a lack of real, game-changing talent during the Spring Game. And rivals.com has the Pack listed at No. 68, 11 spots higher than the Hoosiers. So there’s at least one team above Indiana that should not be.

And remember, it could always be worse – the Golden Panthers of Florida International come in dead last.


  1. Pretty generous rating if you ask me. We’ll lose 7 games with Kellen, 9 games with Chappell. This is what happens when a school like IU puts all its (rotten) eggs in one basket (the basketball program). Let’s look to Kansas and UConn as examples of basketball schools that realize that football is also important and can be a huge revenue boon.

  2. Wow HuskyTom, I actually agree with you. IU needs to wake up and realize they need to put more into the football program. Indiana is a basketball school traditionaly, but people in Indiana also love football, and some really good talent has come from the state. Hell, Rex Grossman is from B-Town. But of course that type of talent would never even think of coming to IU.

    The revenue part would be huge. The facilities need upgrades to stay on the same level with the rest of the country’s top programs.

    Also agreed on the fact that Lewis is pivotal. If he can’t return, we’ll be lucky to win a game, and that’s taking into consideration the fact we scheduled another soft non-conference schedule.

  3. Uh if you dont remember, Rex actually sucks..hello? His dad got him into UF and flourished in a system that any passer would have done well. Just look at his poor pro career. Back to IU…they had a chance to pay for a top coach, whether it be a big name or an up and comer, but they blew it, and went with the emotional choice. We might have a good record this year, but itll mean nothing with this schedule

  4. Good Lord. The comments section here is becoming as bad as YouTube. Our “fans” always seem to find something to complain about. So if we win 8-9 games this year, you won’t enjoy it? It will “mean nothing”? What’s the excuse going to be in 09 when we play UM, OSU, and South Florida? If we continue to improve, are you going to complain that we should’ve played Texas and USC?
    Steve O, you realize that we ARE upgrading the facilities, right?
    And by the way HuskyTom, Kansas’ great year last year was their coach’s 6th season at KU. Here is Mangino’s records prior to last year: 2-10, 6-7, 4-7, 7-5, 6-6. In the Hep / Lynch era, we have gone 4-7, 5-7, and 7-5. Things are improving, so if you want to compare us to Kansas, give Lynch some time.

  5. God I hate IU “basketball fans”. Stop talking about the football program please. 9 losses with Chappell? You’re assuming we lose to a MAC team (we’ve won 19 straight against MAC teams) or a team that was 1-AA two years ago?

    Steele ranked IU 11th in the conference. That’s even worse. How anyone doesn’t see a minimum of 6 wins with this schedule is beyond me.

  6. know them since hs…lynch and his kid were always arrogant at btown south. struttin around like he owned the place…btw he stunk as a player too. so yeah i wanted a new coach. you can have your opinion too. 3 yrs down the road and the program will still be at the bottom

  7. LMAO Lynch is one of the most humble guys I have ever met, you’ve got to be kidding me. He’s not my first choice for our coach but if keeping Lynch meant keeping stability and keeping our current staff, then I’m all for it, especially since we’re paying him essentially nothing.

    Maybe Jim Harbaugh comes here down the line now that we have his sister living in Bloomington with Crean. That would be AWESOME, but I’m dreaming again. Why would anyone EVER leave Palo Alto?

  8. Don’t forget, Harbaugh’s wife is from Indy, I believe and it ddefinitely wouldn’t hurt with his sister being married to Crean.

  9. Wow! I’ve not read so many negative, not to mention ignorant comments in quite a while. Coach Lynch is more than qualified to lead this team. Why don’t you guys just back off. Give the man another season. IU football is emerging. If you don’t like IU football, go somewhere else.

  10. Gosh… last year when I commented that IU had less B 10 championships than the University of Chicago who quit the big ten like 70 years ago, I got hammered. Maybe the folks at rivals.com know more about IUFB than some of the folks who post here…. IU football has always been and always will be second fiddle to the BB program. When IU fb draws 35k a game and folks think thats alot, when the only time it sells out is when OSU or UW show up with their fans, I could go on, but the fact is that IU wont ever be a FB school.

  11. Exactly. Lynch was a terrible hire, but who else would want to come coach at IU? We are terrible and will always be terrible. Some of you can still dream, but maybe you will come down to reality at some point in the future.

