The hearing is over

Rick Greenspan exits the hearing.

After about a total of 12 hours spent in the Edmond Meany Ballroom, the parties involved in this weekend’s infractions hearing emerged about a half hour ago (3:50 local time.)

Indiana has released a brief statement from athletics director Rick Greenspan:

“I would like to sincerely thank the NCAA Committee on Infractions for granting us the opportunity to present our case and our institutional position during this hearing. We realize that this is a very serious matter, and are grateful to the members of the Committee on Infractions for their vital role in conducting these proceedings. We look forward to the adjudication of this matter in the future, and until the Committee’s decision is rendered, I will have no further comment regarding this subject.”

Jeff Meyer was the only former coach who gave a statement. He read from a lawyers pad, his voice cracking with emotion.

“Per NCAA rules I cannot discuss specifics of the hearing, however I can say the following general comments. First, I appreciate the thorough preperation and detailed line of questioning by the members of the committee. I am confident the committee will treat me fairly.

Second, I have from day one acknowledge the mistakes I’ve made and I’ve taken responsibility, personal responsibility, for the wrongdoing. I apologized to Indiana University for my involvement in the matter, however limited my involvement has been. For 29 years of coaching college basketball I have endeavored to do my work well and to do good work within the NCAA rules. If I have an opportunity to continue coaching, I will do so better prepared to mentor student-athletes, to work with young men and to work with the compliance staff having gone through this very painful and humiliating experience.”

Scott Tompsett, the lawyer for Rob Senderoff, gave a brief, off-the-cuff statement.

“We had a very thorough and extensive hearing,” he said. “We think the committee was very diligent in their review of the case. We appreciate that. Rob cooperated fully throughout this case and throughout this hearing, and we’re looking forward to the decision.”

The committee will start its deliberation of the case tonight and could continue until tomorrow, if needed.


  1. Wow, Coach Meyer’s comments sound like KS is in deep trouble. If Senderhoff and Meyer roll over on KS he is in deep trouble. This can only be good for IU. The most revealing quote is “If I have an opportunity to continue coaching, I will do so better prepared to mentor student-athletes, to work with young men and to work with the compliance staff having gone through this very painful and humiliating experience.” It sounds like he has explained how they hid this from the compliance staff and that the calls were intentional and they knew they were breaking the rules. This really eliminates KS’s “it was an accident” defense.

  2. Wow, Coach Meyer’s comments sound like KS is in deep trouble. If Senderhoff and Meyer roll over on KS it can only be good for IU. The most revealing quote is “If I have an opportunity to continue coaching, I will do so better prepared to mentor student-athletes, to work with young men and to work with the compliance staff having gone through this very painful and humiliating experience.” It sounds like he has explained how they hid this from the compliance staff and that the calls were intentional and they knew they were breaking the rules. This really eliminates KS’s “it was an accident” defense.

  3. Rick, Kelvin Sampson has stated that his involvement was an accident. As far as his assistants, I would hold him responsible for them — but Indiana would not let Kelvin review the phone loge; therefore he can’t be held responsible for their actions when he wasn’t given the information necessary to help him monitor their actions. It was not his responsibility to know if his assistants were making too many phone calls. When Sampson requested to see the phone call logs, he was denied access by IU’s administration. Senderoff’s calls were made from his home telephone.

    Kelvin has been severed from IU. He’s only fending for himself now — not Rob Senderoff or Meyer. All those coaches are on their own. If you go read Kelvin’s 75 page response, he only talks about himself.

    Nothing Meyer or Senderoff said implicates Sampson in any form or fashion. Senderoff’s story has never changed from what he told NCAA investigators, either. Indiana’s story has, though — which is very interesting.

  4. Hoosierfan –

    Sampson is a grown ass man with a history of the same habitual problem. The grown ass man cant monitor his phone usage? Come on Hoosierfan. Thats Lame.

    IU is gonna pretty much skate on this thing. I think the NCAA has made that clear when they didnt hit us with the biggest violations possible to begin with and then reduced another. Besides, you werent at the hearing so you dont know what who said about who anyway.

