BTN streaming FAQ

We had a couple of question on our chat earlier today about the Big Ten Network’s plan to stream Indiana’s two preseason exhibitions on its Web site.

Though I may be late, I have some answers.

Q: Why does the BTN stream additional basketball games instead of showing them on the overflow channels as it does with football?

A: Here’s what BTN spokesman Mike Vest had to say.

“Overflow channels aren’t available during basketball season because of the capacity of our facility in Houston. There are a lot of other games that are fed out of Houston during prime time in the season, such as NBA, NFL and other college games, as well as ours.”

Q: Are streamed games archived on the Web site to watch later?

A: Yes, they are.

Q: Will the BTN continue to make use of streaming technology?

A: Yes. According to Vest the network will expand its use of Web-casting to women’s basketball and other sports in coming years. He also said technology advances should improve the quality of the broadcasts.


  1. Thanks for looking into that Chris. That is more of an answer than I was able to get when I asked the same question. Hopefully within a year or two they will offer the overflow channels when simultaneous basketball games occurring.. It’s kind of frustrating watching a game online, even on broadband, because of the pauses or freeze ups that occur.

    Regarding the online broadcasts.. some have been easy to watch while others have not been so pretty. I was watching the Minnesota vs SCSU (St. Cloud State University) the other night and it was actually pretty good. They have the local radio stations broadcasting play-by-play, and use the schools? video feed. However, I also watched some of the Purdue vs Florida Southern game.. and that wasn’t very impressive. It looked like a 5 year old was in charge of the camera. Hopefully the IU game will actually be smooth.

  2. Chris – Sorry if I’ve missed earlier explanations regarding TV coverage of Friday’s game at 7PM – but why isn’t it part of the BigTenNtwk schedule?

  3. We now have a network specifically for the Big Ten and it doesn’t even show IU basketball exhibition games on television. That seems to defeat the whole purpose of the BTN, at least in my eyes.

    I wonder what is on BTN during the same time as the IU game?

  4. Greene and Kyle,

    The Big Ten Network is showing, interestingly enough, the Indiana-Northwester men’s soccer game tomorrow night instead of basketball scrimmages. It also, as I posted above, is unable to show games on overflow channels due to what appears to be a technology issue.

    As for why the network would choose a soccer game over basketball, I’m not sure. I suppose one could make the argument that a late season conference game between two of the better teams in the league is more intriguing than a preseason exhibition against a Division III team. I, for one, would have trouble believing that argument, especially since there’s so much intrigue surrounding this Indiana basketball team.

    What I think it comes down to is this: when the BTN was conceived, it was done so with the promise that it would spread coverage around among the non-revenue sports and not concentrate simply on basketball and football. So you get a situation like you have Friday night.

  5. it’s the big ten network. not the indiana university network. we’re talkin’ about practice. not a game. practice. we’re talkin’ about practice.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take Hoosier soccer in HD any time I can get it…..but just not on the same night as basketball…..and especially not on the onset of the Crean-era at Assembly Hall. Can someone please tell me again why the BTN is good for fans? I love watching highlights of the ’84 Iowa v. Northwestern football game as much as the next fella at 2 a.m., but they’ve got to get their priorities straight. Couldn’t they simply tape-delay soccer immediately after hoops? I couldn’t think of a better Friday night. We Comcast subscribers just got the freaking channel, and they’re still depriving us of our Hoosiers. Forget what I said about loving their HD, I’d take the grainy picture from channel 4 any time over BTN. At least they gave us what we love- every game, every season.

  7. “Its the Big Ten Network. Not the IU Network”

    That is true, but they have the ability to broadcast IU in Bloomington, Purdue in W. Laff, Iowa out there.

    Apparently though, they can do that with football, but not with basketball.

  8. And, while soccer makes it a little better, that’s somewhat by chance, right? What if it was volleyball or a 15th repeat of Big Ten tailgate or some other stupid show. Fact is, I get that they want to lie and try to tell people that the channel is more than just football and men’s basketball, but those things should come first and let the other stuff fill the gaps.

    And, as far as the overflow channel, are they saying that if there are two Big 10 games on the same night at the same time and neither are on a cable network, one must be on the internet? Or is that just their exhibition game cop-out?

  9. We pay a premium for BTN and streaming a basketball game really sucks. I too would rather go back to WTTV.. they showed all of Indiana’s games. The Big 10 should not renew BTN’s contract.I ate Chesty Potato chips for years because they used to sponsor the IU games!

  10. I have noticed in our daily “fish wrap” (Courier Journal) that the game is not even being brodcast on the radio…PLEASE somebody tell me that this is NOT the case…

  11. Not to change the subject, but has anybody heard or read any new rumors about Bawa Muniru? I know he was at OK State’s midnight madness, and then said he was not interested and still dedicated to the Hoosiers. But apparently now his verbal at Indiana is not all that solid…

  12. all i want to say is that comcast/insight suck. They always have and always will. Try bringing technology more in line with att and the other dish players. The dvr we get for $150 a month is a joke. Im finally going to go with Uverse.

  13. times like these I wish I still had good old channel 4! While the camera shots sucked, I could see every game, even the scrimmages!

  14. Josh-
    Thanks for the link…didn’t even think of looking at something offical…LOL

    Go HOOSIERS!!!

  15. To paraphrase a coach to the south, “Chuck Marlowe isn’t walking through that door.” If we were still on a locally syndicated network, we probably wouldn’t have HD. It’s easy to forget that it’s been many years since the exhibition games were available for any kind of viewing, online or on TV. The Big Ten Network has resulted in the following: for the first time in school history, every football game has been on TV for the last two seasons. For the first time since at least 2000, every IU basketball has been available either on TV or online. My main gripe with the streaming video is the quality, based on the few minutes that I sampled last night. But the BTN has made IU games more readily available than they have been in many years.

  16. John, I love HD too but I wish I could see all basketball and football games like I used to. Just how I feel!

  17. I tried to stream the audio broadcast on Yahoo and it kept saying that the “program requested was unavailable”. The streaming on BTN was horrible (and I have the “good” connection). The audio/video was out of synch and VERY jerky. I gave up.

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