  12. WOW!!! The enthusiasm and optimism on this message board is stimulating!! Next thing we know the end of the world will turn out to be a GOOD thing!

  13. Don’t we have enough problems keeping the basketball program up? I am all for keeping the football at mediocricy until we get another Final Four…then think football. It all has to do with in-state guys (which will be hard with Purdue and Notre Dame) as well as the southern kids(which will be even harder). We were lucky to have the combo of James Hardy and Kellen Lewis. We got back to a bowl game, isn’t that what we wanted? It is going to be hard to play Terry Hep’s game through Billy Lynch.

  14. “I am all for keeping the football at mediocricy until we get another Final Four…then think football.”

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. When did this site get taken over by 12 year olds? We have ridiculous rants, complaints about not being like Kansas (even though Lynch / Hep have had more wins and the same amount of bowl appearances in three years as Kansas did in Mangino’s first three years), and only wanting one program to be successful at a time. Outstanding…really guys, great work.

    bhss73, the Purdue game last year sold out and we had the vast majority of fans. And who said anything about being a “football school”? Its Indiana, everyone loves basketball, and that’s great. That doesn’t mean we can’t be good at both sports.

  15. Nobody is saying it has to be better than the BB team, but it is back to respectability. We beat PU and made a bowl game to honor coach Hep. How you all forgot that already is beyond me. Austin Starr’s game winning field goal was a better moment than anything that happened on the basketball court all year for God’s sake.

    Lewis will be back and IU Football is going to continue its upward trend despite what some of you “fans” think will happen. Just look at the level of prospects we are attracting now compared to just last year. The bowl game and the new facilities are working. The snowball has starter rolling and this thing is only going to be getting bigger and better, so pull your heads out of your asses and get behind your Hoosiers. You only make your fellow fan base and the team look bad if not.

  16. I honestly find it amazing that so many “fans” actually criticize people for supporting IU football. Aren’t we all IU fans? We just had our best season in 15 years, despite the death of a coach, and we’ve had increased our win totals in each of the last 3 years. And yet, constant cheap shots are posted. I don’t get it.

  17. NO ZachRoyse, that is not what I want. I want consistent Big Ten relevance. That is the first goal. After that, we move up from there.

    Just attend a BT game this year. Give it a chance and you will see a football game has as many good points as a basketball game does. Especially this coming year.

  18. You know, Bill Mallory had a very impressive run at IU until he let his Off. Coord. take to much control. Mallory was a “meat & potatoes” guy… recruited Indiana, Ohio and Illinois really strong and while he may not have always sold out Memorial Stadium he had 40,000+ for even the poor games. IU needs to get back to basics. I think Billy Lynch is mediocre at best, but I hope he can get it done. Who was the top notch coach we DID NOT get?

  19. IU Jimmy- I agree with much of what you say, especially when you lambaste whoever said that we should concentrate on one sport only. Also, you’re point about Mangino is a good one (although you will have a much tougher time trying to make that point with UConn or Illinois (1-11 two years ago, bottom of conference, then the Rose Bowl and a win over OSU the following year)).

    Now, where you are out of line is your ranting and raving about the “12 year-olds” and the “negativity” on this forum. If you haven’t noticed, forums aren’t churches where we all come to blindly pray to a team and say only positive things. They are places where positive and negative fans alike can exchange ideas, vent their frustrations, and try to convince each other of differing points of view. Calm down a bit, and enjoy the banter.

  20. I also find it ridiculous for an alleged fan to only want one sport to be good at one time. Look at Tennessee–men’s hoops drew less than women’s until Bruce Pearl got there, and now they’re all about the men’s basketball team. Football will always be king, but basketball is big now as well. Why wouldn’t you want the same thing in reverse, with BB as the big sport and football good as well, at IU??

    Perhaps someone can tell me, are IU and Kentucky never going to play again? If so, why not?? Is that rivalry meaningless for both schools/states?

  21. I was referring to the IU-Kentucky football series, the Bourbon Barrel game, not the basketball rivalry, of course. On that front, I hope the series continues to alternate between Bloomington and Lexington.

