IU enacts early APR punishment

As expected, Indiana’s APR score for the men’s basketball program last year will require the program to give up scholarships.

The Hoosiers will be docked two grants, to be exact. But instead of waiting for the NCAA to mete out the punishment — which wouldn’t be until next spring — the program will not use the scholarships this season.

“We will take contemporaneous penalties pro-actively this year for upcoming ’07-08 numbers and we don’t anticipate further penalties going forward,” associate athletic director Grace Calhoun said in a statement.

Indiana, which already lost a scholarship as part of the sanctions it implemented due to the impermissible recruiting calls made by Kelvin Sampson and his staff, will be left with 10 scholarships to give. Nine are already taken, and head coach Tom Crean said Tuesday he does not anticipate using the other.

Under the APR (Academic Progress Rate) system, many schools have taken to pre-empitvely enacting punishments. Purdue gave up a scholarship last season for the numbers that were released in May of the year.

The APR calculates a school’s ability to retain student-athletes and keep them eligible.

While it’s unclear how many members of last year’s basketball team would have been eligible for next season, it’s very clear how many are left and how many have left. Seven players departed, and only Kyle Taber and Brett Finkelmeier will return.

Indiana should be able to avoid further penalties in part because Kelvin Sampson’s first team was able to raise its score 40 points from the previous season.

Crean’s Marquette team finished with an APR scored that ranked 91st out of 337 schools. Since taking the job in early April he has repeatedly emphasized a need to improve Indiana’s APR number.

“Coach Crean’s academic record at Marquette with an APR of 951 and the fact that all 26 seniors who exhausted their eligibility graduated is an example of why we feel confident in his leadership on the court and in the classroom,” said Calhoun in the statement.


  1. I don’t understand why schools get punished for having players go to the NBA early. The whole point of going to college is to prepare for a job when you get out. If you can do it in less time then great. Oh well another rule in the NCAA books that doesn’t make sense. Who would have thought it?

  2. JL,

    Because when the kids are in school they are expected to go to class and make grades.

  3. Was Jordan Crawford the cause of this?? I ask because before he left they stated that they weren’t worried about APR penalties, now he’s gone and this has become an issue. What changed? Or is it simply that they expected to do this and just didn’t say anything.

  4. What are the chances that the NCAA will say that our preemptive move here was not satisfactory, and still require that we give up two scholarships next spring? Given everything else, I’m not sure that Grace Calhoun’s statement that “we don’t anticipate further penalties going forward” means a whole hill of beans.

  5. While I have the utmost confidence in Coach Crean’s leadership going forward, this is just another sad chapter in the story of Sampson/Greenspan’s leadership at IU. It’s a complete tragedy how we’ve sacrificed every aspect of our program that we’ve held so reverently for decades. We’ve now lost scholarships for cheating and poor academic performance. Truly, truly sad.

    BTW- Grace Calhoun is the 2nd to last person who’s name I ever want to hear mentioned in the same sentence as IU compliance. How can she remotely discuss accountability for academic compliance when she, herself, has never been held to account for her role in the compliance fiasco last year. Let’s cut her and the rest of Greenspan’s cadre a severance while we’ve got the check book out!

  6. Coach Knight is either laughing his ass off or vomiting because of what IU has allowed to happen to the program he spent so many years establishing.

    When does it end? Everytime I think things can only start getting better, we step in another pile of sh**.

  7. Calhoun’s title: Assoc AD for Student Development/Compliance/Senior Women’s Administrator. Why has her name not been brought up before? It seems two of her areas, Compliance and student development (academics), were sorely lacking with the Men’s basketball team. Why has she not been called on the carpet by the press? We’ve questioned Greenspan for his lack of supervision in these areas, what about Calhoun? She is the DIRECT supervisor for both of these areas?

  8. Yes this title 9 at it worst. Just like girls sports, they don’t need to make money or even be watchable, or talented, but heaven forbid if a school could ever get rid of any of these high paid pass alongs. IU has went through a couple ADs and I bet these women survive both. They don’t need to be good at their jobs, they just need to be the pc sex.

  9. Didn’t IU used to have someone who made sure the student athletes went to class and got them tutors if they need?

  10. Yes, her name was Elizibeth “Buzz” Kurpious (sp)
    She made the student athletes accountable, along
    with providing the help they need. Buzz was the
    thing Lee Corso did for the university.

  11. So, we’re giving up 3 scholarships total? The limit is 13 and we’re giving up one of our own accord and two due to the APR deficiency, leaving us with 10? Is that correct? And, if our APR next year is in compliance, we’ll be done with this penalty?

    Wow, maybe if the NCAA gives us a 1-year postseason ban (we’re not going to be a tournament level team next year anyway), we can get all the penalties out of the way in ’08-’09 and start clean for ’09-’10, which is also when we have some good players already committed to join the team. That doesn’t sound too bad, given all the clustermess we’ve been in.

    If I’m misunderstanding this situation, someone please let me know.

  12. Megan M.,

    I don’t know anything about Grace Calhoun, but I agree with your comment that her expectation of no further penalties is not a confidence-inspirer (or in your much wittier phrase, doesn’t mean a whole hill of beans!). They also didn’t expect major violations to be found after the internal investigation and didn’t expect further accusations after the NCAA hearing. So I guess we should ‘proactively’ expect further scholarship reductions! As I said in my previous post, I hope I’m wrong and we get everything out of the way this coming year, but if IU officials are expecting that, it’s probably not going to happen.

  13. Doug T and HoosierEli, you both nailed it. When the f do the right people start taking responsibility for what’s going on??? Just becasue they are women, they are untouchable. What an f-ing joke. Calhoun should have been the first one to go!! She’s a disgrace to the university, and to keep her, would be a mockery of the system. You’d think this idiot woman might have the balls to just step down and bow out gracefully. But na, she’s a woman, she’s entitled to do whatever she wants with no reprecussions. You can probably put about half of the blame for this whole ordeal on this stupid lady.

  14. How does this work? By quickly giving up scholarships for next year that we weren’t going to be able to use anyway, does that mean we’re done? And what happens in the more normal situation where a university has given out all its available scholarships and then has to give one up as a penalty? Do they have to kick someone off the team?

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