IU names Rickerby as compliance director

In the wake of Chad Hawley deciding to stay at the Big Ten rather than to become the compliance director for Indiana athletics, IU has promoted Ian Rickerby into the position.

Rickerby is a former IU women’s soccer coach who later joined the compliance department. Here is the entire announcement from IU:

Ian Rickerby has been named Indiana's Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance, Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator Grace Calhoun announced today as part of an internal restructuring of the department.

"I am delighted that Ian Rickerby has agreed to assume a leadership role for IU's intercollegiate athletics compliance services operation," said Calhoun. "Ian has quickly earned the respect of coaches and all others with whom he has worked as a knowledgeable and hard-working professional, committed to providing exceptional service in this important operational area for the IU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Ian's combination of coaching experience, front-line support in the compliance office including serving as the liaison to the new men's basketball staff as they successfully fulfill NCAA sanctions, and knowledge of IU will serve him well as he transitions into this leadership capacity."

Rickerby was named Director of Compliance on March 1, 2007 and was responsible for acting as the primary contact for all constituents for rules interpretations, overseeing the monitoring of rules compliance and assisting with rules education. He also works very closely on a day-to-day basis with all coaches concerning NCAA bylaws on recruiting, and playing seasons. A national search is underway to fill his vacated position.

"I am thoroughly committed to moving the IU Athletic Department Compliance Office forward as we adapt to the ever-increasing demands placed upon us and our profession," said Rickerby. " I am thrilled that the University has shown the confidence in me to continue my work with the coaching staff and administration here in Athletics as we focus on ensuring the best possible academic and athletic experiences for our student-athletes."

The move was necessitated when Chad Hawley, who had accepted a position at IU as Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, decided to remain in his role as Assistant Commissioner for Compliance with the Big Ten following the resignation of Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan. Jennifer Brinegar held Rickerby's post until she accepted a new position as Senior Assistant Athletic Director for Recruiting and Enrollment Services earlier this year.

"When Chad decided to remain at the Big Ten office as the chief compliance official, I immediately consulted him to discuss staffing strategies," said Calhoun. " He felt very comfortable that we had a solid solution internally in Ian, and fully endorsed Ian's promotion into the Assistant AD for Compliance role."

Prior to becoming a member of the student development and compliance team at IU, Rickerby spent five years as an assistant women's soccer coach for the Hoosiers.

In his time as a member of the women's coaching staff, Rickerby was active in all aspects of the program, including administrative and compliance efforts as well as serving as the academic liaison for the program. Prior to joining the Hoosiers, the Manchester, England, native was no stranger to the Big Ten, as he spent one year as an assistant coach at Purdue in 2001 and was an assistant at Iowa for two years.

A 1987 graduate of the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, Rickerby got his start in coaching as an assistant at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan in the fall of 1988. While at SHU, Rickerby also earned his masters degree in agency counseling.

After a four-year stint as the head women's soccer coach at Missouri Valley College, Rickerby teamed up with current IU head coach Mick Lyon as the first assistant at Evansville before moving on to Iowa.


  1. MORE good ole boyism in the IU athletics dept. Pass along the women who did a terrible job and then just move over somebody else from inside to keep doing the same poor job only an intern can spot! Lets just paper over the poor performance and move the deck chairs around a little and call it A fricking O K. Do the trustees even oversee anything.

  2. Please give a list of who you would’ve hired for this position. Is this really something to get that upset about? Also, why do people keep complaining about the intern? The infractions WERE found, which is good. They did their job.

  3. Doug, Chris, et al: What are your thoughts on this hire? I dont think it’s as drastic or sinister, but I can see Doug T’s concerns. I can also see Jimmy’s point and it’s no big deal. I really dont know. Are hires like that right now relatively moot because a new AD will make replacements? Is it a little odd that IU does seem to keep shuffling these people around or are they just trying to take care of people who have been good employees? What are your thoughts?

  4. “I am delighted that Ian Rickerby has agreed to assume a leadership role for IU’s intercollegiate athletics compliance services operation.”- G. Calhoun

    I would be delighted if leadership was actually demonstrated in the dept., rather than incompetency, obstructionism, and obfuscation of responsibility. There’s been enough passing of the buck on 17th St. It’s time to end the shell game where we’re left guessing which official was responsible for what failures and bring integrity, professionalism, and, above all else, irreproachable ethics back to IU Athletics.

    Jimmy, the compliance dept. didn’t do their job for 13 months. It was the unpaid intern who did their job for them. Remind me again how many compliance meetings Sampson skipped during this time? What, again, were the consequences for missing more than 75% of those meetings? Do you not recall all those promises at the initial press conference for Sampson’s hiring about how we were going to do things “the right way?” Apparently you have no problem being lied to. Unfortunately, I do.

  5. Amen Chronic!
    I would like to know when the game of musical chairs in the Admin. is going to stop.
    Hopefully, the new AD will continue with the thoughts and beliefs of CTC…”Because it’s Indiana”…and expand the “houseCREANing.”

  6. Jim,

    First let me apologize for being out of the loop on this a bit. I’ve been on vacation for two weeks and will return to work tomorrow. So I’m just now starting to process anything that’s happened in the past couple of days.

    But it is clear that this hire is a product of IU’s situation. That’s no offense to Rickerby, who I’ve spoken to exactly once. Whether he’s the right guy for the job isn’t really the issue. They needed somebody to do the job for the foreseeable future and, because of the tenuous situation within the department, weren’t going to get a top-notch outside candidate.

    Rick Greenspan’s departure will probably create a chain-reaction of other departures. Though he did so quite methodically, Greenspan basically orchestrated total upheaval of the athletics department. How things will settle out now that he’s leaving is anyone’s guess.

    Clearly the new AD will have figuring out IU’s compliance mess near the top of his or her priorities. And that very well could mean he or she will bring in a new compliance director.

    Look, the department’s a mess right now. There’s no other way to put it. Until somebody is designated to clean it up and rebuild it we might as well just call the whole area off 17th Street Limbo.

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