  22. You folks complaining about our schedule should look at the schedules of other B10 teams, and the schedules of the top BCS teams. Ours is no less difficult than Ohio State or Michigan or Penn State. The same opening weekend that we play W.Kentucky, Iowa plays Maine, Ohio State plays Youngstown State and Penn State plays Coastal Carolina. How many Wisconsin fans are bitching and moaning about their non-conference schedule of Akron, Marshall, Fresno, and that traditional final-game-of-the-season Clash of the Titans with Cal Poly? Get a clue, folks, this is how BCS teams do non-conference schedules – if we want ‘relevancy’ this is how schedules are done. Only Division II schools ‘buy’ attention by scheduling monsters for non-conference games. The OSU-SoCal and Michigan-ND games are becoming rare.

  23. Kurk, I think most people would be happy if we played one reasonably good out of conference opponent. That’s why I asked about Kentucky. Ohio St. did have a home-and-home with Texas, and Michigan played Oregon last year. Tennessee played Cal the last two years and has home and homes coming up with UCLA, Oregon and Oklahoma. LSU and Virginia Tech have played a few games in recent years. I don’t expect IU to schedule anyone like that, but Kentucky or someone else who’s at least decent would be nice.

  24. Thank you Eric. Kurk, if you look back the previous 5 years, it’s been the same story for IU football. It’s the same cupcake non conf. schedule every year. We have home and home’s with teams like Western Michigan, while Ohio State is scheduling home and home’s against Texas.

    It’s like IU just hopes to get any win it can in the non conference part of the season, and hope they can win a few in the conference just to make a bowl game. Some people might say hey, at least we’re in a bowl game. Well great, but what comes out of going to a bowl game with a 3-5 conference record and padded 7-5 overall record? It doesn’t make the team better in the long run. Especially when you go into some obscure bowl against an equally mediocre Big 12 team and let them put up 49 points. It’s kind of embarassing.

    If IU is serious about turning around the football program, we NEED to get some national exposure and show we are not afraid to go out and play the “big boys.” I’m not saying schedule Texas, USC, and Florida, but take a risk and play one of them. If nothing else, it’s good experience and a chance to learn some things. Also, we need to recruit Indiana really hard. There is alot of in state talent going out of state to play. The renovations going on now are a good start.

  25. Actually, Steve O, “just” playing in a bowl game does make us better since we get all the extra practice time. At this point in the program’s development that is critical, not to mention the exposure and having another selling point for recruiting.
    Scheduling 4 wins is what we need to do right now. When we are definitely recruiting and playing at a high level, we can upgrade the schedule.

  26. LME, we’ve been trying this approach for the last decade and it hasn’t worked yet. So I’m not sure how it’s making us better or affecting recruiting in a positive way.

  27. No, we haven’t. During the last decade, we’ve played N. Carolina, N.C. State, Utah, Oregon, Washington and UConn. That’s what you want us to do but we went 1-9 against those teams and no bowl games.
    Getting those teams off the schedule helped us get to Tempe so that strategy worked. We got extra practice time and bowl trips help recruiting regardless of the actual result of the game. The program gained ground. We do it again this year and gain more ground. You’re just not going to be able to make a case that winning records and bowl games don’t help the program.

  28. LME, I just made the case hauss. You’re telling me that from last year to this year we’ve made progress? I doubt we win more than 4 games. Our recruits coming in are just as mediocre as usual.

    Whats the difference between playing the teams you mentioned and a team like Iowa or Illinois who are historically middle of the pack Big Ten teams?

    My point was to schedule a home and home or 2 against a big team like USC, Texas, or Oklahoma, a team that will draw a crowd and national TV audience no matter who they’re playing, not to mention the fact that it would be good big game experience for all the players involved. Surely you can’t be comparing Utah, Uconn, Unc, Etc to USC or Texas??????

    And again please explain to me how IU has progressed… We padded our record last year with non-conference crap and only won 3 Big Ten games, and got embarassed in our bowl game. And we are following it up this year with an unknown QB situation, no running game, and the loss of James Hardy and company…

  29. So, Steve O, you would prefer to go back to the 3-8 days? We have won 4, 5, and now 7 games. That is progress. I have already mentioned that The schedule will get tougher in 09. Hopefully, we will be coming off of 2 straight bowls, with some momentum. However, why on earth would we play USC? That’s just stupid. I want to see IU get some wins, and gradually toughen up the schedule, which is what we are doing. I’d also like to know how IU fans are in any position to complain about getting to any bowl. We aren’t Ohio State.