  5. The unfortunate truth here is NOTHING will happen to KS……He got his money from IU, he got another coaching gig with the Bucks, he will more than likely be reunited with EJ………

    It would be great they force hime to pay IU back or ban him for life from coaching in collegiate sports but I doubt any of that will happen.

  6. Caleb, IU did not let Sampson look at the phone logs. That is a fact — pure and simple. If he truly didn’t know he was on a three way phone call, how would he have ever found out? How was he supposed to know that his assistants were making phone calls in excess? He couldn’t see the logs; the process at IU was set up so that Kelvin Sampson did 0 monitoring. And now IU wants to blame him for not monitoring. That doesn’t fly with me.

    It would be like you coaching a HS team, and the athletic director being adamant that you keep your kids off of drugs. So you test the kids for drugs, but the AD at the high school doesn’t allow you to see the results of the test. Then, when it becomes public some of your players were failing drug tests, the AD gets mad at you for the failed drug tests. Of course your argument is that the AD didn’t let you see the results of the drug tests — how were you supposed to know someone failed them?

  7. Indiana was smart in not letting Sampson “Shrek” look at the phone logs. They knew he’d just cook up some lame sorry a** excuse. Heck, Scamscum is doing that in any event. Why would you let the scum know the evidence against him? He’d just been given more opportunities to cook some more excuses. It’s much more fun to hear his alibis. This is classic stuff. Indiana got about 1/2 a season of winning and then …. oh well. See you in 2012!!

  8. kediddy,

    Nothing will happen to KS?

    How about the fact that his entire family has been through hell and back? Have you ever thought about that as punishment? Do you have any idea the types of things Indiana fans will do & say to the members of a coach’s family they don’t like? Yeah, it’s not pretty.

  9. HoosierFan,

    Shrek got paid a very generous stipend to not sue and now he is trying to trash Indiana, saying he didn’t know any better and that Indiana had to monitor him constantly like a baby.

    He got exactly what he deserved. And to thank for that generosity, he has trashed a great University and their previous reputation. Unfortunately when one rolls around with a pig …

  10. Who is the chick in the tan business suit?

    She is in the “Rick Greenspan navigating the stairs” picture. The caption on this picture is “4 Steps. Left, then right, then left, then right. Oh boy, I successfully reached the bottom.”

    What does her body language suggest to you?

  11. His family would not have to endure anything if he had done what he was supposed to do. In my current job, my employer would not pay me 3/4 of a million to leave after doing what he has done. He did not have to cheat at IU. This is not OU where football rules. We are one of the elite programs. This was until Sampson came to town.

  12. Hunter,

    That’s most likely because you don’t have an employment contract. I could be wrong, but that’s a guess.

    Sampson had an employment contract. Indiana wanted to fire him without really going through the steps that are lined out in the contract. Even IU admitted they could be liable for millions of dollars in court. That’s why they paid Sampson and reached a settlement.

    Contracts mean something. When IU signed that contract, they afforded Kelvin Sampson a lot of due process they didn’t want to give him once it became a public relations problem. Thus, they had to fork over the dough.

  13. if only the whole truth could come to light,
    Indiana has always been a win at all cost team.

  14. Hoosier fan,

    Why don’t you go to Milwaukee and ask Kelvin if you can sleep with his wife? Seems as how you are so supportive of him. He is a bitch. I thought anyone on here with the nickname Hoosier fan would understand that nobody on this forum would even consider slightly backing up KS. For some reason, you have forgotten this. Beat your head against the desk a few times and wake up. Nobody in the Hoosier Nation likes the bitch ass Kelvin Sampson! Quit trying to blame this on IU! KS is a big boy he can figure out his own problems.

  15. HoosierFan

    As John Blanchett wrote months ago,”Kelvin Sampson is a pretty damn good coach, but let me tell you, if you get caught with your hands in the same cookie jar twice, you can’t be a very clever human being.”

