When on Rome

Eric Gordon appeared on Jim Rome’s show yesterday. Fared pretty well. In general, Gordon’s not a very loquacious fella. But he’s always been an honest one.  And this is probably the best interview I’ve ever seen him give. Then again, that’s the one thing any GM can be sure of when he thinks about drafting Gordon: the kid will work to improve in whatever ways he needs to.

VIDEO: http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/video?id=3459432


  1. That was a good interview. He comported himself nicely.

    I hope EJ has a long and productive career in the Association.

  2. I love EJ to death and wish the same as you do. HOWEVER, when it comes to interviews he is a nightmare for the person conducting them. He gives short answers and is trying to hard to give a politically correct statement that outside of his first couple of words, the rest is him trying not to mess up. I think with time he will get better and better but I honestly cannot watch an interview without saying “KEEP TALKING”. Again, love the kid to death and honestly have never rooted for a former Hoosier in the draft as much as I am him but the interviews…..ugh.

  3. haha, I feel you “WHAT?” he is a horrible public speaker and I cringe when I see him talk

  4. you know…it’s tough… I mean…I don’t know….it was tough, you know…

  5. Oh give him a break. He’s had to deal with a lot at a young age. Every guy I know his age speaks about half as much as he does. I’d rather see him modest and less talkative than spout off like some athletes any day.

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