    Also, I heard the same “we won’t win 4 games” crap last year, and look how that turned out. People whine about how much we will suck, and then when we have success, they downplay it. It’s a game…enjoy the wins.

  30. Why wouldn’t you schedule 4 OOC wins? Everyone in the Big Ten is doing it. Look at the OOC schedules last year for teams:

    Ohio State: Washington (4-9), Kent St (MAC), Akron (MAC) Youngstown St (1-AA)

    Penn State: Florida Int’l (1-11), Buffalo (MAC), Notre Dame (3-9), Temple (MAC)

    Wisconsin: Washington St (5-7), UNLV (2-10), The Citadel (1-AA), N. Illinois (MAC)

    Iowa: N. Illinois (MAC), Syracuse (2-10), Iowa St (3-9), W. Michigan (MAC)

    Michigan: Appalachian St (1-AA), Oregon, E. Michigan (MAC), Notre Dame (3-9)

    Michigan St: Notre Dame (3-9), UAB (2-10), Pittsburgh (5-7), Bowling Green (MAC)

    Indiana: Indiana St (1-AA), W. Michigan (MAC), Akron (MAC), Ball St (MAC)

    Purdue: Toledo (MAC), C. Michigan (MAC), Notre Dame (3-9), E. Illinois (1-AA)

    Minnesota: ND State (1-AA), Fla. Atl. (7-5), Bowling Green (MAC), Miami OH (MAC)

    Northwestern: Northeastern (1-AA), Nevada (6-6), Duke (1-11), E. Michigan (MAC)

    Illinois: Missouri (11-1), W. Illinois (1-AA), Syracuse (2-10), Ball St (MAC)

    That leaves us with two teams scheduling other BCS programs with winning records: Illinois (Missouri) and Michigan (Oregon). Go ahead and schedule USC/Texas/Oklahoma/Florida/Georgia/Auburn. You do that, and you give your competitor teams a leg up on you in gaining bowl eligibility and getting to those 7 wins.

    When people complain about the schedule, they’re just showing their lack of knowledge about college football. Every single team out there is looking for a 4-0 non-conference record. Everyone schedules easy opponents. Yet you have these basketball fans who will still complain. You people will find any lame excuse to not come to Memorial Stadium for a game and even root against the team.

  31. Well, Steve, since this year doesn’t start until August 30th, it’s a little tough to give you anything concrete on our progress just as you can’t give any evidence that winning 7 games and going to a bowl game set us back. As far as recruiting, almost all of the 08 class gave their commitments in the summer so the bowl game effect on that class is pretty limited except for the handful of kids who jumped on board after the season. Oh, BTW, those kids included probably the best 3 players in the class in Willis, Adetona, and Kozak. So, you want evidence, there you go.
    If we get Lewis back, we will most certainly win more than 4 games. That’s a ridiculous statement.
    It’s pretty simple- schedule difficult teams and we don’t go to a bowl game. Schedule wins and we do. I’m not really sure what good you think getting our a$$es kicked by USC or Texas on national TV is going to do for the program other than get us laughed at.

  32. Mikie – Look at Rex’s career in the NFL. Started out with some injuries, never got going good. His first full season as a starter, he played in a Superbowl, led the NFL in passing 3 or 4 weeks of the season.

    Oh yeah, in his first full season under center, he put up better numbers than Peyton Manning or Brett Favre did during their first full seasons as starting QB’s.

    Last year he got blamed for the Bears troubles when it was obvious the issues was an aging line that couldn’t block a well coached youth team, and his running game was Cedric Benson. No QB, no matter how good they are, would have had a good season in Chicago. Rex has talent, he just needs to be put on a team that will get him some offensive player to go along with their defense.

    He was a 2 time contender for the Heisman, once under Spurrier system that is QB centered. Don’t forget he put up close to the same numbers under Ron Zook’s offense as he did Spurrier’s offense, and Zook’s doesn’t favor the QB.

    Oh, and if you really think he sucks, check the records, he is one of the top 10 QB’s in stats to ever play in Indiana (ranked higher than Bob Griese), holds passing records for the state championship game playing for a coach with a run first mentality.