    Nuff said…

  16. HoosierFan
    You are right. I don’t have a contract with my company. I have a commitment to do my job to the best of my abilities. I do this with hard work, passion and ethics. This situation comes down to ethics. Sampson does not have any. He has passion, he has been caught cheating more than once at two schools so far. He does work hard. He has ruined two bball programs in 6+ years. He doesn’t have ethics. If he did, he would be hanging banners in Assembly Hall like he was hired to do. I supported him when he came to IU. I thought he would have learned his lesson from OU. IU should have known better. Your past is a good prediction for your future. I hope the NCAA knows this and will not allow him to ruin another program.

  17. Hoosier Fan, Doug or Chris. I’d like to Read Coach Sampson’s 70+ page document response that he sent to the NCAA. Could you please provide some link to it, or let me know where I might be able to get a look at it? Thank You.

    *I’m a former IU student and a longtime IU bball fan. I have some questions about the inconsistencies that have always been there-things that dont pass the “common sense test”. Above all i’d just like the TRUTH to come out once and for all. It seems strange that the IU athletics administration wouldnt allow KS to review the phone logs compiled by Compliance.

    NCAA’s case and IU firing KS hangs on THAT alone. If were going to hold the Head Coach COMPLETELY responsible for the actions of he and his staff, and more than a few of the affected calls were made by Senderoff on his home phone and apparently KS never was the instigator of any of the 32 “excessive” calls…HOW was his firing by IU justified?

    Sure, IU was under some fairly heavy public scrutiny-but did that justify McRobbie cutting the months long preparation fact gathering process set by the NCAA to a 7 day one? I Know..recruiting and next season were HUGE concerns, but what about due process? Something stinks-something isnt right about this scenario..and as a long time Indiana Basketball fan I just hope this dosent end up blowing up in IU’s face.

    Lets get Through this, and just wish the best for all parties moving forward. And I can back up with Hoosierfan was saying about Coach Sampson’s family personally going through a very, very hard time since his dismissal. These are GOOD PEOPLE.

    I had gotten to know Coach Sampson a bit during his tenure here through emails, and he first of all told me how very Sorry he was about what was happening at IU Basketball, and that he thought Coach Crean was a Fine person, friend and would do an outstanding job as our new Head Coach.

    He was also very gracious and encouraging to me upon my sharing with him my Mom had passed away a few months ago. As Head Coach though I understand Coach had a responsibility to make sure that Indiana University would NEVER be associated with NCAA wrongdoing in regards to it’s Men’s bball program under his watch-especially, in this particular arena. I’d just like to know both sides of this argument clearly..word for word. So Hoosierfan, Chris or Doug..if you could provide a link to Coach Sampson’s lengthy response to the NCAA infractions Committee i’d really appreciate it.

    EVERYONE is upset, angry and dismayed at how hard and fast things fell apart once KS was dismissed and in the weeks/months since our season concluded. As we await the NCAA’s decision on what I feel is a completely “trumped up” case in comparison to what had and is apparently going on at USC, at least we could all understand more fully the facts in this matter. Thank you and Aloha. Craig from Honolulu.

  18. Craig, you got to know KS through email?? I’m not sure you can measure how good of a person someone is through email. It was probably one of his assistants writng back for him lol.

    But either way, KS put himself in this situation AGAIN. He should have known the sanctions imposed inside and out. And I feel like if this were me and I was on probation, I would have kept my own log. I would have made 100% certain that there was absolutely no way I would break the rules AGAIN. I would have made sure my staff knew that if they did anything that could be considered in any way, a violation, they would no longer have a job at IU…

    I’m not saying that Sampson is 100% responsible, but you can’t put yourself anywhere near that situation AGAIN. It’s just ridiculous. If I screw up really bad at work once, the boss might give me a warning if I’m lucky, but if I make the mistake again, I’m out the door. It’s simple. Now Sampson says he is not responsible because IU refused to show him the call logs? PLEASE. Who really believes this guy? Like I said before, I wouldn’t even have to ask for the call logs if that were me, I’d have my own records. I’d make sure I was 100% compliant from day 1.

    For him to try and put all the blame on the IU staff is a cop-out. He’s a grown man. He needs to be accountable if he breaks the rules PERIOD.

  19. Hope This Team pulls together this year,Shingle Renew will knock off 20% and donate $20.00 For each Shingle Cleaning Application if they make it to final…GO Hoosiers!!!

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