Taber: Gordon to Memphis, D.J. late first round

Kyle Taber, one of Indiana’s two returning players, gave he Scoop his thoughts on the NBA draft earlier today.

He believes Memphis will swipe Eric Gordon away at No. 5.

“He can really hit from range,” Taber said. “It’s going to be more difficult for him to finish against bigger guys, but Eric’s strong and will try to fight through.”

Taber didn’t have a specific prediction of D.J. White, but said he thought his old front-court mate deserved to go in the first round.

“He’s going to be a really solid role-player for somebody,” Taber said. “Go in, get some rebounds. He’ll always play tough.”


  1. Um, since when did we care about what a 4-year bench-warmer says..? ..Might as well put my stories on the Scoop too then!

  2. Does Taber have some future journalism in him? Unusual to hear somone be so candid about their recent teammates.

    He called DJ White a role player for Christ sake!!

  3. Dynasty, I guess they were wanting to get the input of a former teammate of Gordon and DJ to comment, and lacking any other still in town, they had to go to Kyle Taber ……..

    I’m not convinced Gordon will be a better pro than DJ. He’ll have to dramatically improve his ball-handling or those guards will eat him up. DJ can score in the post, on the boards and on mid-range jumpers. That’s a good formula for long-term success in the NBA.

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