Sam Smith: E.J. at No. 7, D.J. at No. 29

Sam Smith, one of the most respected NBA writers in the country, has given us his mock draft at the Sporting News’ Web site.

He’s got Eric Gordon going to the Clippers at No. 7.

 7. Los Angeles Clippers: Eric Gordon, G, Indiana. With no star big man and Rose the only true point guard, the combo guard has become the rage of this year’s draft. Some GMs say he’s a smaller version of Dwyane Wade. The Clippers, though, covet Mayo and will be among those clamoring to move up to get him. Perhaps they take a flyer on UCLA’s Russell Westbrook, who is rated a notch below Mayo, Bayless and Gordon.

And he thinks the Detroit Pistons will pick D.J. White with the 29th pick.

29. Detroit Pistons: D. J. White, F, Indiana. He’s a senior and a big body. The Pistons have also supposedly taken a liking to Kansas State’s Bill Walker despite another knee injury.


  1. Its been amazing to me, during all this NBA draft talke, how much finishing out the season strong can boost your draft stock. I remember Gordon and Rose playing on the same AAU team two summers ago and Gordon, not Rose, was the stud and the star on that team. Rose goes to Memphis and gets to the Finals while Gordon gets bumped out in the first round. Boom Rose’s stock shoots up through the roof and Gordon falls slightly.

    The ironic thing is that Gordon averaged another 6 points more per game than Rose in a much more difficult, physical and defensive-minded conference. Rebound and assists are fairly similar especially given Rose was the PG.

    I think EJ’s ballhandling skills are so bad that it more than made up for the difference in the talent level of the two kids. You can rely on Rose to run point at the NBA level. You couldnt rely on EJ to run the point in the Big Ten. Strictly a scorer with a excellent range and good quickness into the lane, but can he finish at the rim in the NBA?

  2. To know if he can finish at the rim in the NBA look at the tape of the Arkansas game when he finally took it to the hole from about the free throw line, that was the most amazing dunk I saw all year and not just during the IU Games.

  3. BA, that was a great dunk, the problem was that it was only one in a loooooong series of jacked-up 24-footers and turnovers while trying to drive into double teams. Frankly, I’m not convinved Gordon will be a better pro than DJ. DJ can score on the boards and hit mid-range jumpers. For a player at his position, that’s important. If he goes to Detroit, Antonio McDyess will be the perfect role model for DJ as they have similar games.

    All that said, I wish them both well and am glad for some positive publicity to be focused on the IU program, even if it does involved guys who no longer play for us.

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