To Seattle . . . in the dark

Gotta be honest with you. Things have been ornery ’round this blog for the past couple of weeks. So much sniping and snark in the comments. I almost read right past the insightful, passionate thoughts that are always eventually expressed and that I count on from you guys.

Right now, I’m guessing you’re probably looking at the title of this post and the time stamp and figuring in your head that if I’m headed anywhere at this hour it’s bound to be dark. As such, you’re formulating some way to mock me, or Kelvin Sampson or any of the players who left or Barack Obama or your neighbor’s dog. Whatever.

But hold on. Let me explain.

I’m sitting on my couch at about 1:30 in the morning, doing what I’ve done too often lately at that hour: flipping through the pages of one of the documents related to the violations committed by Indiana’s basketball program under Kelvin Sampson. I was trying to read over as much of it as I can, looking for things I missed the first time and trying to jog my memory about all the days that led up to this.

Then, an explosion. Something like a gun shot, about a block away. All is dark. And quiet. That might have actually been the most shocking part; the air-conditioners and lights outside had been emitting this low hum that I hadn’t heard until it was gone.

I probably do not need to tell you about the state and availability of my flashlights. I have never met anyone who could A) find a flashlight in the place they thought it was supposed to be or B) get the flashlight to work once they happened upon it at random.

Back in the day, I guess you lit a match when faced with this dilemma. I turned on my cell phone, and the dim light of Verizon guided me through my travels. Eventually, I found my camping flashlight. You know the kind: shines to the moon, appears to have a large enough battery to work right up until the day global warming or an asteroid or whatever does us all in for good.

It doesn’t work.

Finally, I find a random flashlight in a closet that I long ago had ceased to find any use for. Now I know it is the place where flashlights go to hide.

If you haven’t packed for a trip via a narrow beam of light, you never should. When you get to that point where you’re sure you’ve forgotten something, all you can do is whirl hopelessly in a circle hoping that your light will shine upon whatever it is you need.

It won’t.

Anyway, the drive to Indianapolis was dark and lonely and uneventful. Which gave me the peace of mind to formulate this thought about why the discourse here has been so cantankerous:

You’re all anxious. Nervous. A bit on edge.

This whole NCAA hearing has you a little upset. You know something will happen, but you also know you won’t find out much about what it is because the session is closed. You think you have a good idea of the particulars of the case, and you might have formulated an opinion on how things will or at least should turn out for those involved.

But, ultimately, you don’t know.

Hopefully, we can offer some insight into the happenings in Seattle. We’ll have coverage that rehashes how we got here and predicts where this might go. Check and here for updates as I try to report from Seattle.

Hope you’ll be here. If you’ve got questions, ask them. I’ll get to them as quickly as I can.

And, finally, be kind with each other.

Or at least civil.

OK. I’ll settle for no bad language.



  1. Its uncharted territory, that is for sure. I feel like when I read some of these posts that its two camps of people snipping at each other while all of them still mostly support Indiana. Yeah there are a few “haters” that make it on to this board just like any other board. They are not IU fans and only seek to make themselves feel better by reveling in our current (but short-lived) state of misery.

    That, though, is the far minority of people on here. The majority of the griping is between camp 1 (IU fans who believe 100% in Crean and everything he has done and still believe we will have a successful season this year) and camp 2 (IU fans who arent completely sold on everything Crean has done and believe it will take a few years for this thing to get turned around). I am somewhere in the middle of the two, but have expressed my opinions as if I was on both sides of the fence at times BECAUSE I AM. None of us really knew Tom Crean before he came here. We were all flying by the seat of our pants on this new hire, just like he was and is. I questioned some of the signings just like any other fan would, but I still think and believe he has a plan for the future. Patience needs to be the key here for us IU fans.

    I know we are one of the most passionate fan bases of any program or team in college or professional sports, but we have to keep a perspective on this endeavor. We all want to win a championship next year, but we need to understand the possibilities of that happening are slim. The thing is, however, if we give this thing time to breathe and allow Coach to do this his way with our backing behind him, we will get back to that level in short order.

    One thing is for certain, you or I wont help accomplish anything by ripping on our fellow IU fans. Just remember we all have the same vision in the end and that is what makes us the Hoosier Nation.

  2. What we have here is a failure to communicate (effectively).

    I like message boards and blogs, but the down side of them is that they give people like the ‘haters’ Caleb mentions a chance to say literally anything with no repercussions except maybe being blocked from a particular message board. That combined with our society’s demand for immediate gratification leads to posts like we’ve seen on here, in which some people are convinced Tom Crean is the worst coach in IU history before he’s even held a team practice. Clearly that’s absurd, but that’s how some people think these days. All we can do in opposition is support the coach and the team and present logical, rational opinions, which is what we’re doing here.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  3. Arguing is wayyy more fun than agreeing all the time. Sometimes I play devil’s advocate just because.

  4. I have generally been in the “cleaning house is a good thing” camp, although I do think sometimes we’re too quick to put the players at fault when a conflict arises between school/coach and player.

    In light of Jordan Crawford’s transfer, my question is this: Could all of the players been such bad guys and/or bad fits for Crean’s system that they either felt compelled to leave or were booted off?

    Does anyone think there is cause to be concerned about the new regime’s ability to attract and retain good players? Or is this all just part of the cleansing process?

    I want to think Crean is the guy to pull us out of this mess, but losing everyone really does hurt.

  5. Crean hasn’t been here that long and is trying to clean up a huge mess, so I don’t see how you can accurately evaluate his ability to “attract and retain good players”.

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