    Back to IU. Lynch had a 1 year audition last year, and apparently passed and earned his contract. He has done a decent recruiting job, and following the high school message boards, we should start seeing some verbals for 2009 of some higher rated players that have been offered.

    From what I have been around, he isn’t the vibrant personality that Coach Hep was, but talking X’s and O’s, Lynch is a very capable and extremely knowledgeable coach. More so than I originally wanted to give him credit for from some of his on field choices.

  33. The bottom line… IU football is a joke. 4 wins max this year. 7-5 last year was our peak. The “progress” some of you are talking about is over. And I’m sure after the dust has settled this year, and we’re sitting at the bottome of the division for like the 15th straight year, Lynch will get canned and we’ll be back to square one…

    IU Jimmy, not sure who was saying that last year after looking at the schedule. If we were any good we probably should have won 10 games.

    LME, we’ve been laughed at since the early 90’s, that’s not changing either way. When you’re battling for recruits with teams like Notre Dame, there’s just no chance.

    And badboy, I guess the schedules speak for themselves, but I just don’t see the point of trying to get to a bowl game by squeaking out 7 wins against 7 sub-par opponents just to get to the game and get smashed. Were recruits lining up to play for us after that showing? NO. It’s the same story. 20-30 mediocre guys coming in this year as freshman. That bowl game certainly didn’t give us any recruiting advantage.

    Forgive me for being so pessimistic, but there’s no way to argue with the fact that the football team has never been taken seriously by the athletic department since I can remember. Nor has it been taken seriously by anyone else with football sense.

  34. I’m sorry, but its hard to take you seriously when you act like all your opinions are fact and say things like “all the progress is over”. And how exactly do you know what our peak is? Good Lord, we haven’t even played this season yet. Also, the schedules last year and this year are pretty similar. Guys like you were saying the exact same thing last year. Finally, if you don’t think bringing in Coach Hep, building new facilities, and improving our win totals in three straight years is improving…..then I can safely say you know nothing about football.

  35. IU Jimmy, first off, I NEVER insinuated that anything I said was fact. It’s all opinion. I happen to think I’m right, but then again so do you…

    Take the blinders off man. Ben Chappell??!?!? LOL. I’m saying we win 4 games MAX, unless Lewis somehow wiggles his way back on the team. Then maybe 5 or 6.

    The schedules are similar, but when you lose the core of your team, it usually means a down year. I don’t know what sports you have ever watched in your lifetime, but that’s how it works. You lose all your best players, and there is a period of rebuilding. Especially when you lose one of the top qb’s, wr’s, and db’s in the Big Ten. Those kind of players are not easy to replace.

  36. Steve O – You know very little about IU football or their players.

    Chappell is a better QB than Lewis is. Lewis is the better athlete with the speed needed to escape problems cause by a small inexperienced line.

    With your limited knowledge you probably didn’t know that in spring practice last year Chappell ran for a TD and I am fairly sure more yards than Lewis.

    You probably also didn’t know that Chappell led his high school in rushing his senior year, and I believe led the state in rushing as a QB.

    Or maybe you think he sucks because he was the starting QB for the North/South all-star game, and unlike Lewis was actually recruited by colleges to play QB.

  37. Mike, I actually know quite a bit about IU football and it’s players, thanks…

    How can you assume that Chappell is a better QB than Lewis? I’m just curious. That’s a nice general statement… “Chappell is a better QB than Lewis.” WOW that took alot of thought!

    You think because he was good in high school means his game converts well to the college game? OHHH wait he was good in the spring game, so therefore he must be better than Lewis…

    You can give me whatever high school stats you want, Mike, but you’ll be feelin kinda dumb when the football teams squeaks out 4 wins at best.

  38. Also, the defense definately took a step back over the summer. And if you remember correctly that was probably IU’s biggest weakness last year. Giving up 52,36,33,31,27, and 49 points in their losses.

    What exactly has the team done to sure up an historically bad “d”? We need more than a 1 man sacking machine to play good d. Teams ran on us at will. Remember that Penn State game? And who are we gonna throw the ball to? I don’t know either.

    How about Chappell’s 8.8 QB rating last year? 1-2 7 yards and that lovely int we all remember so well. I would rather see Means in there.

  39. Every time you respond to a football thread you make it clear your knowledge of the game is very limited.

    I make that statement base on the fact I have seen both players go head to head, and I have have coaches at IU that agree with my assessment of the two in conversations with them. Chappell lacks the athletic ability that Lewis has. That ability is what makes Lewis the better choice behind center for this team. Lewis has a better chance escaping the rush that gets by the young and undersized line.

    All you do is bash the football program, you remind me of the Steve from last year that thought it was more important for Tyler Zeller to VISIT IU (even though most people knew Zeller was going to UNC) than it was for the football team to get a win against Illinois.

    I enjoy you on the basketball threads, you should stick to those, they are your strong suit.

  40. Mike, I’ll take athletic ability and IN GAME EXPERIENCE over you ridiculous high school stats any day. Chappell is not gonna make it in the Big Ten…

    Your lack of any knowledge of the college game shows in the fact that you have no substance to make a real argument. I say that IU will win more games with Kellen Lewis, and you say something that makes it sound like Chappell is the better choice at QB, then in the last post you say Lewis is the better choice. What are you talking about?

  41. You automatically come at me saying I have no football knowledge, but I’m giving you reasons I believe IU football will have another stinker of a year. Instead of trying to refute what I say, you go right back to trying to say I have no football knowledge.

    It’s kinda sad Mike. Come at me with some substance instead of retarted comments like that.

  42. Again Steve, you are to stupid in your knowledge of the game to grasp a simple concept.

    Football is a system game. You have 11 players on the field at one time. Some players fit the system better than others. Lewis fits the IU system better than Chappell due to his athletic ability, even though head to head, Chappell is a more accurate passer, and reads the progressions with patience rather than running away from the pocket because Hardy is covered.

    The pass against Northwestern last year was bad, you have to give the linebacker credit to recognize a timing route. That play was set for Chappell to drop back and throw to a spot that Hardy was to be in. Poor choice to call, great execution by the defense.

    I had not had not read your defensive post. That has always been a bad spot for IU. The thing to remember is though we lost the veteran corners, we are returning experience on the line, at linebacker,and at safety.

    The defense will be the weak spot, and will cost us games.

    Receivers will be fine. Means and Fisher will be play makers this year, watch and see what they do. Willis will get the job at RB, sharing time with Payton and moving Thigpen to the slot where he will be a dangerous player. I am worried we don’t have a back to be a bruiser like Sears has been.

    There are a lot of unknowns, a lot of things that worry me about this team. This is a a team with 9-3 potential that will end up 6-6 or 7-5.

  43. Let’s go back to that Northwestern play for a second – I feel like you’ve missed the bigger point, Mike P.

    What kind of moron – WHAT KIND OF MORON – puts in a never-played-before, deer-in-the-headlights freshmen QB, on a 3rd and 6, and calls A PASS PLAY on the guy’s first snap? Now come on everyone – PLEASE agree with me about the stupidity of this play. I am still shocked by it. This is not one of those “armchair QB” comments where someone thinks they know more than the coach. This is a no-brainer, like going for two when you are up by 5.

    I have watched quite a few football games in my life. One consistency that I see is that backup QBs who are thrust into the game because of injury to the starter almost always hand the ball off on their first snap, just to get comfortable. If you watched Chappell on that play, he was practically staring at the receiver from the minute he left the huddle.

  44. HuskyTom – The bigger point is a STUPID play call. I was watching that game on TV and started cursing when they lined up. I knew by the formation what they were doing, though I honestly thought it would be a hitch and go down the sideline rather than the timing route.

    The smart play would be give it to the running back, punt on 4th down and hope your special teams and defense can get you into the half with no more damage done.

  45. I don’t know what’s more painful, reading this crap or reading Daydreamer’s trolling posts on Rivals.

  46. Apparently it is not painful enough: you can still muster up the energy to read it all and write a response.

  47. Mike, I gotta agree with Husky on this one… Why did Lynch put Chappell in to begin with? He looked scared to death. What a bonehead coaching move. The “good d” is an afterthought. That play never should have happened.

  48. I mean the play was a bonehead coaching move, not putting Chappell in. Someone had to replace KL.

  49. Why are we talking football at Indiana?? We aint no football school, never have, never will. Why ISNT anyone else worried enough to act about this Crean problem?? WHY?? WHY????

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